Ron Wolf was a gladiator slave when he entered the country.

He became acquainted with many gladiators because he was active in the colloquium at that time.

The gladiators were hired as part-time clerks this time.

Chimpanzees in this country go to the colloquium without exception.

The gladiators are bloodthirsty and furious at the loss of money.

The chimpanzees who are making a scene around here are no exception.

For them, gladiators are close to the professional baseball players of Showa's children.

For such admirers, there is no way that they can be evil, regardless of what they are.

And gladiators are as wild as chimps.

It wasn't like working part-time in a hipster space....

In hiring them, Ron Wolf thoroughly tampered with courtesy as a clerk.

Thanks to this, you'll be able to earn something different from the chimpanzees in the middle of it, even though it's rough.

What would the women think if someone like that came to help me get caught up in the pussy?

"Daughter, hang out with us!

"No!? Somebody... help me!


"Ah, you're a 'knitted cap'!? Why are you here?

"I'm working part-time around here! Now, let her go!

"I'm sorry! I won't do it again! Ohh... help!

"Are you okay, miss?"

"Ah... cool...! No, thank you!

You said it was a knitted cap!? Where do you work!?

"I usually fight in the colloquium as a gladiator."

"Well... well! You're wearing a tough body!

"But I'm working part-time and I work at an adventurer's shop nearby.

Your daughter is a witch, isn't she? Come shop if you like. "

"I... I'm going! I'll be right there!

The Gladiators were patrolling the area at the direction of Ron Wolf.

Great for cockroaches, like an apartment with a cat.

The area around the shop of "Nora Inuya" was suddenly restored to security.

Here, Lone Wolf puts a sticker like this on the front of the store.

"We put crime prevention first.

If you need help, feel free to rush in. "

I marked "Security Model Store", which is unprecedented in this world...!

"Crime model shop" refers to a shop that plays a role in local crime prevention.

For example, in modern times, convenience stores are good examples.

Convenience stores also have the disadvantage of robbing convenience stores or having bad guys hang around late at night.

But for women who come home late at night, it also acts as a driving temple in times of emergency.

And to tell the truth, the city's security deteriorated all at once, causing headaches to local leaders.

Even if the guards were to intensify their patrols, they weren't effective because the people on the ground were being held.

What if something like a comet appeared like a "security model shop"?

Besides, what if the comet didn't just look like it, but paid for something really evil and it worked so well...!?

Leaders in the region expressed their support for the shop of "Nora Inouya".

Especially those who had daughters of their age were particularly enthusiastic because they actually experienced the effects.

"That shop is the Savior of this district!

"Yes! How could my daughter have been saved by that store clerk!

"I rushed into that shop when I got caught in a pussy!

Then the clerk took me home! I wasn't a customer!

"Be sure to recommend the Magical Girls School and the Holy Virgin School as a designated shop!

Of course, the breathtaking powerful men of Gorgeous Smart disagreed.

"Don't do that! The designated shop will be a gorgeous smart neighborhood!

"Yes, that's true, but the security in the area with the gorgeous smart is terrible!

How can you take responsibility if something happens by sending young people with a future like that!?

"With Gorgeous Smart's efforts to improve security, we can go back to the designated store again!

But now, very, very...!


The opposition's opinions were completely contained by the silent argument.

I can't tell you to use gorgeous smart until you put the girls in danger.

And this problem will naturally erode gorgeous smart.

It's still good to get rid of the chimps that were handed out around the shop in Nora Nunya.

Because fake dicks don't hurt gorgeous smarts.

But the real dicks who came from nowhere are different.

Now that they've been chased away, they're around gorgeous smart, and they're starting to go wild on their own...!

Bankruptcy's manoeuvres were completely behind us.

This is like a cockroach sent out to the neighbors, doubling back.

The unexpected counter did not reveal a smile that also attracted Banglapsy.

"Uhh... uhhhhhh!

I never thought I'd be haunted by my own cockroaches!

"What if you're smiling at me?

Are local authorities demanding better security?

Why don't you pull that cockroach in?

"I did that a long time ago! The cockroach I hired made me haze a long time ago!

But the cockroaches I don't employ are still here!

"If you're a natural cockroach and not farmed, why don't you order the guards to exterminate it?"

"Hey, so you're just gonna let the counter of" Nora-no-no-ya "do it?

I mean, I managed to get rid of the cockroach on my own, but I can't believe I'm relying on the guards... "

"Surely, the image you receive is not far from 'Nora-nouya'.

But what can I do for you?

"Uh-huh! No-touch, don't you forget something important?

Who we are...!

That's right...!

We're the 'brave ones'...!?