By the way, Gorgeous Smart's deputy director's office.

There was an unpleasant mood between the two deputy directors across the street.

"Mr. Bankrapsy, what is this all about? I can't believe your share of gorgeous smarts dropped even further as soon as you said you were going to make the move."

"Ugh, that's so tight! No-touch, be such a scary face! I just made a little mistake. Come on!

"Really? From what I've heard, they've instructed stores to make their own, uniquely knitted displays called" Relevant displays. "

"Yes, yes. The sales of the products that did that 'related display' have grown, but the other products have dropped gut. Come on! As a measure, it's a success, but overall, it's a failure, and I don't know why!

"Really? Because that's how you stick your neck in poorly. I'm a no-touch, so it doesn't matter."

"Ugh, that's so tight! It's okay! So far, it's like warming up, so next time, it's going to work!

"Really? I'm a no-touch, so it doesn't matter."

"What, you're not thinking about opening a new store!?

"No, I'm thinking about it. I'm giving my men a location check right now."

"Ugh, that's so tight! Oh, my goodness!"

"No, I still don't know if I'll do it. We will never open a new store until we can determine that it will be profitable, as there is no touching on the initial sales of the new store."

"No-Touch is desperately buying it right now, like the planned construction site for the 'Intercontinental Railroad'!? Uh-oh, shh, shh!

"Naturally. Because there is no such thing as a certain money-making story in this world at the moment.

"Ugh, that's so tight! As always, I only cross the stone bridge I slapped, so no touches!

"How are you going to save this share more than that?

He said, "It's okay! I told you, it was a warm-up! Now, from here on out, let's show off the 'Breaker' 's main line!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Then a few days later, the office of 'Nola Naya'.

As a regular meeting, the owner had received a report from the agents in charge of the store.

"Erm, expensive herbs came out well in the store in charge. Out of stock today, we are proposing to expand our purchases."

"This one has a lot of potion, as well as expensive ones out there. We have proposed to expand the purchase volume."

Good topics of the economy pop up one after the other, and the owners seem satisfied.

"There are a lot of out-of-stock reports today, and I think it's a very good trend that high profit margin products are sold.

Out of stock for these items can also lead to opportunity loss, so don't mistakenly look at how much you have purchased.

If you run out of stock, it will be a huge opportunity loss... "

The owner said, "Is this okay?" and just see Chillari and the last of the heyday employees.

However, the regular employee looked difficult and stared at the report.

"Goh... Mr. Lone Wolf, what is it?

"Yes, owner. You should keep your purchases to the same amount as before without expanding them."

Then all the agents as well as the owners said, "What!?".

"I can't believe you said expensive products are missing every day, but you don't review how much you buy......!? What does that mean!?

"The movement is too unnatural. Firstly, if the product moves more than conventional, there is always a 'factor'.

If, for example, powerful monsters with poison appear in your neighborhood, poisonous herbs and potions will sell well.

But this time, I don't see what's going to be that 'factor'. "

"Isn't that just overlooked? Purchasing more, then looking for factors…"

"You shouldn't do that. Because there's another weird thing about it.

All the expensive items missing are 'consumables with a consumption deadline'.

If you buy this in large quantities and fail to do so, you will have to dispose of the defective inventory.

If that happens, it will be more damaging than opportunity loss. "

"But the product is working now!? Yet......!

"No, this move is temporary. The moment you purchase in large quantities, the movement stops."

"What!? I've never heard of a massive purchase that would stop the movement!

"Yeah, I guess so. Because this is a 'special case'.

Anyway, don't increase your purchases, keep them to the usual purchases. "

That's what Lone Wolf told me, the owner reluctantly but convinced.

All agents have been notified...

But one agent, he made a mess of it...!

Ignoring the owner's decision, he suggested to the contract store to buy ten times more expensive herbs...!

Then, what do you think......

As Lone Wolf pointed out, the sale of that herb stopped perfectly......!

The soothing agent jumped into the office with a blue face.

"Shh... sorry! My store is in a pile of medicinal herbs…! The owner is dying!

When the owner and Lone Wolf rushed to the store, the shopkeeper was just about to neck off now.

"Because it's a big chance to make a fortune, I even bought herbs until my savings were so tight...! Yet suddenly it stopped selling......! I'm done with this store!

"Wait, your husband. This time it is also this suggestion mistake, so we will buy all the medicinal herbs in 'Nola Noya'"

"Ho...... true!?

Lone Wolf lost money on 'La Naya' in order to help the contract store.

So I saved the bankruptcy of one personal store and one human life...

But there's nothing left to worry about.

"Um, Mr. Lone Wolf...... How did you know that if you made a mass purchase, you would stop moving?

"Oh is that what you mean...... Owner, I can tell you, promise me one thing."

"Yes, what?

"The 'M.O.' I'm going to teach you needs to NEVER mane...!