"Daily Sevenlux," one of Sevenlux's leading newspapers.

Shaquille, who belongs to that newspaper, was a talented reporter, young but also said to be the next editor-in-chief.

He was tasked with the article "Topic Store", a popular corner in the magazine on Monday, where he wrote a lantern article to "Gorgeous Smart" for every incident.

That stopped in Bankrapsy's eyes and he was now liked so much that he was called the 'gorgeous smart' embrace reporter in Sevenlux.

It was always featured as an article when Gorgeous Smart's new store opened, and it was also largely and fully backed up about the large three-story store that opened a long time ago in this Seven-Lux.

At the time the store was featured as the 'Talking Store', many customers were visiting….

Due to the aforementioned direct sunlight factors, all the guests were taken away by the restaurant where the wild dog breathed, across the street.

So he guides the Bankrapsy totals and summons Shaquille.

And here's what I ordered.

"Ugh, that's so tight!

Last time I got hit by 'Nola Naya', I'm going to win in the next store with a complete system!

But I just won once, and think 'Nola Naya' is going to open another store again. Come on!

That's where you're going to ask Shaquille, isn't it?

I was wondering if you could write an article that would slap 'Nola Naya' when 'Gorgeous Smart' won the next store battle?

"A con group targeting a personal store! 'Or something. Come on!

Then the reputation of 'Nola Naya' will fall to the ground and you'll never be able to come to your teeth again!

Shaquille takes the offer with pleasure.

"Leave it to me, Master Bankrapsy!

In the next "Talking Store," I'll change my mind and accuse you of being a fraudulent group!

The bad reviews of "Nola Naya" will be known all over the country, and wild dogs will never come out of the alley again!

"Ugh, that's so tight! You're gonna tell me something reliable!

"Um, I don't know about that, but if it works..."

"I know! I know the owner of" Daily Sevenlux, "so come on!

Tell the editor to replace Shaquille!

But that's what it would be if "La Naya" could be rendered irreversible, right?

So come on, get in the mood and write a good article!

That's how Shaquille gets in the mood, approaches the breath-taking shopkeeper of 'La Naya', and becomes cordial.

Then 'Gorgeous Smart' opened and succeeded in making an overwhelming difference during the first sale period.

All we had to do was tailor the shopkeeper who opened the store to the victim and make it an article, following the advice of "Nora Naya".

But the example 'contract' story was taken from Lone Wolf.

So Shaquille went blind.

"If we had exclusive coverage of 'Nola Naya', that would be decisive as a scandal and out of step as a persuasive part of the article......!

In that case, 'Nola Naya' will be completely, irreversibly......!

He imagined.

Look at the owner and Lone Wolf bowing their heads deeply as they bathe in flashlights.

To the point where the top of the Lone Wolf's head is thinning, clearly.

"Ah!? Mr. Lone Wolf, you're messing with baldness!?

Could it be the stress of finding out about the scam that made you that much!?

Sharkeel's imaginary interview extended to Lone Wolf bald teasing.

It does not exist for him, such as the future, where that press conference will no longer come.

"If only you could rattle even the brave wild dogs with my pen and power......!

I am this young, to the editor-in-chief...!

No, I can be the legendary journalist who saved the brave...!

Because of such a calculation, he enters into a contract with Lone Wolf without one or two.

If I lost, I would have to write an article about lifting the store of the brave rival 'Nola Naya', but I believed it was' Never '.

The 'absolute' of the brave was, until then, 'absolute'.

But one day on the border, it ceases to be 'absolute'.

That's from the day Osama returned from Purgatory......!

Cumbuck Osama......!

Before Osama......!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Shaquille ran into Slumdog Mart headquarters with half a cry and was crying to Bankrapsy in the deputy director's office.

"Then, Dear Bankrapsy, wasn't this battle supposed to ever win!?

And yet the 'Nola Noya' store is more thriving!?

"Ugh, that's so tight!

Something. Come on, once again, there's been a flow of customers over 'Nanaya'!

I'm looking into the cause right now, No-Touch. Come on!

Notouch, what do you got?

"I found that direct sunlight was the cause of the last store opening confrontation.

But all this time, no matter how much we go to the field to investigate, we can't even get a clue. "

"Oh, no...!

"Well, I'm looking into it, so wait a minute longer, Shaquille!

Because I think you'll see the cause in a month. Come on!

"No, a month!? I can't wait that long!

"Ugh, that's so tight! What's the matter, you're in such a hurry!

You don't sound like Shaquille, the sensitive reporter!

"Oh... that's panic!

One month after the store opened, I was going to write an article that said it was very popular!

"If it's an article in" Talking Stores, "you should introduce another store until the problem is solved."

Shaquille has not told this Deputy Director Combination about the example 'contract'.

Because I gave you exclusive coverage on the 'contract' because I didn't think you'd be dressed up as a journalist.

On the face of it, I wanted to make it my body (Tae) that I was able to do exclusive coverage because of his journalistic talent.

And I couldn't tell you if my mouth was torn.

As it stands, I have to introduce the store of "La Noya" in the "Talking Store"...!

Knowing Shaquille's misery or not, Bankrapsy laughs as stupid as ever.

"Ugh, that's so tight!

In any case, he said he had a good hand in mind!

No-touch is rarely doing all he can this time, so I'm not trying to be a little serious about this one either!

"Rude. I haven't given half my strength yet."

"It is!? Well, I don't know if I'll be serious about this one any longer!

"Oh, no, Master Bankrapsy!?

"Ugh, that's so tight! Just kidding, Shaquille!

He said he's already hit his hand! I wonder if 'I'm on my way' right now!?

"WHEN...... So you finally show off the lead of Master Bankrapsy's" Crusher "!?

"That kind of cotto! Well, watch me! In less than a month, the store of" Nanaya "is going to be Sukkarakan! Uh-oh, shh, shh!