Brand was unloaded on all three storey windows of "Gorgeous Smart".

At that point, the owner speaks up "Ah".

"Inside the store, I can't see it at all......!?

"Yes," snorted Lone Wolf.

"If you unload the blinds, you won't be able to see the inside of the store at all from the outside.

A store you can't see inside is something that, from the customer's point of view, really confuses you. "

"Yes! I thought as soon as I saw it too!" I don't want to go in a store like this "!

That's not an adventurer's shop, it's like an Obake Mansion!

The psychological compression was considerable.

The owner noticed the suckiness at this speed, for one thing, because of the height of the third floor, which he could see in an overlooking position.

But the clerks inside are unaware.

to the fact that we are creating so much stuff that we are donned from around.

Further vicious circles persist.

And when I unload the blinds, the stores don't get natural light, so I need artificial lights.

But the clerks kept the floors without customers from lighting up in order to save on utilities.

Then even from a slight view of the store, the entrance, is in the dark...!

Dark shops are great for creating a bar atmosphere, but not for adventurers with an active image.

The reputation of a totally unlucky store has spread and only a few remaining guests have left.

Finally, it became 'ghost mart' not only in the contents, but even in the appearance......!

Naturally, even less share......!

Gorgeous Smart 65: Individual Shop Federation 35

Here at last, No-Touch launches measures to improve management deterioration.

I love that brave, 'luxury route' conversion......!

They lined up high-margin products and aimed to improve the price per customer.

Naturally, all blinds will be removed to dispel dark images.

At this time, we knew that the heat from direct sunlight was the cause of customer separation, so we introduced the latest type of demon-guided cooling device.

I made the cooler so far work for cancer so that I could shop in a cool store.

Naturally those costs will be multiplied by the price of the goods….

Gorgeous Smart, who was also a footflower, went on the outrage of reopening as soon as the store opened.

Furthermore, the no-touch uses direct sunlight in reverse and uses it for propaganda complaints.

Divine delicacies to you in a space as bright as heaven.

"Gorgeous Smart of Light" new store opened......!

We picked up products that would add even more radiance in the light and colored the store beautifully.

Then, what was once a 'ghost mart' begins to wield a lying light on the boulevard.

The owner, who was watching in the store opposite him, accidentally kept his eyes open.

"Wow, look at that, Mr. Lone Wolf. The store is sparkling like a prism.

Could this be a pinch for us...?

"It's okay. Customers do not bat because this store is not a luxury route.

And this can be called the final stage. "

"What!? Did you expect this to happen?!?

Besides, what's the last stage......!?

"From now on, that store will suffer so much damage that it will no longer stand.

Observe and learn from this place how one store is born and how it will perish. "

Instead of store management know-how, Lone Wolf finally says something like a biology teacher.

The owner suddenly began to see the brave shop in front of him as if it were a nest of ants in a tank.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Lone Wolf's "Damage enough to stop standing".

That wasn't immediately known, but it was a steady one.

Many celebrities visited "Alincomart" day after day and enjoyed shopping.

I was required to wear sunglasses because the store was blind, but the newspaper wrote that it was attractive and fun, and it would be big enough to queue up.

But after a while, the users came back to the store in anger.

"Hey, this wand wore me out right away!?

"I wasn't able to read this magic book in yellow!

"This potion tastes nasty!? Aren't you rotten!?

The celebrities, who were excellent customers, turned to become crèmers and peeled their fangs at 'Alincomart'.

The owner on the opposite shore crushes when he sees the clerks hanging around surrounded by celebrities, as if they had encountered a natural enemy.

"The Gorgeous Smart stuff was pretty crude......!?

"No, it was originally quite a product.

But as soon as I lined up at that store, it became crude. Is that why you know?

That was quickly figured out by the owner.

"Ah...! Could it be because I was exposed to direct sunlight......!?

"That's right. Direct sunlight and sea breeze can cause unexpected damage to the product."

The horror of solar rays is not unique to this planet.

Kanda Kanbo-cho, on a land called Japan that is not here.

All the old bookstores there are located on the south side, but that is wisdom to protect the book from the sunlight.

Once I learned of this fact, it remained like an obsession among the owners, all questions solved.

No way Lone Wolf is not only a short-term matter due to direct sunlight, but rather the downside of blinds......

I didn't know you were choosing a store on the south side in anticipation of the long term impact......!

And needless to say, I was at war with Osama in front of me.

But for one thing, there was still a mystery I didn't understand.

"Um, Mr. Lone Wolf gave me a quiz about what advice to give if I had a store that bothered with solar rays, didn't he?

That, in the end, was the right advice to give you?

"Are you talking about that? It's easy, Lispot."

'Lispot' is to stop operating in its current location and recommend relocation to approximate.

"Ri, lispot......!? But then, wouldn't that be quite a strain on the store owner!?

"Yeah. But that's the best part. You can do a lot of small work and call customers, but they are a natural phenomenon, so it won't be a fundamental solution.

In that case, I think it would be best to recommend relocation immediately and minimize the damage. "


This store opening competition was already over when I picked the store on the north side......!

At the time of the store contract, Osama must have seen the no-touch thing like this.

"Then let's call it a swimming contest with a wave of people named this boulevard! Let me take a look at you, Wild Dog......!

And the Intelli brave man got naked by himself and jumped out of the jump platform ahead......

Three Ways River......!

Besides, that river is headed to hell, but it's the fastest way to swim, Crawl. Oops...!

Ahead he was still breathing with a Doya face like it was following heaven...!