The Brave Bankrapsy was a "rebuilder" in gorgeous smarts.

It is about those who cross, tech, and rebuild gorgeous smart unprofitable stores.

This is one of the roles that emerged from Goldwolf's proposal to once work at Gorgeous Smart.

Until then, Goldwolf had been touring unprofitable stores alone, but the number of Gorgeous Smart stores had increased too much to cope with.

There were brave men who were given the 'art of rebuilding' by Goldwolf at that time, and they were active at the time.

But since Godsmile crusaded the Demon King, their turnout drops dramatically.

Because as an awareness all over the world, when it comes to adventurer stores, it has become 'gorgeous smart'.

Then the "rebuilders" became idle, but they would choose two paths in order to secure their place.

The first is not rebuilding unprofitable stores, but a parasitic path as an advisor to good stores.

'It's because of me that the sales of this store are stable!' and appealed to the handle I hadn't even taken.

And the other way is to create an unprofitable store after being asked to do so by another brave man.

Go to unprofitable stores in the region of rival brave men and stick the 'Unrebuildable' rettel.

If the "rebuilder" reports to the upper management of the brave man, "the store will have to be folded.

That's how he creates the fouling spots of rival braves, he was leaping in as an intermediate.

Both paths are the path of scum, which is not the path of Ibarra, but Bankrapsy went even further on it.

By driving a private store in the neighborhood of Gorgeous Smart into bankruptcy, it was my business.

Boosting his fame to the point of being called a 'crusher' within the brave organization, he puts on Buttaftotta's glasses, in conjunction with the handles of the Goldwolf exile that was taking place at the time.

I was given the seat of Vice Director of the Great Powers of Sevenlux, and until now I have lived a life of leisurely comfort and bravery.

But now that sleeping hyena wakes up again.

And I stripped my fangs...!

To Osama, named Lone Wolf...!

Bankrapsy convenes department heads in Sevenlux in areas where sales have fallen.

And I told them a horrible plan, only known as' rebuild '.

So much so that he was called a 'crusher' that he taught...

"Ugh, that's so tight! I want you to uniformly change the display of everyone's shop that you have gathered here!

I'll give you the manual later. Come on, it's called 'Relevant Display'!

Oh, my God, of the "Nola Naya" teco insert, round pakuri......!

Bankrapsy accidentally witnessed the 'Nola Naya' tecochon when he went on a carriage inspection.

Later, I asked my men to look into it and find out that it was a 'related display'.

And even though I thought about it, it's a big announcement......!

But it's just an insult.

Even the same pack makes sense for 'The Big Thing' to imitate.

Make the new services generated by the ventures your own as the big players go......

This is what is normally done in the modern Internet society.

No matter how advanced the service was, there are limits in personal shops.

If you are imitated by the 'gorgeous smart' that is Galiver, you will be outdone and taken over in the first place with appeal......!

This was the 'crusher' way.

The chiefs gathered in Bankrapsy had an attitude that the rotor was nothing more.

But as soon as he was asked about the system of 'related displays', he began to admire it as if he had looked at excellence and returned his palms.

"Nah...... I see! I didn't know you would display a product in association with a profession, not a genre......!

"This is an unprecedented idea!

"This would indeed make you want related products too!

"That's a great idea, I can give you the customer price all at once!

Bankrapsy was laughing inside out.

- Uh-huh!

Bring us the groundbreaking service that was put out by approx......

That's all they worship like God, so it's easy!

This time too, I don't think I need to be serious about "Crusher"!

The 'related display' advocated by Bankrapsy will be implemented immediately.

The personal store should then have lost its advantage at once and again dropped its share to one percent.

But when I open the lid......

Gorgeous Smart 96: Individual Shop Federation 4

Share of personal stores is even more doubled......!?

The directors rushed over to Bankrapsy.

"Master Bankrapsy! Oh, my God!

"Strange things are happening in the field right now!

"As soon as I started displaying related products, sales of related display products increased..."

"For some reason, there's been a surge in purchase order errors!

"Besides, the sales of products other than related displays have dropped so badly!

"Thanks to you, the scene is a big panic!

"What does this mean, so awesome!?

Oddly enough, around the same time, a seed had been made on the matter in the office of 'Nola Naya'.

"Um, Mr. Lone Wolf, I've always wondered..."

"What is it, owner?

"You said before that 'related displays' also have disadvantages, right? I had a customer at that time, so I was worried that I couldn't listen..."

"Oh, speaking of which, you were interrupting the conversation along the way.

Let me tell you more, there are two disadvantages to 'related displays'.

First, the first.

Products with 'related displays' will also be placed in the original display location, right?

For example, gloves placed in the 'Relevant Display' corner will also be placed in the armor corner.

This can cause confusion in checking inventory because it will be placed in two places with the same product.

It's just that this can be prevented if the people who grasp the inventory are solid.

And another disadvantage, this one is troublesome.

'Relevant display' would narrow the range of product choices.

There was a store where bandits were the main customers, right?

Take that as an example, at the expense of a range of knives, we switched to related display spaces.

If you are a freshly bandit novice, it would be better to have fewer product choices and sell sets......

When they become veteran bandits, they don't.

They have things like knives, gloves and picking tools that were on their skin, so they don't even have eyes for set sales.

It's important that you have what you always use.

Reducing product choices is an advantage in 'related displays', but that makes it a disadvantage.

And 'related displays' also dramatically change the atmosphere of the store.

It is very easy for beginners to get in and make an intimate impression......

It makes the impression that veterans are amateurs.

Now do you understand?

That's right.

Relevant displays may accelerate customer separation depending on the store's main customer.

For this reason, introducing "related displays" without even considering the characteristics of the store can be considered the pinnacle of stupidity. "