Lone Wolf was about an hour short and broke up the inch queue in front of the store.

The owner of the store is agitated.

"Dude, why are you stopping!? If we keep doing this, we can get more customers!

"Yes, it is, but matrices are counterproductive in the end if they don't meet certain conditions."

"What's the opposite effect?

"Yes. There has to be something 'out of the ordinary' ahead of the line.

Finally, it's just worth the line.

For example, you can get special sales items, or you can get popular products that are out of stock and hard to get.

Buy customer disgust because without it you would just lose line.

As far as I'm concerned, creating a matrix intentionally for whatever reason is the opposite position. "

The owner howls down his chest because he could hear "Goldwolfism".

But my husband seemed uncomfortable.

"Nah...... what!? Then why did you let me do this?!?

"This time it was a setup for 'return of interest'. And don't worry, by doing this, you're sure to increase the sales of this store."

"Hey... what are you talking about!?

Why is this store selling more when you let them do something that buys the objection of customers, like queuing up for something nasty!?

If this doesn't make the sales of our store, it's because you take responsibility!

To the store owner in Cancún, the owner remembers a little anxiety.

I was wondering if you would really do this and make sales...!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

The next day, the owner leaves the mansion as usual and attends the office of 'La Noya'.

On the road, there's a 'gorgeous smart' that always takes the street, but what a...

Enough to stick out the street, 'matrix' crap......!?

The owner stops as if he was accidentally poked into the void by a sight with a vestige of vision.

It was usually just a brave store passing by, but today I tried to get inside the store by lining up.

I can't do this without a huge new product announcement, or even a sneaky sale.

But there was no such change in the store, and it was the usual gorgeous smart.

So the word that was in the owner came.

- This is, 'Sakura'...!

Then comes a certain word of Lone Wolf.

"This time it was a setup for revenge."

- This is what Mr. Goldwolf said, "revenge"......!?

Could it be that Mr. Goldwolf queued using Sakura to make it look gorgeous smart......!?

'Hanging Store' has a gorgeous smart spy who knew to manage the measures......!?

Besides, Mr. Goldwolf said this...

'The queue with nothing special buys the objection of the customer' and…!

Then at the same time as I indicated, an anger rang in the store.

"Whoa! Come on, man!

"We're all in line, so I thought there was something awesome about it, and it's nothing!

"I'm just here to buy some herbs to use in today's adventure! But why do we have to line up!

"Oh, no more, no more! If they're gonna wait so long, I'll buy them at some store!

Several had fallen off the queue, but the queue was still flourishing.

Naturally. Because most people in the queue are 'Sakura'.

They kept lining up without complaining even though they knew there was nothing, which was really creepy.

Something cold runs on the owner's spine.

- Well, with Sakura, it looks like it's thriving at first sight...

I can't believe none of the real customers are lined up...

This is what Mr. Goldwolf said 'counterproductive'......!

And 'revenge'...!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Then a few days later, the 'hanging shop' sales......

No, the personal stores in the neighborhood of 'Gorgeous Smart', which did the matrix measure, increased their revenue.

In the example headquarters, Bankrapsy is being questioned again.

"Dear Bankrapsy, what can you do for me?!?

"Didn't I tell you that if you hire people to queue up, customers would come even further!

"Yet every store continues to be a customer away!

"Quite a few customers have flown into a private store nearby!?

"You've been going in worse and worse directions ever since Master Bankrapsy instructed us!

Just as Bankrapsy for this, he was losing his hegemony to silly laughter.

"Ugh... hiccup... hiccup...! It's been a long time, so I think I'm going a little crazy."

"What are you laughing at!? That's not all!? Master Bankrapsy instructed you to" Operation Buy Up, "and your personal store won't come aboard at all!

"You said your personal store would be greedy and crumble...!

"It's time to sell what you've bought up with gorgeous smart is the limit!

"Damn, what's a 'crusher'......! We'll be crushed before we crush them...!

Already at this time, Gorgeous Smart had lost a fair share.

Gorgeous Smart 90: Individual Shop Federation 10

Oh, my God, 10% less...!

I also grasped "La Naya" about it.

The owner sighs with admiration at the sales of the contract store, which is steadily rising to his right shoulder, albeit slightly.

"Ha... After all, Mr. Lone Wolf is amazing...

I can't believe this is how much personal shopping grows in this Sevenlux called "The Land of the Brave"... "

"Remember my operational know-how properly. Then I'll leave everything to the owner."

"Yes, good luck!

Gu, and Goldwolf smiled calmly at the owner posing as a gut.