A "warrior guild" is like a professional organization to which a warrior belongs.

Where Pinkiri exists, where membership fees are required, where they are unnecessary, where accession requires testing, where they are unnecessary, there are various.

Benefits of belonging include the sharing of information obtained by the Alliance side, the ranking system, etc.

Especially since rank is like proof of skill and fame, if it's high rank, it's harder to be attributed to it alone, and it also means pulling from the adventurer party.

Goldwolf said as he looked around at the owner and the owner of the store, the two of them.

"There is a warrior's guild, and just passing the crossroads near this store is a great opportunity to attract visitors. If we can bring them in, this shop will flourish even more."

The master of "Bisabi," I see, roared.

But rethinking,

"No, but how do we get them to point their customers' feet at us? We're a long way from the crossroads to this store."

"If that's the point, no problem. All you have to do is grab a sign at this crossroads and play billa. And then there's the look of this store..."

"You just have to change it for warriors!? Oh, just buy a high sword with a bang...!

"Please wait. It's good to make the store 'for warriors', but you shouldn't draw conclusions here"

"What!? Is there anything else yet?

"Yes, think carefully about the characteristics of the facility called Alliance."

Most adventurers belong to a guild of their own profession.

However, after registering for the Alliance, the Alliance's facilities rarely have any business to attend to.

"Yeah? So what is it?

"Assuming that the warriors rarely go to the guild either, the warriors going through the cross will have a different face every day"

"Does that mean you only came here once! I don't care if you invite me as a guest!

"That's right. It's a one-time opponent. But you can't give up there. We need to analyze more."

Goldwolf continues looking around at the owner and owner of the store, the two of them.

Especially to the owners, don't just say 'coco important'.

"Think about it this way. The Warriors rarely visit the Alliance after they sign up for it. But there are always moments when people who sign up for the guild visit the guild most of the time. It's your first registration to the Alliance."

"I guess so, so, after I sign up, I won't come," he said. I thought you meant a one-time customer. "

"That's true, but here's one big point. 'At the first registration of the Alliance' means that the person, as a warrior, is in what condition?

Then the owner raised his voice, hah.

"I just signed up for the guild, so the lowest ranked warrior......! That means rushing out!

"That's right. That's where the assortment points are. … Imagine"

A certain image comes to mind in the words of Lone Wolf, in the head of her husband and owner.

"... there is a young man determined to be a warrior.

First, he heads to the Warrior Guild and registers.

Now, in my position, I'm a warrior.

Leaving the Warrior Guild with a sense of spirit, he would feel totally like a warrior.

But you have to change your appearance, if so, then you're on your way... "

"" Bo... Adventurer's shop!

"That's right.

After walking out of the guild for a while, I'm just playing billa.

Once received, the billa will have "A Store for Beginner Warriors" …

What do you think the young man will do?

"" SO... go to that store!

"That's right.

It was in this store that I wanted to be a warrior fast and headed early enough.

And suppose this store had the assortment he was expecting.

Plus the clerk, if I could personally help him choose his gear when he's new to being a warrior...

What do you think will happen to him?

"" Ko... of this store, regularly!

"That's right. If we analyze the customers who might come to this store and build a store to suit them, we can get regular customers, even if it's only a first glance place."

"" Become... I see!!

Both the owner and the owner of the store had their tongues wrapped around the accuracy of Lone Wolf's analysis.

And the owner of the store makes his nose rough again.

"Wow, the warrior shop for beginners is completely renovated! Order from the Inquirer now and start tomorrow...!

"Wait. I would not recommend turning everything in this store into a warrior beginner.

Because this is just a hypothetical story.

Let's just start with the space just moments after entering the store and turn it into a 'beginner's corner'.

All you have to do is distribute the billa, corroborate that assumption, and then we'll get back to work. "

The next day, when Lone Wolf created a novice corner in the store, he took the owner and started handing out billas at the crossroads of the example.

Then what do you think,

The 'Biscabi' store is quickly, fully stocked......!

Besides, he's just a novice warrior as he aims, and the owner of the store is chased to deal with him.

The Lone Wolves interrupt Billakuza en route and return to the store to help the guests respond.

And Lone Wolf customer service blew the fire.

"If you are choosing a weapon, a good one-handed sword (one-handed sword) is recommended first. Long weaponry is advantageous in the battle for a wide area, but choosing a location and using it will take time."

"Leather armor close to everyday wear is recommended, not metal-based armor at first. Easy to move, you should get used to exploring and fighting first. Besides, I don't know how to allocate the pace at first, so iron armor can be very heavy when I go home."

"With this set of gear, you should try a wildlife hunting quest first. At first you will want to crusade monsters, but goblins and others are cunning, albeit the weakest monsters. Monsters that can trap should only be equipped once they are familiar with the body."

The warriors, who debuted from the Warrior Alliance, were divided into two main patterns.

Those who were sold expensive gear in "Gorgeous Smart" and those who were equipped in "Biscuit" at their heights.

The former suddenly set off on a monster crusade in order to recoup expenses.

The latter followed the clerk's advice and headed for a wildlife hunt.

The young men, who solidified themselves with gorgeous smart gear, said they laughed when they saw those going hunting.

"Be a warrior and hunt animals with your little gear!

"That's the same as wood dust, then!

"But you look great! Because a sword like that would only cut about a branch of a tree!

But those who laughed at them like that said that most of them failed their first adventures and that their new gear was also worn out.

And the survival rate for those who went hunting was 100 percent.