Lone Wolf succeeded in paking Operation Sacramento into a brave faction and further discrediting its customers, the adventurers.

This ostensibly meant 'return of interest' ….

In fact, this also included another great significance.

The 'Noraya Coalition' is well expanding its share.

Until now, we have set our aim solely for unprofitable stores in Sevenlux, but we finally make a big move.

There was a "gorgeous smart" called "low class store" in the neighborhood of a private store that has been operating until now, with no small size or sales.

This time, we will increase the rank even further, "Middle Class Store" which is medium-sized….

I started selling to a private store in the neighborhood...!

Previously, it was Operation Chiritsumo, which takes away a little bit of its share of the "Gorgeous Smart" supernatant.

But when it comes to shoulder placement in a medium-sized store, this is no longer hostile...

Complete to the brave, declare war......!

It was the executive meeting of 'Nola Naya' that prompted it.

It was a proposal by Lone Wolf.

"Small private shops in the country have pushed ahead, so it's time to open up to medium-sized shops as well."

"When it comes to medium-sized stores…," said the owner.

"Defined as a store that is over 60 tsubos in size, or a personal store that has two or more stores."

"But in the case of those stores, aren't they unprofitable...?

"Yes, if you are able to maintain a store of that size, you are most likely expected to make some profits.

Conversely, being able to maintain that size means that some stretches can be that much.

I'll poke it in there and put it up for sale. "

Lone Wolf said so lightly, but as an owner, I remain anxious.

Because most of the responses were possible in the Lone Wolf manual to make the unprofitable store turn positive.

Since the majority of stores have not been able to do basic things, some increase in revenues can be expected if we first instruct them to improve that 'negative factor'.

If you are comparing unprofitable stores, ships with holes.

But the owner, who is the bowman, has not noticed the hole, turning right and left.

The hole is not so hard to block, even though it stands out from "La Niya".

But a profitable store can be basic, so there is no hole, or 'negative factor'.

Then it will now mean proposing 'positive factors'.

This, by analogy, is a ship without holes.

The bow of a ship without sinking factors would be satisfied with the ship as it is.

What suggestions should I make to that bow......

Because the owners had no idea.

The owner's anxiety, Lone Wolf quickly read.

"Then why don't we put one store, open?

It's not that hard to find a medium-sized store with stretches. "

"What, really?

"Yes, follow me"

That's what Lone Wolf says. He leaves the office in the carriage of 'Nola Naya'.

The way ahead,

"Is this... school?

"Yes, it's the school of the Wizards. Look over there."

Lone Wolf, who parked the carriage in front of the school gate, points to the other side of the street.

"Oh, you have an adventurer's shop"

"Yes, there is always an Adventurer's shop in the vicinity of Adventurer's School.

Needless to say, the target is a student.

But none of the personal stores have been able to fully capture the customer. "

"What, why is that? It's so close..."

"That's because a lot of it flows to Gorgeous Smart."

"Oh, I see! So you make a suggestion to take that away from me!

Then it looks like it could be quite a stretch!

"Well, let's get started"

The personal store I asked about was still used by the Wizards but dealt with school supplies and such.

"What? 'La Noire'?

Yeah, I know, 'Store Advisor', right?

"You know us."

"I asked the store owner I knew.

But we're on time, and thanks to our presence in front of the school, our guests have never been free. "

"But here, when students forget what they use in class, it's the extent to which they use it, right?

"That's right, because after school, everyone's going to be 'gorgeous smart' near here.

The Magic Lady is vulnerable to brands, so I don't even look at personal stores like ours. "

"Really? Then let me give you some tips for calling those witches.

If that increases the number of customers, consider joining 'Nola Noya' "

"Ha! Tips for calling a witch? I wouldn't have a hard time with that!

Plus, there's no way a sloppy Osama like you knows what it's like to be a young kid!

Well, no, try it because it sounds interesting!

With the owner's permission, Lone Wolf will now work with the owner to clean the basic store.

"Mr. Lone Wolf, I'm done cleaning this one. Next up is Face Up, right?"

"No, let's do a little 'special face up' this time"

"Special face up......?

'Face up' means rearranging products so that customers can easily ask for them.

And Lone Wolf did a 'special face up' this time.

That's because neither the owner nor the store owner thought, "What!? It was something that would scream."

How dare Lone Wolf open some blanks on the shelves to display them as if they were out of stock...!

"Oh, hey, what are you doing!? Isn't this the shelf Succuska!?

"Ko, what does this mean!? I can't believe the inventory is lubricated but the shelves are empty!

"This is a particularly effective technique for young people.

Well, watch. "

"Oh, yeah..."

Unprecedented know-how in store management, such as the technique of making a shelf scurvy.

The shopkeeper said, "I've invited a hell of a lot of him in..." He looked like a plague god had come.