It was usually a personal store that was blind and bare, but things were kind of different today.

"Ugh, that's so tight! I was wondering if you could stop it for a second?

When Bankrapsy speaks to you, the carriage stops in front of the store.

The show window seen through the carriage window was busy with many guests.

Asked how it was, Bankrapsy bursts into laughter alone.

"Ugh, that's so tight! That's what happened! Hey, that's enough! I mean, turn me back! Let's go back to headquarters!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Returning to Gorgeous Smart's headquarters, Bankrapsy instructed his men to examine trends in nearby personal stores, in areas where sales had fallen.

In this world, there are still two ways to look at competitor sales.

First, how to send investigators to competitor stores.

Another is how to contact the inquirer.

Usually, the adventurer's shop purchases products from the inquirer.

Use your brave authority to find out which personal stores you are purchasing how many products from.

Consideration of sales is also approximate if purchases are known.

Bankrapsy looked through these data and was convinced.

"Ugh, that's so tight! No-touch, I see why you're losing sales!

Bankrapsy cut him out when he turned around in the deputy director's office.

"Really? So why don't you fix that?

"Well, that's irrelevant! We're being told by Master Buttaftotta, aren't we? If I fail, No-Touch is not free, so come on!

"Really? Well, let's see."

Bankrapsy turned the paperwork into a paper plane and flew towards Notouch, a short distance away.

A paper plane in the wind blowing in through the window lands flutterly at a no-touch desk.

Notouch loosened the paper plane and glanced at the folded documents.

"Really? He said he was being robbed of customers by private stores."

"Ugh, that's so tight! Yes, that's right! From the percentage of this country, I've had a 99 share of gorgeous smarts so far, and one of the noodles was a personal store. Come on, that's about 98 to 2 now!

"Really? As a percentage, it's only increased by one, but it's doubled."

"Yes, yes! The gorgeous smarts in this country are stable, and they've been making the same sales all along, haven't they? So if you look down on just one, you stand out awesome!

"Right. But if the cause is in a personal store, I'm a" pioneering "person, so I'm good with no touches."

"Sora, don't be so sure! I'm the one in" Operation, "so why don't you do something over there, too? I think it's important that you feel like you're doing it, huh?

"Really? Well, let's think about it. So, how is Mr. Bankrapsy going to move?

"Ugh, that's so tight! Ask me that, huh? Speaking of which, I haven't done anything for a long time, so I was wondering if you'd forgotten what I was called?

"No, of course I remember you."

"Oh, you remembered me? To make this sale with myself, it's because I'm quick to do so! Uh-oh, shh, shh!

As mentioned above, the two deputy directors in "Gorgeous Smart" in the Kingdom of Sevenlux have a two-member system.

They had been separated by the person in charge.

It is a "pioneering" person who opens new stores and a no-touch role.

It is the role of Bankrapsy, who is in charge of "operations" to provide guidance for stores already in place.

The gorgeous smarts of the Sevenlux kingdom maintained a much higher standard of sales, so they didn't have to do anything.

Because if anything, the King had brought us a policy of favouring 'specific stores'.

But come here and record your first sales decline.

That was a slight one, but it was the 'first time' that made it stand out a lot.

Still, if you were the usual brave man, you would have left this decline saying 'it's no big deal'.

And when the damage spreads beyond my reach, I finally realize the slowness of my first move.

But it is.

He wasn't.

"Ugh, that's so tight! Business is all about 'speed'!


He was also 'Goldwolf Childrens'...!

He was demonically remodeling the 'thriving his shop' know-how he once learned from Goldwolf.

To 'crush rival stores' know-how......!

Using that move, he grows up.

Gordowulf has spoken for himself, but he has banished him.

And the name given is' Crusher '......!

While he was involved in the management of Gorgeous Smart, he was not a brave man.

Notouch is a brave man, but Bankrapsy is a brave man.

Because he,

Because he who creates Bankruptcy...!


● Ojin Class (Chairman)


● Quasi-God (Jun Shin) Grade (President)

Din Din Dingil


Noone Lives Forever

Marie Blood HQ (Harley Queen)

● Shiten Grade (VP)

Kitty Geyser

● Chi Tian (Chi Ten) Grade (Director General of the Great Powers)


Ride Boy Longinus

Ride boy amenosakahoko

Ride Boy Trishura

Ride boy triaina

● Seating Grade (Deputy Director of the Great Powers)

NEW: No Touch

NEW: Bankrapsy


● Master Tian (Shigen) Grade (Director of Small Country)

● Li Tian (Riki Ten) Grade (Deputy Director Kokuni)

● Nengtian Grade (Aspects Manager)

● Kwon Ten Grade (Branch Manager)

Promotion: Haytrid

Janjan Bali Bali

● Datian Grade (Store Manager)


● Koten Grade (no title)

○ Fallen Heaven

Demotion: Firehead, Thunderhead, Stormhead, Earthquakehead

Cosmos, Zangan

Death Dealer Revolve, Sai Crops, Gorgon, Scylla, Ortros

Genocide Daddy, Genocide Fang, Genocide Knuckle

Midnight Shuffler, Diamond Rich Nell, Crimson Teager

Rideboy Lance, Javelin, Speer, Ocustan, Zepuros, Ghizalm, Halbad, Partisan

3820 Unnamed Warriors

Three hundred and forty unnamed champions.

530 Unnamed Braves

310 unnamed brave men.