In the end, this time again, I did not battle the demand for No Touch and 'Noraya'.

No-touch rented a store B with the entrance to the store on the left, and the owner of the store recommended for "No-naiya" rented a store A with the entrance to the store on the right.

And I'm ready for the second round of the brave and wild dog opening showdown.

This time, like the last confrontation, we weren't close to each other's stores.

Both shops are along the boulevard, but each was located at both ends of the compartment, so they are quite far apart.

The back street of the store was lined with luxury apartments, which could be expected to demand both boulevard guests and luxury apartment guests.

Notouch will work with Bankrapsy and be ready to open the store on a steep pitch.

We both set up a 'full system' and opened the store, saying we could never lose this time.

When I opened the lid, there was still the advantage of the opening sale at the beginning, and the customer packed it in "Gorgeous Smart".

Like last time, there are no rival stores in front of you, so the 'Nola no Iya' store is not an idle bird.

But they took away a lot of customers because they were in the same compartment, and their feet were dull.

The store owners stop stuffing the owners.

"Hey! I opened shop number 2 here because you guys recommended it!?

And yet no visitors at all!? Now it's less than number one!

If anything happens to this store, I'll smash it into a reporter I know!

"Nora Naya" is a fraud!

This time the brave men were laying down a 'full system'.

Also, as soon as he found out he was going to compete with "Nora Naya," Bankrapsy was bringing a breathtaking newspaper reporter closer to becoming a rival store owner.

A reporter and shopkeeper I met pretending to be a coincidence.

The reporter said, "If you like, should I write an article for store number two?," the shopkeeper jumped lightly.

"Hey, if you're going to cover it in the paper, you're sure to have thousands of customers!

There's also a hand here in letting reporters write bad reviews, but I didn't.

Because the target of the braves wasn't to crush rival stores.

If a reporter writes a good article, the reporter and the shopkeeper will be even more cordial.

And although it was good to open the store, the customers were taken away by Gorgeous Smart.

At that time, a reporter brings this to the store owner.

"It's funny, if you cover it in the paper, it's supposed to flourish...

If it doesn't work like this, can you let me take my revenge?

Because I'll thoroughly pull it down in our newspaper so that 'Nola Naya' can't do this kind of scam trick.

That would be a big scoop, so if you help me, I'll pay you enough to cover the deficit a little bit. "

The brave men were already going to win and they were going to talk.

And beat up the store owner at the time of the failure of the store that worked on "Nora Naya," and make a scene in front of the reporter.

If you get enough credit to cover the deficit, the store owner will be happy to call you back.

"It's a fraud!".

And then if you hustle and tell me if this is still the case with the fact that 'Nola Naya' failed...

Individual shops relying on 'Nola Naya' will no longer be there.


The brave men were trying to crush 'La Naya' completely in this battle...!

Lawnwolf had to make such a suggestion in order to sue the newspaper and deceive the noisy shopkeeper.

"Please calm down, shopkeeper. When the" Gorgeous Smart "sale is over, guests will always be here."

"That's not how you misled me!

I just called a reporter I know! I'm going to take a true photo of you and have you make it an article about fraud!

And the reporter who comes joins the store owner.

Lone Wolf said to the two of them.

"Let's do this, then.

If you can wait until the end of the sale, one month after the end of the sale, I will allow your reporter exclusive coverage of 'Nola Noya'

You can cover us and make the article whatever you want "

The reporter who heard it snorted with hun.

"I've turned scam groups like you into rice balls.

So the M.O. 's on the lookout.

Is that how you're gonna say good things and run away at night?

"So what about exchanging contracts?

"You say it's a contract?

"Yes, the most effective contract with the Demon Wax Mark (Talp) and the Demon Blood Pen (Zain).

If anything breaks that, you can appeal to the Gendarmerie.

If you're in this country, you'll be caught anywhere you run. "

There is also the last resort of escaping Sevenlux, but at the moment the borders are tightly controlled, so it is difficult to think of escaping from the country.

The contract for the interview is unprecedented, but if you put it together, you must definitely get the interview.

But the proposed reporter was a veteran, so I immediately noticed an unnatural point.

"If you make a contract like that, you'll just be unilaterally disadvantaged."

"No, not unfavourable. Because a contract gives rights and imposes restrictions on both parties.

Once the contract is in place, we must be interviewed at the end of the sale.

But at the same time, you don't do the interview, you have to make it into a newspaper article. "

"Ha-ha-ha! I see, that's what you mean!

You guys are going to beat 'Gorgeous Smart' even though you keep running this deficit!

The aim of Lone Wolf was that no matter what the outcome of the commercial war, reporters would have to do the interview and use it as a newspaper article.

What this means is that if the sale is over and the customer still doesn't grow his legs, 'Nanaya' will be interviewed and made into an article without that lapse......

Conversely, if the customer's legs are stretched, the miracle performed by 'La Noir' means that it will be an article...!

The reporter drank the proposal and exchanged the contract.

The reporter was absolutely confident.

- This Osama is a lot of confidence...

There's no way you can win against two brave tuners, Master Bankrapsy and Master Notouch...!

Now "Gorgeous Smart" has been making a big difference to this store ever since it opened......!

The truth is, I was just going to make an article with an interview with the losing store owner......

If we could have exclusive coverage of "Nola Naya," who is Ten Himself, the impact of the article would be out of step......!

If I could put in an article that would expose the life of such a general......

I'm sure Master Bankrapsy will be thrilled...!

This is the last few times I've been asked by Master Bankrapsy to help me 'crush'...

I can't believe I got a contract to 'definitely turn it into a newspaper article' like that...

That's a nasty Osama...!

I'll cover you, with plenty of manure...!