'M.O.' spoken from Lone Wolf's mouth, it was a fearsome thing.

"Firstly, we will buy expensive products and those with a consumption deadline in the store that we have defined as our target.

Of course, I don't buy it all at once by myself, I use multiple people and buy it in multiple portions.

When it runs out of stock that way, how do you think it would look from the store side?

"The product looks like it's selling hugely…"

"That's right. If it is out of stock, you will buy more next time, right? Keep buying it up again."

"If you do that, you'll be buying more and more of that product."

"Yes, but it's a expensive product, so it costs money to buy it.

Still, the profit margin is high, so even if you can't, you'll buy it.

And let them buy up to the cash flow limits of their personal stores. "

"Ah!? And then, after that, if you stop buying...!?

"That's right. After a pile of bad inventory, the cash is gone.

For a private store, it's no longer bankrupt. "

"Are you saying that someone was after such a terrible thing!?

"Yes, this time the movement of the product was unnatural, so you would definitely consider it a complete bankruptcy aim"

"But for what!?

"It's easy. A store is all about taking away customers.

You just have to crush them to get rid of them quickly. "

"Oh no......!? Speaking of adventurers' stores, even though they are rivals, they are companions......!

The owner can't hide the shock.

Business is competing and incisive for service, because people have taught me a lot about not pulling their feet and falling into it.

That too, by Lone Wolf now in front of us.

"Right. Business is supposed to compete for services. Because doing so will enhance the overall quality and enable us to provide better service to our customers."

Owners feel a little relieved by a word reminiscent of the old Goldwolf.

But then again, I came up with something that bothered me.

"But does buying up expensive products with a consumption deadline mean there is no considerable risk on the part of the setup either!?

"Right. But there's a way I can minimize that risk. To be precise, should it be more about existence than about methods?"

"Whatever it is, can you keep the risk down!?

"It's a huge organization.

If you are an organization like a group company rather than a personal store, buying up is as easy as crushing an Ichigo store.

Even if you fail to set it up, it doesn't hurt a lot.

Besides, it is also difficult to sell the large quantities of expensive products you buy by the consumption deadline if you are an individual......

If you are a group company, if you allocate it to stores in your organization, you can sell it to Kantan. "

"Group companies!? No way......!

"That's right. It's Gorgeous Smart."


I don't want to talk about Nani. but the human beings of this world still believe that the brave are noble.

The owner's shock was immeasurable.

"... Speaking of Gorgeous Smart, it's the brave man's shop!? And yet I can't believe I'm doing such a cowardly thing against a personal store...!

"But the owners, too, don't they have something in mind?

"Yes... if you ask me...... sure......!

Too many fussies to think of, the owner doesn't think, Mmmm...! and cloud your face.

And you came up with something again.

"That's right! Then why not just use it the other way around!?

"Use the other way around, you say?

"It's been bought up. I'm going to buy it all! And just getting critical, I'm going to get my purchases back on track! Then you can sell a lot of expensive products and make a lot of money!

"It's not that hard to tell when the buyout is going to end, but it can't be absolute.

It may still be good if you run your own store, but we are in an advisor's shoes.

You can't recommend gambling to the owner of the store you're contracting with. "

"Ugh, when they say so. Indeed, yes..."

"And do you remember what I once taught you?

Shops should compete for services, not fight with other elements. "

"Right, sorry..."

Then the owner slowly drops his shoulder.

As depressing as it used to be, Lone Wolf laughed bitterly.

"So just this once, shall we do 'Return of Interest'?"

"What!? Do you mind?!?

"Yes, because this will also be a necessary knowledge as an owner. And let me show you a less annoying way to do it for a contract store."

Lone Wolf was wearing a knife, he said to the owner of the store.

"It will also lead to better sales for this store, so if you don't mind working with me?

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Let's call a store with expensive herbs a 'hanging shop', assuming.

Lone Wolf comes up with manpower and queues up in front of the 'hanging shop'.

Lone Wolf, the owner and the store owner ask how it is not in the store, but a little further away from the store.

"Mr. Lone Wolf, what does it mean to use people to queue up and this will be?

Then Lone Wolf said it loud enough to be heard around.

"This is called 'Sakura', which refers to the act of mobilizing people to create queues.

This way, it looks like the shops are flourishing, right?

Look, people are stopping to see what's going on. "

"Oh, it's true! You're starting to line up people other than the plants!

"Matrices also indicate that they are 'thriving shops'.

That's what 'good shops' look like from the side, and that means it's getting more and more prosperous.

But it's hard to be a "good store" enough to make a queue, so this is how you can create a queue intentionally. "

The shopkeeper hit Pong and his hand.

"I see! Sure, this would make it look like a prosperity store easily! Looks like our store has become popular all at once! This could expose you to bad stock of medicinal herbs even if you don't have to buy them out!

The shopkeeper was overjoyed, but the owner couldn't help but fall.

Because that was a huge contradiction to 'goldwolfism' that the owners had once learned.