Lone Wolf given a chance for advice by the master of "Adventurer's Shop Bisabi".

My husband was a hippo, so until he agreed with me in the play half, he didn't think Osama like this could make sales.

Lone Wolf quickly glances at the shelves in the dagger corner, right after entering the store.

Once I placed the dagger, which was packed in a mess, I wiped away the dust piled on the shelf beautifully with a cloth.

After that, also polish each dagger with a cloth and put it back on the shelf so that it is spaced apart.

That gives me an extra dagger, but I could pull it in as inventory without putting it on the shelf.

This is all Lone Wolf did.

My husband seemed to clap out too.

"Oh, my God, that's not a big deal for a big mouth walnut! If you can sell daggers to that extent, you won't have a hard time!

Just then, a young man came into the store.

"Welcome," says Lone Wolf.

The new adventurer, the man, looks around the store at the entrance, then puts on his face.

But when I noticed the dagger corner, I came closer and began to set the rules.

And what...!

"Please this," he said, buying one dagger...!

"" What... Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh!?!?

You're just the master of "Bisabi" for this, or even the owner of the "Nola Naya" newbie who was watching how it went.

The customer gets agitated about something.

"Excuse me, sir. You surprised me, husband, and I'll have your bill soon."

Lone Wolf prompted her to respond as if she had been robbed.

When the customer leaves the store, the husband and the owner simply inquire.

"Whoa, whoa!? What have you done now? I just did a little bit of it and something I hadn't been able to sell at all so far sold in no time!?

"Gol......! No, Mr. Lone Wolf, I care too! Really, what did you do!?

Lone Wolf then smiled as if he were a suspicious Osama selling magic goods.

"Would you like to know the secret?

Then be sure to leave this store to 'Nola Naya'.

There was a store management know-how developed in four countries in "La Noya", and I will use it to make sure this store thrives. "

"Ho, it's true!? So, let's sign a contract! I also wanted to boost this store from my predecessors and I did a lot but it didn't work at all! If the pros are going to help us, then there's a chance!

Osama, just a new contract, get...!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Lone Wolf, who got her first contract, tells her she'll help you tomorrow, and then she'll have 'Biscurvy'.

I went back to the office on that leg, but the owner just pinned me down.

"Mr. Lone Wolf, do as much seeding as you did earlier! Me, concerned and concerned...!

"Please calm down, owner. It's called Face Up."

"Face up?" and the owner to parrot back.

"Yeah. A lot of adventurers' stores aren't focused on display. Simply throw the purchased weapon into the shelf. But by displaying it properly, we know that sales are twice as different."

"Oh really......!?

"Yes. Besides, that store was out of hand to clean and everywhere was full of dust. And no matter how new the product is, it looks old and untreated."

"I see...!

"First, I'll clean that store tomorrow and redo the display. That's the first stage of Mr. Bisabi's regeneration."

"Wow, I get it!

The next day he asks for bisabi early in the morning and asks his husband for a day of temporary leave.

Then all the merchandise from the store was returned to the warehouse for a full cleaning.

Then, under Lone Wolf's direction, the display is redone with a new layout.

Then what do you think?

Until now, the number of guests' feet began to increase with a bump.

That was only a few, but a huge change compared to before, when it was zero alike.

The owner of the store was very satisfied with that, but Lone Wolf said he could call more customers.

"Huh? There's hardly any adventurers through the streets around here, is there? Wouldn't it be impossible to increase it more than it is now? Still, sales have doubled before. It's been a long time."

"I think so too. Mr. Lone Wolf, I don't think you can do anything more in return for what you've spent."

My husband and owner were already aware that the battle had turned out well at the operational meeting in the Bisabi store after closing.

"That's not true," Lone Wolf said, taking two documents from his nostalgia and expanding them on his conference desk.

"This is..."

"One is a map around here, isn't it? What's like another table?

"This is a survey of traffic near here."

"Traffic volume?

"Yeah. I've been trying to figure out how many adventurers go around this store. Look at the map first."

"At the crossroads of the map, it's like a red circle."

"Yep. This is from morning to evening, red-circulating the number of adventurers going through. The more adventurous the crossroads, the greater the red circle. Look at the crossroads here."

In the map, Lone Wolf pointed to a small crossroads, a short distance from the rust.

"This crossroads is a small one, but it sounds like you have as many adventurers passing through it as the boulevard, doesn't it?

"Yeah. Now look at this table of traffic. It's just an impression of what it looks like, but it sums up the job title"

"Oh? You have the most warriors, don't you? Why do so many warriors go by just this crossroads?

"Yes, I was also curious to find out. Then here..."

At the crossroads of the problem, a loan wolf with pitched fingers.

Slightly shifting your fingers south from there......

My husband and owner said, "Ahhh!?" "I hammered.

"SE, Warrior Guild......!?

"That's right. We're a long way from here, but we have a warrior's guild."