"Um, the roommate is' Nola Noya '. Industries are…' wholesale imported groceries', but what exactly is this?

"Yes, it's a business of wholesale equipment for adventurers, etc. that you've imported into your personal store"

"Imports from small countries in the Evantaille countries are prohibited. It's illegal to distribute it, so just be aware of that."

"It's okay. We're only going to import from the North."

"Really, then, the manager… is this in person?

"Yes, I am the proprietor"

"And then there's one employee. Do you have anything else to add?

"No, especially"

"Okay. This time it is not necessary because the personal store seems to be the target, but if you are selling imported items in stores, dewstores, stalls, etc., you will need a separate business license. If so, don't forget to apply."

"Yes, I understand"

"All you have to do is remember to pay taxes. Please keep an eye out for all of this in this brochure. All you have to do is issue a business license, so please wait until we call you by your name"

Then an hour or so later, from an office in the king's capital of the kingdom of Sevenlux, a single figure is thrown up.

The person approached the person sitting on the bench on the table.

"Gol...... No, Mr. Lone Wolf, I've got my business license"

"Thank you. Now it's sunny, and you're the owner of 'Nola Naya'. I'll just show you to the office. From now on, I'll call you the owner."

"I can't believe you're the owner..."

The owner laughed lightly only for a moment, but went right back to his true face.

"Thank you so much. Do this for me..."

"I'm not thankful. I was just looking for someone with a nationality in Sevenlux, too."

"Yes, and I still can't thank Mr. Lone Wolf enough. What a thank you..."

"If you want to thank me, do so when 'Nola Noya' is on track. I'll show you to the office."

Lone Wolf and the owner headed for the warehouse, well off the King's Capital, known only as the office.

Much of the space is occupied by crates, with unfortunately partitioned office space in one corner and reception space.

The owner sighed with amazement as he looked up at a crate stamped with a stacked 'Nola Naya' baking mark.

"These really are all from 'Slumdog Mart'......?

"Yeah. It's a product made in a workshop on Grey Sky Island. The logo has been changed to 'Nola Noya', but the contents are exactly the same as those sold to Slumdog Mart"

"But how did you bring it into this country? Imports from Dog Leg countries are now completely banned in this country, and even a single piece of baggage is scrupulously checked..."

"Only the southern border connected to the Dog Leg countries is severely inspected. The northern border, which is connected to other countries, is loose."

"What, does that mean...?

"Yes, instead of going from Greysky Island to the Dog Leg countries, we let them detour and take them from the route around the north to this country,"

"That cost a lot of shipping...?

"Right, normally it's a deficit. But 'Slumdog Mart' has been able to reduce its costs considerably thanks to mass-production in a workshop on Greyskay Island. As for income and expenditure, it feels like tons."

"Until then, why do we do business in Sevenlux now...? I think if we wait a little longer, relations between this country and the Dog Leg countries will be improved and imports will be lifted......?

"Then it's too late. As far as I'm concerned, I think this is a great opportunity to do business in this country."


"Well, shall we just get to business? I've got a couple of stores on the lookout, so let's go around today."

"Shh, sorry, from what to what..."

"No, I'm not a clerk this time, I'll give you the owner's know-how, so stick with me"

"Ha... Ha!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Leaving the office, Lone Wolf and the owner headed to a personal store for adventurers nearby.

"Adventurer's Shop Bisabi"

The two looked around at the rusty sign and the appearance of the store, feeling a little lonely, as one,

"Owner, I'll try to solicit you first, so watch carefully"

I entered the store with Lone Wolf in the lead.

Walking in the store with no "Welcome" voice, straight to the accounting counter,

"Nice to meet you, I'm something called Lone Wolf. Do you have a husband in this store?

"My husband would be me, but what are you?

"You're your husband, aren't you? I'm an advisor to the management of a personal store. I'm from La Noya."

Then my husband said, "Huh?," he glanced.

Apparently I didn't understand what Lone Wolf said at all.

"To be brief, I'd like to give you some advice on how to make this store more prosperous than it is today."

Earlier than the end of the explanation, my husband blew out a puff.

"Buh!? I was wondering what you were doing for me.

You know what kind of country this country is? "The Land of the Brave"!?

Speaking of adventurers' stores, it's 'gorgeous smart'!

How much advice did I give you? I'm not coming for a new customer!

"Does that mean you have this store just for regular people?

"Oh, the personal stores that remain here are the ones that my predecessors started from time immemorial!

It's like being able to do the critical thing because the good guys will be here around that time!

And then there's the material from non-brave schools and all that!

Sometimes an adventurer who wanted to go down the street peeks at the store, but he leaves without buying anything!

"Really, that doesn't seem to mean we don't have any new customers at all.

So why don't you give it a try and leave it to us?

"What the hell are you doing!?

"We will give you general advice on store management. If you do that, you'll always be able to grab new customers."

"Ha! I've done that many times! But it wasn't such a small effort! Minna" Gorgeous Smart "will take you!

"Thinking of things as occasional, could you please use them? I will not pay you to try it now. We will also pay for all the hassles and expenses involved in fulfilling that advice."

"Hmm, you look scary. You're keen on Wali. Well, no, if that's what you're gonna say, just do it. I don't think I can. Ha ha!