The owner and the store owner stuffed Osama, who still serves in an apron today, at the same time.

"What kind of magic did you use, Mr. Lone Wolf?!?

"Oh, I get it! Must have distorted 'Gorgeous Smart' and the space-time at the entrance to our store and replaced it!?

Otherwise, there's no way there's so many guests coming!

"I didn't do that"

Osama smiles bitterly, "Hey, why don't we go outside," and invites the two of you out.

It was sunny outside, and there was a glimmer of sunshine on the boulevard on the surface.

"You have a lot of sunshine today"

"That's right, if you're doing this, it's as sweaty as it sounds..." Mr. Lone Wolf, please don't put it on me!

"That's right! You misled me by talking about the weather. That's not true!

"That's what matters. Because the weather has something to do with this one."


Osama points to the sun, "Look," he said.

fingers down as she glanced through the legs of the falling light with her, indicating the gorgeous smart opposite across the street.

"This Sevenlux kingdom is located in the northern hemisphere.

In the northern hemisphere, the sun travels south, so the sun falls from south to north.

Because of this, a building on the north side of the boulevard will receive direct sunlight.

It was about the size of this planet that jumped out of Osama's mouth.

The owner and the shopkeeper get stunned unexpectedly.

"We're in Gorgeous Smart now, see how our customers react"

The two remained distracted and shifted their gaze to the gorgeous smart across the street.

And hah.

Oh, my God, all the customers in the store were looking dazzled, and it was there to choose the product, and they were leaving the store.

And they all cross the boulevard......

Keep going to this store......!

"Hey, what...! Usually I thought it would be appreciated, Heavenly Lord......!

"I never thought it was stressful for customers in this way......!

"Sunlight is a thankful blessing, but it's also a downside to business."

"I see...! But isn't this going to improve soon!?

"Yeah. They'll probably notice it, too, and they'll make improvements.

But I think it will take a while for that improvement to take effect. "

"What? Maybe Mr. Lone Wolf, after anticipating that improvement...?

"Yeah. When they make that improvement, they're even more of a bump."

The owner had just said it was enough to sweat, but now he was feeling something cold in his spine.

I wonder how far ahead this Osama is reading......!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

As time goes by, the headquarters of Gorgeous Smart.

The position was always reversed and the not-touch was about to hoist.

"Hey, hey, hey! No-touch, what does this mean? Come on!?

A new store that says Notouch is absolute, although sales have dropped all at once since the sale!?

"Oh, that's strange, it was perfect on the data..."

"Besides, there was a personal store across the street opening at the same time, so I thought if I crushed it, it would be one stone and two birds, and this one was ready to lose a fortune and did a huge sale!?

And yet I can't believe that while the deficit keeps increasing!?

"Ku......! Wow, let's get my men to the cause.

Oh, you can't just crush that store......!

Usually no touch was a cliché no touch, but only this time I had to cooperate.

Because stores that have just opened will not only be held accountable for operations, but also for opening stores.

And more than that, there was a reason why no-touch had to jump.

That is to defend the title of the legendary Batter, "100% Success in Opening a Store"...!

Even if he only opened shop in very Xi, he was in his current position because everything had its title.

He had an overwhelmingly low number of stores opened compared to the other brave leaders in charge of opening the store, so when the black star is attached, it is considerably less likely to hit.

That's why I couldn't just lose this fight, no matter what......!

No-Touch turns the next new store aside and forces his men to mobilize to look for the cause of the malaise.

Notouch was a complete 'dataism', not a 'fieldism'.

Therefore, when opening a new store, it is decided that the site will only be confirmed once at the time of the final contract.

Because I thought if I saw the scene, I wouldn't be able to make the right decision.

Calculating based on the data and making all the decisions on the desk was his must-win pattern.

But it was' dataism ', which should have been precisely unparalleled all this time, that became a complete vendetta.

No-touch's men are stuck inside the headquarters, glittering with paper data.

As one, I didn't try to go to the 'scene'......!

Leaving HQ for a moment to get to the ground and seeing how the customer reacts is an immediate problem to solve......!

Moreover, this new store was considered an 'important base' and required deputy department manager approval to improve the site.

As a result, the clerks couldn't help but notice the problem.

Anyway, even if you claim that direct sunlight is causing the customer to stay away,

"Not only Bankrapsy, who is in charge of operations, but Notouch, who is in charge of opening the store, is now together to find out why!

More than you people in the field, the management professionals are moving, so don't make an extra mouthful!

A vicious circle that, thanks to the upward and downward relationship of weird organizations, does not convey any voice in the field......!

In doing so, the new stores will create debts, one after another, like the devil's abomination...

I've eaten away my share of Sevenlux...!

Gorgeous Smart 70: Union of Personal Shops 30