This time, the shop where "Nola Naya" worked was along the boulevard and there was a luxury apartment on the back.

And in the neighborhood, there is the School of the Virgin and the School of the Wizard for ladies living in that luxury apartment.

For this reason, the proportion of guests was 3 males and 7 females.

The breakdown of female guests is mostly students.

The store also maintains an assortment of apprentice saints and witches, and every day the store is as gorgeous as a garden, since guests start flowing from the gorgeous smart.

The owner is very satisfied with this.

As the store owner returned the palm of his hand, the wild dogs varied.

"Hey, I was wondering what would happen for a while, but 'La Noya' is right, it's good to have a store out here!

The customers who come to the number one store are just rough, but the rent is expensive here. The location is good, so the guests are classy!

Yes, the luxury apartment is nearby, so I like the guest base.

Since most of the visitors were wealthy, the price per customer would be higher if business practices were not incorrect.

And there is no problem with the commercial law because it has "Nola Noya".

When this store opens, I will give detailed advice on everything from exterior to interior and products to be handled.

Lone Wolf was Osama, but thanks to the closeness of the young Virgin and the Wizard's Guide, the inquiry around him was all over the place.

Thanks to this, an ideal store is created where all the gears mesh with gutter.

It also grabbed the customers flowing from Gorgeous Smart and began to move around.

It was no longer the same store with no enemies on the way, but one day a slight anomaly occurred, like a foreign object caught in gear.

That was on the way for the owner to go to work as usual.

The owner usually attends the office of "Rara Naya", but until the store, which is an "important base", was on track, he started to show his face directly to the store.

Along the way, find the young men who wander in front of the store.

They were not likened to this high-so place, be not crude.

The so-called thief style of just weaving black leather jeans on a complexion full of tattoos.

Besides, he sits in front of the store before opening, messing with knives and chains.

When I pay attention, I honestly go somewhere, but after a while I come back again.

That began to extend not only to the boulevard in front of the store, but also to the sidewalks and back roads.

The chimps don't get tangled up in the people on the road.

Just throw an entangling gaze.

But no matter how delicious the food looks, if there's a cockroach by my side, it'll ruin it.

Even if the cockroach hasn't touched the food in any way.

The same storefront that attracted the young women, thanks to the chimps in cockroach-like leather jeans, had fewer customers as they wandered.

That's right.

Needless to say, these cockroaches were sent in by Bankrapsy.

The ingenious thing about Bankrapsy was to "let nothing" happen to the cockroaches.

If cockroaches ever get their hands on a store, they give them an excuse to get rid of it.

But just being there without doing anything is protected by the law because they are also seven-lux citizens of the day.

Yes, 'Crusher' knew how to make the most of cockroaches...!

The owner and the shopkeeper have complained to the guard many times, but "because they have done nothing" doesn't work with me.

And of course these guards are the ones after they have been carried into Bankrapsy.

The guards will have to move just as much if direct damage is done to the citizens, otherwise they can go through as much as they want.

It was even more ingenious about the Crusher that he was giving the guards a proper 'pretext to just not move' as well.

And when the guards can't be relied upon, there's nothing more we can do at the level of the personal store.

Even moreover, Lone Wolf, not faster than a wolf if usual, did nothing for me this time.

The owner and the shopkeeper couldn't wait to cram into Lone Wolf.

"Mr. Lone Wolf, why aren't you trying to do anything!?

"There's chimps all around the store! If you don't stay like this, you won't have a single guest left because you're scared!

"Please calm down, both of you.

Those outside will be the ones sent in by Gorgeous Smart. "

"What, does that mean that the brave ones are connected to such evil looking people!?

"There's no way a brave man would do that!

Besides, in any case, it doesn't change that our store is a pinch! What are you gonna do!?

"That's right, Mr. Lone Wolf! If we don't do something soon, we're in big trouble!

"You don't have to panic. It's okay as it is now."

"I'm fine as it is now!? Your customers are visibly diminished!?

"Yes, if we keep this up, our customers will surely be depressed and flow gorgeously smart.

But it's just as temporary as it was at the time of the sale, and all of a sudden the customer's legs will recover. "

"Does that mean that if Gorgeous Smart gets its customers back, there will be no bad people out there!?

"No, Gorgeous Smart seems to be coming to crush this store thoroughly this time around.

Until this store completely crumbles, there won't be any bad people out there. "

"What the hell!? So there's nothing you can do!?

Oh, I knew, like Mr. Shaquille said, 'Lala Naya' was a scam!?

"Sir, please calm down. We still have about three weeks before Mr. Shaquille comes to interview us.

By then, gorgeous smarts will be completely crushed by cockroaches. "


That was such an incredible word that I thought it might be misheard.

Because cockroaches are only around this store, and not even one of them is in Gorgeous Smart, far away.

Why would a gorgeous smart on the side without a cockroach crumble when he says it's this store that's suffering...

That was as hard to understand as saying, 'If the wind blows, the brave will die'.