The "Adventurer's Shop Bisabi" store saw a significant increase in sales as it targeted the Warrior Alliance's Running Adventurers.

Until then, I also increased the number of employees who were one store owner to three, generously supporting my warrior debut.

Then, as Lone Wolf aimed, the warriors didn't end up seemingly, and from then on, they started taking me to the store.

I started choosing rust in the distance over gorgeous smart nearby.

And at last, the store succeeded in increasing sales by more than ten times…!

As a Store Advisor, it can be described as an achievement no more.

The owner of the store held Lone Wolf and the owner's hand and bowed his head over and over again.

"Hey, I didn't think this store, which had been critical for 10,000 years, would flourish so much! I'm glad I left you guys to it!

But Lone Wolf told me to tighten my helmet.

"No, the shop has been having a hard time since we got on track. From now on, there will be trouble you have never experienced before. From now on, it will be a regular patrol only, but let us know as soon as something happens."

The store advisor, "Nanaya", is well instructed by the person in charge when the contracted store is not profitable.

The mechanism is to check daily sales when the track is on, and deal with problems from time to time.

This is close to 'area manager' in chain stores by analogy today.

It was originally done for the Slam Dog Mart franchise store.

"Noraya" was to take only that system and provide management know-how with franchise contract nasi.

After finishing his greeting to the store owner of Bisabi, Lone Wolf and the owner return to the office of 'Nola Naya'.

On that road, the owner had spoken of the doubts that would naturally have happened.

"When it comes to the operational know-how of a store, it can also be called life. Wouldn't that be a good idea, setting up a new store?

"Yeah, I would love to, but I can't.

Various restrictions have now been imposed on the launching of new businesses in this' Kingdom of Seven Lux '.

They were enacted quickly after 'Gocon' on Grey Sky Island, so it would obviously stop 'Slumdog Mart' from landing. "

"But I'm the owner because I've decided that top management is limited to those who have a nationality in Sevenlux."

"That's right. After that, there will also be a rigorous scrutiny of the franchise agreement.

This is also a complete sniper, as only 'Slumdog Mart' exists in this world that employs franchise contracts. "

"I see, I think I got it. So the way out of the law in this country is Store Advisor."

"That's what I mean"

However, the "Store Advisor Agreement" is considerably inferior to the "Franchise Agreement" in terms of authority and limitations.

It can only be suggested to the store owner in the form of 'advice', and the store owner is not obliged to keep the know-how heard confidential.

If so, "operational know-how", which can be considered life in stores, could spill all over the country.

But Lone Wolf didn't see it as a problem at all on that point.

Because his purpose was neither to make money with his advice nor to be worshipped as a 'business god'.

His purpose is just one thing.


Of "The Brave Shop," run away......!

If personal shops in this country become profitable, 'gorgeous smart' profits will inevitably go down.

Nevertheless, at the individual store level, a number of helpless croaks have only been repainted with one white ant.

Even if you get into the house, you'll only get worse scratches than back-to-back scratches on the pillars.

But what happens if that white ant, one more, increases...?

That will no longer be necessary to say.

Because he (●) always does that......

of a house hung with a plaque named 'Brave Man', rocking the Great Black Column......

Because every family reunion has caused the house to collapse into a mess...!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

The next day.

As usual, Lone Wolf went to work in the office and warehouse of 'Nola Naya'.

He makes his second cup of coffee today.

Long after the secretary was gone, this was totally routine.

The first cup of coffee, I drink at home after breakfast,

"Ha, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh."

And so sweet a coffee comes out that I wonder if even condensed milk is in it.

For this reason, I tried to make the second cup black.

Have a cup of coffee and glance at the newspaper.

The current topics in the Seven-Lux kingdom were "A Thousand Years after the Birth of Godsmile" and "The Great Interstate Railroad".

"The Great Interstate Railway" is a huge railway network that connects this Seven-Lux kingdom with what other powers do.

It was a hectic project of the kings between the great powers, which, if opened, would make it easier to get and go between the great powers and would undoubtedly make a significant economic contribution.

As I carefully read its contents, the unpopular warehouse doors opened with a baton, and a patter and something came running.

"Good morning, Gol...... Mr. Lone Wolf! Sorry, I'm late!

"Never mind. Because you are the owner of this" La Naya ". Besides, the owner will have a family, right?

"Yes, it is, but when I said I was going to work, I stopped asking if my family wanted to see the workplace... Can I bring him in next time?

"Yeah, sure."

"Oh, yeah! And in our neighborhood, I found a personal store for adventurers! It didn't seem like much money, so why don't we put some sales there today!?

Is the owner happy to work or has been full of energy since morning?

Lone Wolf was also thought to snort at this suggestion,

"No, let's not do that"

"What, why is that?

"Because this office and the owner's house are too far apart"

"What, is that why? It's about three hours' walk from the carriage you're riding with, right?

"Yes, those three hours will eventually be fatal for 'Nanaya'"

Lone Wolf, saying so, took what was out of his desk drawer.