'Gorgeous Smart' is the first new store in the Seven-Lux kingdom in a long time.

Moreover, it was a large store on three floors, and the attention was considerable.

The opening event was visited by many royalties, who dis ­ duced and invited laughter at a personal store that opened simultaneously across the street.

But if you open the lid, what is it?

No longer the largest 'ghost mart' in the country......!

The store has become a complete flower stall in the country.

The clerks, starting with the store manager, are rather needles at meetings where local store managers gather.

"If we hadn't been able to do that shop, our region would have been the top seller in the country..."

"I pulled the leg of this area by myself..."

"Damn, I wish I'd just crushed that big store..."

I even beat out nearly five percent of the country's Ghost Mart share decline in this store, but the store was never crushed.

The reason is, as mentioned, that it scratches the history of the no-touch.

It was even hotter season from here, and that store was exposed to further direct sunlight.

The stirring heat came through the window and the store was burning.

Not a single customer will be in the store long enough to think it's a sauna anymore.

At last, the clerks began to see hallucinations in the heat.

In the store shaking like a mirage, they finally listened.

"Colossite... Colossite..."

Of the store, screaming...!

"Ugh...! Wow!

Instead of hanging it at the window like a single clerk went crazy, he raised the cloth in his hand to the window.

Stop it with the other clerks strapping their wings.

"Hey... what are you doing!?

"Ha, let go! Blind, blind! All you have to do is put on the bride. Oh, my God!

That's all we can do about this abominable sunshine!

Yet, yet...!

"Thank you very much! This store is considered an important location and requires the approval of the Deputy Director to change the layout!

"But those deputy directors are relaxing in the cool room, aren't they?!?

Without even knowing we're seeing this!

"Oh, yeah! The new storekeepers are working together, but they've never been to the store!

They just have to open up once, and then they don't care!

"This... when this happens...! Just us, let's do this on our own!

Then, the operators just on the spot go into a stop.

"Hey you guys, stop it! Unsolicited layout changes at key locations can be a serious job violation!

"Ugh! If you fail anyway, you won't take the blame!

"We're the people in the field who can even hang us at the conference! You guys don't know each other!

"If this happens, let me do it on my own!

"Let me do that! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

...... 'Whose Responsibility'.

This is considered very important in the organization.

And depending on what this treatment is, the constitution of the tissue is known.

It may be said that it determines the organisation, in particular by how it deals with 'responsibility for failure'.

"Failure is not tolerated and deserves death"

In such an organization, failure is something else that you should not do.

Such an organization, what happens….

There will be no one to challenge first, and everyone will only do a safe and secure job.

And it failed, but at the end of the day, it begins with an impersonation of responsibility.

For the record, the agent who once ignored Lone Wolf's instructions and spoke to the 'hanging shop' was not held responsible.

Because the agent said this in tears.

"Excuse me, owner, Mr. Lone Wolf! I couldn't forget the customer's smile!

Pleased to have so many customers in the store with my advice and everyone smiles......!

I thought customers would be disappointed if the products sold were out of stock!

"This time it must have been a 'challenge' to think about your customers for yourself.

If it was a failure after making your own 'challenge', it would have been a huge food for you.

Besides, you didn't try to delude me into this failure, and you immediately reported it to me.

So I don't blame you for this one. "

But Osama also said:

"But there is only one caveat.

More than being an organization called a company, 'challenge' is arbitrary and should not be done alone.

Try to persuade them around well and get involved.

For whatever reason, 'challenge' is easier to succeed by working with many people.

We can all share our experiences when we fail again.

Failure is not the end of it, it is the next leading 'element of success'.

If it's the right failure to produce that 'element of success', I won't blame you for repeating it over and over again. "

Osama's words, above all, were now affirmed.

In the shop on the south side across the street, many customers and the clerk's smile flooded...

In the store on the north side across the street, the clerks beat each other up in a store without customers......!

The owner looked at the situation like a fire across the shore.

"Ladies and gentlemen, why are we beating each other up...?

"I'm making a note of what I do with direct sunlight."

"Ah, Mr. Lone Wolf. There's only one measure of direct sunlight, why..."

"Then I'll ask the owner. What advice would the owner give if the store owner was having trouble with direct sunlight if we were a store on the north side over there?

"That's easy. I didn't do the clerk, either. You just have to block direct sunlight, so I suggest you put blinds on it."

The owner strains his chest with an echelon.

"No, you can't do that"

"What!? Isn't there anything but blinds to do with direct sunlight!?

"It might be the best solution in terms of managing direct sunlight, but that won't save the store"


"Yeah, just now, you've started blinding the gorgeous smart across the street, too.

It will set a good example that blinds will not improve the status quo. "

On the other side of the window, the clerks who knocked out the brave guide on the store management side were all hanging blinds on the windows.