No-touch leaves HQ in the rain.

As I pulled my men into the carriage, I headed to inspect the new store.

Today, we're going to go around an empty store in a certain downtown area and make a final decision about whether to open it.

And this is a no-touch policy, but Sevenlux's gorgeous smart was decided to open a store for rent first.

And when I find I can make a high profit, I wield the authority of the brave and buy up the land cheaply.

The method was to terminate the lease agreement if it was not profitable….

This time, it was exactly what it looked like to raise the ground.

There are two open stores that were candidates for opening.

It is an empty house that is built so that it faces north and south of the boulevard.

Both three floors and the landlord is the same person.

I went in without an appointment, but he showed me around.

"Dear Notouch, thank you very much for coming here today with a bad foot.

Let me introduce you to the two vacant stores that I'm about to have, um... may I accompany the common people?

"The common people? How so?

"Ha, there was a common man in a personal store just looking for a new store...... I was going to go inside today.

Of course, the priority of choosing a store rests with Lady Notouch… "

"So you could be a competitor. It doesn't matter."

"Really, hey, that's right, Master Notouch is a generous man! I'll just call you!

So it was the threesome that showed up.

Of which the two were no other, the owner and Osama.

On behalf of the owner, greet the no-touch.

"Dear Notouch, thank you for acknowledging my company.

I am the owner of a store advisor named "Nola Naya"... "

That's all, Notouch guessed.

"Store advisor?... Oh, I've heard rumors

You're not only advising on management, you're even advising on opening a store. "

"Yes, I've started anew!

Find a good property and suggest it to the store owner, as well as' Business Expansion 'business!

... The weakness of 'Nola Naya' was that 'I don't have a store at my place'.

But the weakness had just been overcome.

Lone Wolf came in before the wet hand that shrugged the poppy could even dry...!

Of the brave, to the rice...!

Besides, I can't get my own hands on it, so in the form of a 'suggestion to the store owner'......!

This is, by analogy, like sending another dog to a fishing area that is not eligible for entry into a wild dog.

Although the dog itself is bloodwritten, behind it......

Shadow of a wild dog......!

Furthermore, this time, it's not a management showdown, it's a store opening showdown.

Besides, direct confrontation......!

No-touch laughed nicely, as if he had caught a shadow.

"Really? Please be gentle."

- I've seen many stores so far and made countless opening decisions.

Its probability of success is 100 percent......!

Namely, absolutely......!

Which store do you choose north or south......

Shall we take a look at the arrangement, 'La Noya'......!

A quiet battle between the brave and the wild dogs opens the curtain just now.

The landlord guided the north and south stores, respectively.

"These two buildings were both just built last month, and they were both looking for borrowers.

They both face the boulevard and are in a great location to do shopping.

The same goes for the intermission, so I'm sure you'll be thriving no matter which way you choose!

That's what the landlord said, but the belly of the not-touch had already been decided.

- These two properties have already been located by subordinates….

The traffic was the same in terms of boulevards.

But I went further in and let them do their research on a sidewalk basis.

Then the store on the north side had 30% more pedestrians......!

This is no longer a 'North Side' choice......!

Notouch asked the owner.

"Which store did you think would be a good idea, 'Nola Noya'?

Then, it was an instant answer.

"Yes, 'South Side' is good, I thought!

"Well, then why?

Like investigating traffic and judging...?

"Oh, I was really going to, but I didn't!

(Mr. Lone Wolf) The moment I saw it, it was only possible on the south side!

No-touch laughs inside.

- Apparently, 'Nola Noya' is a management professional, but the store is open to amateurs.

I can't believe I just decided to look at it without even investigating it...

Plus, it's wrong......!

I can't believe you were struggling with someone like this. Mr. Bankrapsy is apparently getting old too......

When you change sides, it may be coming......

The no-touch was lukewarm.

"Really? To tell you the truth, I thought the store on the south side was good, too.

But this time, let's give it up to Mr. "Noraya" as a sign of nearness. "

"What, is that okay!? Thanks!

Approximately the delightful owner, Notouch said to the landlord.

"Now let's rent this property on the north side"

"What, are you sure?

The right to choose a property rests with Lady Notouch… "

"I don't mind.

Instead, the store on the north side should discount your rent. "

"What!? Oh no...!

"The property on the north side didn't choose 'La Noya' or us' Gorgeous Smart ', did it?

The discount would be natural, as two professionals would rent properties that they didn't choose. "

No-Touch was going to rent the property on the north side from the start, but he uses' La Naya 'to bring it into the discount negotiations.

Properties abandoned by professionals led to winning three discounts on rent.

Get a no-touch, 'absolute' store even cheaper than originally planned......!

- Wild dogs, torn...!

He was in a totally winning mood, looking out for the wild dogs.

But...... the only one at the end of his gaze was the owner.

I'm behind you, I haven't even given an eye to the unspeakable Osama.

... Woohoo (Oh)...!

Again, he didn't see...!

Bankrapsy is possessed, he's flirting a lot, 'ghost' is...!

The person he should defeat, stay back......!

Owner's, Behind...!

The identity of the ghost is the dead tail flower......!

To be Osama nestled with phantoms like Suski......!

I hadn't noticed the no-touch yet...!