In the gorgeous smart of Sevenlux, the two giants were horny.

"Ugh, that's so tight!

It's a hell of a deficit, an example store that turned into a luxury route with no touches!

No-touch said it would be perfect if you relied on the data, and I wonder what that means?

"So... it was the perfect plan on the data.

But I can't believe there are unexpected elements such as direct sunlight...!

"Ugh, that's so tight! Yes, you were!

But in any case, we're gonna have to crush that store already!

Thanks to that store, I've already lost 40% of my share, so come on!

"Hey, wait a minute, it's too soon to crush"

"Is that it?

That store is what Notouch always says, you crossed the 'retreat line' all the time?

I don't care how many of my men used to say it, they cut it off!

"And anyway, wait to crush it"

"Ugh, that's so tight!

It's so important to have a 100% success rate in opening a store!

Well - but you have that store's ass over at Notouch's!

"Wow... I know that"

No-touch is sealed 'no-touch', a cliché, and he bites his teeth unwillingly.

"Ugh, that's so tight! Well, say hello!

So, what are you thinking about with the recovery measures?

"I will try to keep the cost of running that store as low as possible and compensate for it with new openings"

"What!? You're not going to serve that store back, you're going to let another one out!?

Uh-oh, shh, shh!

I've never heard of you leaving another store instead of tecoring in to do something about the deficit store!

"You won't be able to help. Besides, I'm in charge of" New Pioneering, "so any failure in pioneering will be reclaimed in pioneering.

I already have a star for the next new store. "

"So I'm just going to go inspect there now, well good luck!

Uh-oh, shh, shh!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

The next thing Notouch saw was a medium-sized store.

Although inferior in size to the previous three-story store, it is situated in a location with more than equivalent capacity to attract customers, according to traffic surveys.

And there were two store candidates in the neighborhood this time, but they showed up once again.

Example, you wild dogs......!

It's like a drug dog sniffing heroin...!

"Ah! Dear Notouch, I'm out of time!

Thank you for giving up the property before this!

That's just the property No-Touch was choosing, and the store is having a great day in and day out!

Early on in the encounter, to the owner, who spoke to me with perseverance, Notouch was desperate to hide the blue muscles on his forehead.

"Oh... is that right? That's good.

"Nora Naya" is still on the proposal to open a new store today?

"Yes! Loan...... no, my employee has found a good property for me!

The fact that Master Notouch was also spotted sounds like a very good property!

The owner of "Nola Naya" was Nico.

That innocent smile ignites even more of a burning rival heart in the not-touch.

- You seem to have meant to beat me on this, but it's sweet......!

Last time I just lost the unexpected element of direct sunlight......!

Such coincidences will never happen again......!

Double your last debt and return it to you in this store opening match......!

No-touch was thinking like Kojiro Sasaki, who also had enough in his chronic mind.

I thought that was a coincidence against Musashi Miyamoto, who backed the sunshine by calculation.

I used to think, "Maybe I was after you," but I couldn't admit it.

Because if you didn't think you were defeated by a miraculous coincidence, you couldn't keep your sanity.

But he fed on his last defeat, this time letting his men collect further data.

In addition to traffic data, details such as the gender, age, and occupation of the person going on the road.

And even the weather and sunshine of the last ten years, the highest and lowest temperatures.

Thoroughly, from earthquakes and other natural disasters to the history of man-made disasters such as fires and crime.

Let's take these two vacant properties as stores A for the first look and B for the second look.

Until then, data analysis of no-touch had a slight advantage in store A.

But a data analysis that went deeper found that Store B had an overwhelming advantage.

The number of adventurers passing in front of the store was out of step.

In that case, the B store is already a choice, but just in case, I will go on a local inspection.

And we met.

With the wild dogs......!

Then No-Touch inspected the two stores with the wild dogs, soothing on the surface.

Both are new buildings, just like last time, with the same area.

The only difference was that Store A had the entrance to the store on the right, whereas Store B was on the left.

The impression that I actually looked inside the store after that is that I can't feel any difference like this.

Notouch was convinced.

- This is definitely Store B...!

Open your store here and you will be absolutely successful......!

There is no such thing as an element that fails......!

Everything is proven to me by the data......!

No-touch is confident, as we have done more data analysis than ever before.

If there is no longer room for accidental infiltration, we regain our leeway.

"Which store did you think would be a good idea, 'Nola Naya'?

The owner then replied in a hazy manner.

"Yes! This store is the same as before, and the moment I saw it (Mr. Lone Wolf) said there was only a store!

No-touch smiles at Kaishin.

- I didn't know you would just decide by your appearance without any data...!

Again, the last time I lost it was a miraculous coincidence......!

Now it's time to win......!

Woohoo (oh)...!

Again or again......!

He hasn't even given me a glance......!

Standing behind the owner, to Osama like a spirit behind his back......!

If this was the stage and Notouch was a comedian......

Must have been wrapped up in the screams of the kids by now. No...!

"Ugh! Ugh!" and......!