Bankrapsy stands up with a unique laugh after receiving reports of reduced sales from his subordinates.

"Ugh, that's so tight! I can't help it!

Bankrapsy has a mustache on his bossy head.

But you're obsessed with the outfit, he wore flashy red trousers on a crisp white shirt.

As he approaches the coat hanger in the corner of the room, he weaves his trousers and matching red coat.

The coat hanger was hung with another, dark green coat.

Bankrapsy turned to its owner and laughed again.

"Well, no-touch, I'm just gonna go!

Then, looking out the window until then, Notouch looks back.

He was worthy of office: such a beautiful face in his caressed hair that there seemed to be no shaving marks on his beard.

The outfit is also decent, with white shirts, calm shades of deep green trousers and typical 'toned brave' fashion.

He asked, not even interested.

"Really? It's unusual that you, who've been warming up your chair, should go outside for nothing but lunch and leave the office. But where?

"Ugh, that's so tight! That's for each other! Thought I'd take a look around at some unprofitable stores!

"Really? You still had that much enthusiasm."

"That's right! 'Cause that's why I'm here. Come on! It's been a long time since I've been a daylight, but even when I look at it like this, I used to be a melamera, like this clothes, huh?

"Really? Try not to burn them by force."

"Ugh, that's so tight! Shouldn't Notouch be able to do a little too? You haven't 'pioneered' any new stores in the last few years!?

"That's right. Because you don't have to. And adding more new stores means' operating '... and adding more to Mr. Bankrapsy's burden, right?

"Ugh, that's so tight! As always, it's 'No Touch'! Well, no, I'll see about that for now, then let's think about it!

"Really? Go ahead."

That's all No-Touch says, he spins the chair again and returns to the window clan.

Bankrapsy: "Uh-oh!," he laughed, pulling his men out of the deputy director's office.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Around that time, Lone Wolf and the owner were in a certain adventurer's shop, within Sevenlux.

I'm here to inspect the store, which I left to the agent of "Nora Naya".

"What do you say, owner! I tried to 'clean the store' and 'face-up' and this store sold 1.5 times more!

The agent was good at just doing what he was taught in training, but as if in his own way.

While the owner glares at the store and the books, he decides that there is no particular problem.

But Lone Wolf, a regular employee, was different.

"This store has a 'Bandit Guild' nearby, right?

Then the agent answers that he's been waiting.

"Yes! So we are improving the range of bandits! Especially the range of daggers is the best around here!

My agent! And ahead, indicated by hand, was a dagger corner so as to occupy the best part of the store.

Lone Wolf roared,

"Bandit customers will use daggers, so this display is correct. But we can do more."

"What? Can you do anything more?," said the owner.

"Yeah. Shall we give it a try?"

When Lone Wolf approached the dagger corner, he returned more than half of the dagger on the shelf to the box for stock.

"What!?" and amazing owners and agents, as well as store owners.

Then we line the shelves that have become scaskas with products that have absolutely nothing to do with weapons, such as picking tools, gloves, etc.

The owner of the store just said he couldn't wait to hear this.

"Hey, Mr. Lone Wolf! Picking tools would be a tool corner, gloves would be a product of a protective corner!? If you make such a messy display, the sales that went up will go back to normal!

"No, your husband. This is not a messy display. This is called" Relevant Display. "

"Related displays?

"Yep. It would be nice to categorize and display the product as' weapons', 'protective equipment' or 'tools', but that is if the main customer goes to many different professions. This is better if you know that one occupation is the main customer, like this store."

Then it was the owner who first noticed the intention.

"Ah!? Could this display be a way to arrange nearby what a bandit customer needs......!? Oh, that's why you call it a 'related display'!

"Related displays".

Instead of arranging products by category, it is a method of arranging products by demand.

If we are to give an example in modern times, what is remarkable is that it brings together seasonal goods in one place.

For things like insect repellent and fireworks in summer and cairo and gloves in winter.

An extreme example is a supermarket or the like, where carrots, potatoes and onions are placed in a set, and there is also a way to arrange curry ru and Fukugami pickles in that quite a bit.

There are two advantages to this way.

'What I wanted and I was looking for, I'll have it all in one place'.

And the other is, 'A new demand arousal'.

The above example of a supermarket can make guests come shopping for dinner today think, 'Let's make it curry today'.

"But there are also disadvantages to this display. That's..."

Lone Wolf's explanation was just blocked by customers interested in the shelves.

"Ah! I did! If I were a bandit, I'd have picking tools too!

"Plus, if you're a bandit, you might want a glove with your fingers out!

"If it's arranged this way, I hope it's easy to understand!

"Wow, the one on this shelf, get it all together!

A group of four new bandits who have been registering at The Bandit Guild have gathered around the shelves and just "bought in bulk"......!

Lone Wolf, owners and agents, and store owners simply begin their customer service.

One carriage took its way through the bustling store.