What Lone Wolf took out was folded pieces of paper.

Expanding it, it became a big map.

The owner said, "What's that map...?" and peek in.

Lone Wolf replied.

"This map focuses on 'Nola Naya'. Look in the middle."

In the middle of the map there is a black circle called 'Nola Naya', and in the vicinity there is a red circle called 'Biscuit'.

And the two circles were in one large circle.

"This large circle surrounds the 30-kilometre area, with a focus on 'Nola Naya'. This is our Nawabari."


"Yes, if you are in this area, you can make your way within an hour if you are a fast horse, or even a heavy loaded carriage in two hours. Do you see what this means?

"Uh... you mean when you have a problem with the contract store, you can rush right to it?

"That's right. Customer demand is changing every day.

Sometimes the commercial practices that worked until yesterday suddenly cease to work today.

If that happens, the contractor, the owner of the store, needs us.

It will be necessary for us to rush and solve the problem as soon as possible. "

"But... do we need to hurry that far? If you have a problem, ask during your regular daily patrol…"

"No, then it's too late. Now it's okay to just handle regular patrols, but then there will be instances where it will be too late."

That being said, the owner wasn't coming pin.

It won't even be possible.

Regardless of the developed modern society of the internet, it is difficult to imagine the effectiveness of 'speed' in this world like travelling with horses and exchanging letters.

But Lone Wolf made himself aware of the 'sense of speed' from day to day in business.

Still, it was not as excessive as' rushing to the scene of the problem in an hour '.

It was only in one case that he became obsessed with a sense of speed that could also be called a "speed freak".


"The Brave Genocide Fang's, Claim Bombing"......!

This is the story of a time when I was about to be able to spread the idea that if I drank potion, which is a new product of Slam Dogmart, I would have developed a color if I had skin cancer.

At that time, Mother Reincarnation didn't have to be the worst thanks to her coming, but if Mother was only a little behind in coming, it would have been catastrophic.

Dangerously, until then, the trust that 'Slumdog Mart' had built up with the trick was about to be dashed in an instant

The Trump Tower named 'Customer Trust' collapses, even if it is a scandal hardened by lies.

And most of all, the broken trust won't be so easy to undo.

From this one incident, Lone Wolf began to figure out how to deal with trouble quickly.

It was this' nawabari 'system that was conceived from it.

The owner thought about it for a while and then, Pong, met his hand.

"Oh, could it be, like, a city guard role? If there's a case, it's like rushing to the scene..."

"Right. That's what it looks like."

"But we're not exorcising robbers or anything, it's store trouble, right? I don't think there are people who do bad things to the store other than rob them..."

Then Lone Wolf smiled in difficulty.

"No, that's what I have. Those are the guys who are about to get their hands on it..."

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Then over the course of a few weeks or so, 'Nola Naya' had led to the acquisition of many contract stores.

The number of employees who were alone in Lone Wolf will increase to more than ten, as will the number of offices, steadily expanding 'Nawabari'.

Then, as Lone Wolf expects, the students move out.

There, "Gorgeous Smart Evantaille National Headquarters".

As usual, I can get a spot on the 'General Manager's Office' here, but not this time.

Under its General Manager's Office, the "Deputy General Manager's Office".

The room was uniquely made and divided into two parts, one on the right and the other on the left.

There are two windows, a study desk and everything, each with a well-dressed man sitting on it.

In the center, there was a man who seemed to be one of his men so that he could be pinched on a plate.

The morning sun is in the direction of plugging in, the man said.

"Really? The reason why sales in certain regions continue to decline is that we still don't know."

My men answer with trembling.

"Ha, yes! We are currently doing everything we can to investigate...!

"Really? In any case, I'm a no-touch, right? This is all Mr. Bankrapsy's responsibility for the operation."

Then from the direction of the shade, there was a laugh that I could play.

"Uh-huh! I wonder if I'll live up to it!? Haven't you naturally lost sight of yourself?

"I don't know. Because I am a no-touch. It would be your job as Deputy Director of Operations to look into it and deal with it."

"Uh-huh! He said he knew! But wouldn't it be better for you, No-Touch, to back me up with 'pioneering'? With more new stores, we can cover less sales, so come on!

Notouch Gorgeous and Bankrapsy Gorgeous.

These two were the big deputy directors of the 'Evantaille countries'.

Normally, when you become a deputy director of a major country, it is normal to have one person from each country.

However, there was a two-person system for this' Evantaille country '.

There are two reasons.

Because their jurisdiction was massive, not just in the Kingdom of Sevenlux, but in the entire Evantaille countries.

And the other is the presence of the General Manager of the Great Powers, who is their boss.

Yes, it's about Bonclano.

Bonclano is no longer a Boncla, needless to say, there is nothing we can do about it.

To support Bonkla like that, Buttaftotta, Bonkla's father, had a two-person system.

And Buttaftotta was harsh on No-Touch and Bankrapsy.

"At all costs, only the Kingdom of Sevenlux, guard it from the hands of wild dogs"...!

As a Butaftotta, even if we lose four small countries, we can keep our face to face as a brave organization as long as we can keep the big ones.

The smaller country used it as a Bonclano toy, and after I got tired of it, I even thought I wouldn't mind giving it to the wild dog to do it.

For that reason, for small countries, Bankrapsy and Notouch have not given a single incision to the Bonkrano way, leaving everything to the surroundings of Bonkrano.

Surrounding means Srl Boncos, Fontine and Stented.

When it comes to the main tasks of Bankrapsy and Notouch, it is only about matters within Seven Lux.

In the first place, Sevenlux is only called 'The Land of the Brave', and it is laid with a stone system that prevents one wild dog from entering.

That's why Bonclano also showed no interest as a toy.

Bankrapsy and Notouch also had nothing to do with it, as the gorgeous smart of this country is like being protected by naming the country.

Like the president of a company whose employees are very good, I was able to have an easy-going brave life, even if I was at work, just sitting around for a day...

He came here and noticed a slight crack.