Baklapsey set up a harassment operation to hire the thugs and have them hang around the shop in "Norayuya."

This is, for example, like sending a lot of cockroaches to get rid of the neighboring apartment inhabitants.

What would you do if a cockroach appeared in your house?

You'll be fighting with insecticides, screaming and running, and so much more.

But whatever the reaction, the mood will definitely be the same.

It's a

Get the hell out of here...!

Wouldn't it be enough to end up on one point?

This "Operation Cockroach Neighbor Pursuit" was a Bankruptcy skill.

Even if there were a harmless cockroach, humans would feel uncomfortable and have to do something.

It was an ingenious maneuver pointing to that psychology.

Cockroaches are metaphorical and human in nature.

So if the individual shop that set up this operation is going to spray it with an insecticide named "Exercise Strength" towards the chimpanzees, it's the last time.

The guards will come and sanction you.

The personal shop that was supposed to be the victim....!

With this irrational maneuver, Bankrup kept the name "The Crusher."

The personal shop that set this up ran into the irony of being kicked out in an attempt to kick out cockroaches.

And Bankrapsey thought that "Nora-nouya" would follow the same path.


Because the guards don't depend, and the chimps won't be around until the shop is destroyed, so we'll have to do something about it.

However, "Nora-nouya" appeared in an unexpected behavior by "crushers".

Oh, my God.

Quiet (watchful)....!

That's right, I won't do anything...!

Whether cockroaches cross the table while eating or crawl around the pillow, there's nothing wrong with it.

I didn't do anything as if I was gambling with a good bug...!

Besides, it doesn't even express the discomfort of walking out while you're flipping over against the wall...!

This is as good as keeping it anymore...!?

Just this time, I thought the owner had exhausted everything.

As evidence, the number of pussies increased, as if it was inversely proportional to the absence of customers from the store.

The owner said to Osan with remorse.

"That's right, Mr. Lone Wolf, there's nothing you can do about it just this time...

The shopkeeper is breathlessly suing "Nora-nouya" for fraud.... "

It's about time.

"Eh, what is it?

"It's time for a real cockroach to show up, so hire a new part-time job."


It was a meaningless phrase that I couldn't help but make an unexpected noise.

First of all, the word "real cockroach" doesn't make any sense at all.

Will there be more cockroaches for insects, not cockroaches?

I hate both, but why hire a new part-time job at this time?

I don't have any customers in this shop because I have more sparkling time right now...

But Ron Wolf said, "I'll find out soon," and brought in new part-time workers.

The store owner said, "Do whatever you want and I'll sue you for what you've done."

The part-time workers were broad in age group, but they were all strong men.

And as far as I could see, it didn't seem like a cat.

"Ron Wolf, what the hell are these people...?

"These are gladiators I met at the colloquium. As you can see, the bracelet is definite."

The owner flashed first

"Ah, are you going to ask these people to push out the people outside!?

If you do that, I'll be caught by the guards...!?

"Yeah, that's right. The people out there aren't doing anything wrong.

But from now on, people will show up to do bad things. "


"Do you know what happens when you leave a broken window in any safe place?

They think it's a good place to break windows, and security gets worse and worse. "

Yes, it is.

Even if it is a "harmless cockroach" of a fake, the cockroach is a cockroach.

What if the cockroaches had a place for my things to walk around with their faces?

What about the 'real cockroach' who heard the rumor?

That will no longer be the case.

Because they can't miss a paradise like that...!

That's right...!

Lone Wolf is not just about the end of the century...

I've been waiting for the real end of the century...!

Until then, the high-sovereign streets, which were kept to a minimum of security, were all at once aggravated by the "real cockroaches".

They weren't hired by Bankruptcy, so they try to chalk up the residents.

The guards were hugged by the Bankruptcy, pretending to look away as much as possible.

The guards can't tell a real cockroach from a fake cockroach.

This kind of sight became common in the city.

"Hihihihi! Sisters, are you saints!?

"No, please don't! What are you guys!?

"Don't get so connected! Give us some healing too!

"No, let go! Guards! Guards!

"It's no use calling for help! I don't know why, but the guards here pretend not to see anything we do!

"Until now, I've been watching, but I don't care if I catch garbage or sleep on the street, I don't know what to say!

"That's why I decided to try and attack the girls!

"Looks like the guards here are all cowards! Come on, check it out! The guards over there!

The girls are in danger, and they're not coming this way!

"Oops...! Is that so...!? Who was it!? Whoa whoa!

"Hihihihi! It's no use. It's no use! We're invincible now!

"Shhhh! Biting us now is like a crazy wild dog!

"That wild dog is here!

"Ah, what's the matter!?

"Ahh!? You're the gladiator's" Dog Mudd "!? Why are you called a rabid dog?!

"Recently, I started working a little part time at a nearby shop!

"Oh, I'm a fan of yours! You recently won a series of champions in the colloquium!

"I've got a good trainer! You guys, let her go!

"Okay, I got it! I'm not going to fight you, you rabid dog!

"Okay, I'll miss this one!

But if you do evil around here, next time I'll rip your neck off! All right!?

"Ha, yes, alright!