Bankrapsy had noticed "Operation Shelf Skasca" from an early stage.

But he didn't move with a spinal reflex named 'Speed Sense'.

Wasn't he just "moving" until now, this time I chose "Jing"......!

We also decided to take a static look at the further rise of "La Noya"...!

'Operation Shelf Skasca' looks like it's skipping a big hit, but that's the same as' Operation Sakura 'earlier.

It was just a shame, and I thought once I ate into the bait, the customers would be gone so that the tide would draw.

If he had already eaten up Operation Shelf Scarska, "Gorgeous Smart" would have won immovable status for the young men.

If that were the case, the deployment of 'Nola Naya' to medium-sized stores must have ended in failure.

I could have turned a nasty wild dog into a helpless jean who could just play with a small store......

I made a mistake, judging...!

Bankrapsy, again this time......!

But this is an impossible story.

In other words, we don't normally even think about using shelves as sculptures for customers to call.

The logic of commercial law is that 'if the wind blows, the bucket store will make money' or so, it's leaping too far.

But whatever it was, for Bankrapsy, who's been puckering, it should have puckered first this time, too, if it was meant to be.

Even the factors that would put the brakes on him, if they didn't exist......

That brake, yes......!

"Operation Sakura" eh......!

Gorgeous Smart led to a 10% share drop due to imitating the way fake customers are lined up to create hit stores.

Well, he was cautious because he had a trap like an electric shock that could kill a monkey first.

Here, Osama's intentions will be seen through.


'Operation Sacramento' is more than just 'Return of Interest'......!

It was' Sprinkle Bait 'to be alert for the next punch to release...!

This feint is highly effective and leads to stray Bankrapsy.

As a result, we succeeded in sealing the counter attack named Pakli......!

Osama was able to tap as many punches as he wanted, named New Business Practices...!

If you are aware, the medium sized stores of 'Gorgeous Smart' will not go nowhere, reducing revenue......!

Gorgeous Smart 75: Individual Shop Federation 25

"The Ragnarok Coalition" takes away a quarter of its share...!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Just now Bankrapsy was in a lift in the deputy director's office.

"Middle-class stores in the country are losing sales at the same time.

If you ask me, you think I'm being robbed of customers by a private store in the neighborhood?

What does this mean? Mr. Bankrapsy. "

"Yikes... no... but keep reading off. Come on.

Plus, I tried a lot as a 'crusher', but it's not working at all.

Something's very different from the person you've been dealing with.

It's like you're fighting a ghost. "

It looked like that bunklapsy was coming too, but when I scratched my head back in a burr,

"But at the end of the day, Koch still wins!

Where the ghost has choked out how much into the Koch world, the other guy is a hell of a resident, so come on!

With "The Last Resort," you'll have to form a Buddha! Uh-oh, shh, shh!

"So why don't you do that 'last resort' thing?

Of course, I guess I'm a no-touch means, huh?

"Hey, this is' definitely a means to win ', but I don't want to do it in as good a state as I am right now..."

"What means is that? Of course I'm a no-touch, but let me ask you something."

No-touch frowns at the 'last resort' Bankrapsy told him.

"Hmm... that's indeed a 'last resort'. And it's definitely a means to win.

And indeed, that's the last card you should hang up.

If you compare it to war, it's "Kill Everyone" ….

Personal shops in this country will disappear without a trace. "

"Huh? So I was wondering if it's time for you to back up with a new store?

If you can open a new store without a personal store, it won't be a customer snatch, and come on!

"Actually, I was thinking about it, too."

If we were to say only about the point of expanding our share, there were major weaknesses in 'La Noir'.

That means, 'I don't have a store at my place'.

It's only an "existing store" advisor business, so you can't find a place without a store, no matter how favorable it is.

And now this Sevenlux kingdom introduces rigorous testing for 'new entrances' to adventurers' stores in order to prevent wild dogs from entering.

So much so that they say it's impossible to enter adventurers' stores new, not just wild dogs.

However, if it is a "gorgeous smart" that has already been developed in the country, it is possible to open new stores with previous reviews.

It's a fishing ground where wild dogs can only try to hold their fingers, so they can take all the fish they want.

No-Touch understood that, so he chose a place where there was no personal store for the new store.

Besides, he had set his aim for a location that was good enough for a large store to open.

And finally, the man giving the last go sign, got up......!

"Well, let's just say we hit it off."

When Notouch stood up with a sigh, he headed to the coat hanger in the deputy director's office and put his sleeve through the deep green jacket.

"Ugh, that's so tight! Will No-Touch finally touch you!

That was a lot of heavy hips! It's raining today!

"I told you. I only have to believe the word 'absolute'."

"Oops! So you found that 'absolute' place! Uh-oh, shh, shh!

"But don't get me wrong. that this new opening is only a backup to compensate for declining sales"

"I know! I'm counting on you, no-touch! Uh-oh, shh, shh!

Notouch was dropped off by a silly laugh that he could hear even as he went out in the hallway, marching out of Gorgeous Smart HQ.