Though it opened with ringtones, it stalled early, and the turn to luxury routes also failed brilliantly, "Alincomart".

The store's cooling bills and luxury equipment wore out in direct sunlight further dropped the group's share.

Gorgeous Smart 60: Union of Personal Shops 40

This is no longer past the 'unshared numbers' a long time ago.

Anyway, when it comes to 'gorgeous smart', it's a super first-rate group named for the world.

It is the gallivar of this world, where the shoulder-to-shoulder companies aside and everything else is alike Alinco crawling at his feet.

But now the Gallibar was trying to catch up with the predicament.

Even when we got together, he said it was a personal store where he was fooling around with a bunch of Alinco.

This is exactly the Giant Killing...!

Besides, there were two giants, but they were on the verge of collapsing...!

The giants named Bankrapsy and Notouch were in a hurry.

No matter how much of a must-have last resort you have, because if this fact turns out for the upper brave, I'm sorry it's free.

But this fact doesn't immediately come to light.

Because the top of the Seven-Lux kingdom on 'Gorgeous Smart' was virtually the deputy director combination of Bankrapsy and Notouch.

If it's supposed to be, it's their boss, Bonkla Boy in the example is the top......

Boncrano is the head of the Evantaille countries, but has not shown any interest in the Kingdom of Sevenlux from the outset.

The reason is simple, because I thought 'I don't even have to put my hands down'.

The Kingdom of Sevenlux is only known as the 'kingdom of the brave', and among the brave shops it boasts a stable balance of payments even globally.

Speaking of things to do, I just pushed Hanko on a document with a set content, so I left it to the deputy directors.

More than that, he was obsessed with taking over Halbury and doing 'shops and messes' with wild dogs invading other small countries.

"If you can exchange wild dogs, you can get compliments from your dad, Bon!" all the time.

The result, it goes without saying anymore.

And Bonklano was Bonkla right here, so it's not strange if you haven't noticed the tragedy of Sevenlux right now...

Worst of all, not even his katana, Srl Boncos, was aware of this......!

There were two reasons for this.

First of all, Srl Boncos' own chronic mind.

He intends to keep an eye out for wild dog trends all the time.

If there was anything like a wild dog getting mixed up in Sevenlux, then I was going to reward Bonclano and gain command of Sevenlux.

But he hasn't noticed yet......!

That wild dogs are like wild cats to be divine......!

It is neither impossible nor impossible.

I had no idea the general was sneaking into the Heavenly Palace like a ninja.

And the other thing is that the deputy directors hated Srl Boncos furiously.

Some brave men do not feel comfortable with his crisp fullness.

Bankrapsy and Notouch were exactly that.

Srl Boncos was trying to check out the Sevenlux trend on a regular basis, but the deputy director combine refused to do so.

"Ugh, that's so tight!

We're Boncrano's men, not yours!

So I can't show you the report!

"Unless we have direct orders from Master Bonclano, we are a no-touch.

No matter how many deputies, I'm not going to follow the spiritual (pointman) style that isn't brave. "


They had a blockade of information in their company...!

But to tell the truth, Srl Boncos had already grasped information about this decline in share.

I didn't know that was because of the wild dogs, but I left them knowing anyway.

Why, for the expulsion of two deputy directors who were non-cooperative to themselves.

It was from Buttaftotta's instructions in the first place that Sevenlux became entrusted to the Deputy Director Combination.

As a result, no matter if Sevenlux sales fall, the bowl of responsibility doesn't come around to Srl Boncos.

The fact that the Deputy Director Combi reluctantly cooperated with Srl Boncos is also pressed as evidence.

I thought if I kicked this deputy director combo out, I'd still be able to set up a cooperative brave man for myself.

And furthermore, my loyalty to Bonclano is no longer thin.

It is precisely in the commercial battle of the belligerent Killeland small nation that we intend to do everything in person, but we did not even think we had a duty to report it on purpose, such as the fire of the main faction, which the Lord (or even the Lord) had not noticed in the first place.

If there is a hand to protect Sevenlux from wild dogs from here, there is only one.

Transfer two competent warlords, Srl Boncos and Fontine, from Killyland to Sevenlux......

Destroy your personal store with a thousand powers...!

The warlords' opponents have so far been the so-called 'army' of some magnitude: the 'Slumdog Mart'.

But the store in Sevenlux is just the back that is beefing up guerrillas named Personal Shops.

If it turns out to be a full-scale commercial battle on a group scale, you won't have a shot at winning a personal store.

Because 'Nola Noya' is only in an advisory position, and even if you back it up again, you have limited capital and personnel.

But no one noticed the last resort (Liesal Weapon) to beat a wild dog.

Except one, Osama......!

The brave men and those around them were desperate only to protect their necks.

That's what the wild dogs are after, and they don't even know they're letting them go right and left on the meatballs.

The brave men were twitched and caught up so they could strangle themselves with their tails...!