Bankrapsey releases breathtaking thrillers around the shop of Nora Inuya.

This operation was a special one for Bankruptcy.

Because they are so difficult to exterminate that they are compared to cockroaches.

If they belong to an antisocial organization, it's easy to talk to them and get to the top.

But they are the deviants, who are abhorred by being called "cockroaches" in the back society.

There's nothing to lose, and even if the guards capture you and put you in a holding cell, it's just like staying in a wooden dorm.

A few days later, he comes back with a cool face and resumes harassment.

It is not a build-up for the targeted store.

It is a 'cockroach' that cannot be exterminated.

But Ron Wolf defeated these cockroaches lightly.

As you already know, the countermeasure is to hire a colloquium gladiator as a concierge.

Cockroaches, without exception, are obsessed with betting in the colloquium, and they know the strength of gladiators so well that they don't like it.

And he had a yearning for gladiators.

Gladiators are like cockroaches, they have nothing to lose.

And they throw themselves into death every day, as if they were not sparing their lives.

Cockroaches who are not affiliated with any organization have a lot of clumsiness on their own, but they are not willing to risk their lives.

But the gladiators are the real lone wolves who live on the wheel of their lives.

That's why cockroaches yearn for wolves.

The guards blamed him for his misdeeds, but he didn't obey him, except when the opponent became a wolf.

As soon as Nora Nunya hired gladiators, the nearby crime index dropped sharply.

Since the history of the birth of humankind, no one has been able to eradicate cockroaches...!

But don't you doubt it?

As long as you only need to hire gladiators, it won't be so difficult as a countermeasure.

But I want you to think about it.

Even those cockroaches described the gladiator as a "lone wolf" and feared and worshipped it.

It goes without saying how difficult it is to get used to it.

There was only one person in this world who could do it.

That's right...! A lone wolf in a lonely wolf...!

Lone Wolf...!

Ron Wolf has been active in the colloquium and has earned the trust of the lone wolves.

Only one wolf barks without a crane, so that it can gather.

In addition, Lone Wolf had this calculation.

"Gladiators don't just fight with swords, they have to use a variety of weapons at the request of industrialists.

They are so diverse that some gladiators are good at magic.

As a result, they are experiencing the good and bad of the weapon with themselves.

I have a wealth of product knowledge for the staff of the adventurer's shop. "

That's right...!

If we even teach the customer service technique, we don't have so many people for the clerk...!

However, this was also an impossible task to train wolves in monkey tricks.

Still, Osan did it...!

To put it further, the gladiators were very pleased with this.

Because they won't even know tomorrow.

If you are injured by a fight, you may not earn for days.

In the event of a serious injury, it will become a payment box if it is bad.

By the time you get older and retire, it's no longer popular.

There is also the path of coaching new gladiators, but there is only one person who can hold the position.

It was better to be killed in the colloquium than to die homeless.

In such a miserable life, "the shopkeeper of the adventurer" is like a part-time god of salvation.

Anyway, if you are a clerk, you can continue to be old, and the clubs you have taken in the past are also very useful.

The gladiators were nicknamed when they found a way to live after retirement.

In addition to cleaning cockroaches, shopkeepers with extensive product knowledge are hired, and shopkeepers are also nickely.

They are mediated by "Nora-nouya"....

I was building a relationship with Win Win...!

Now, what kind of cockroach extermination measures were being taken by the brave shop against that...

Oh, my God, the whole "Nora-nouya" thing again...!

However, this time there was a subtle arrangement.

I want you to recall the words of Banglapsy about this.

"Uh-huh! No-touch, don't you forget something important?

Who we are...!

That's right...!

We're the 'brave ones'....!

Yes, the cockroach countermeasure taken by Banglapsy...

Bring the Warrior at the colloquium as a caution stick

That was....!

Speaking of Banglapsy, he is a Zeiten-class creator.

A brave man of such a high rank can be pulled from the colloquium, such as the brave Modoki.

All you have to do is place them around the store as a caution stick...

Cockroach exterminator installed...!

This Banglapsy hit hand was a brilliant success.

The cockroaches disappeared from around the gorgeous smart area and the guests returned at once.

This is because a little gladiator boom was happening in the neighborhood thanks to the hiring of gladiators by Nora Nunya.

Witches and saints who live in luxury residential neighborhoods have been helped by gladiators, and now they go to a colloquium that has never been closer.

The heroes out there are so called idols that they change the color of their eyes and push them into gorgeous smart.

Gorgeous Smart instantly demodulates, keeping Bankrapsey and Shakespeare laughing.


"Nora-nouya" was the strongest I've ever fought, but...

This is what happens when I'm serious!


That's what they call a "crusher", Mr. Bankrup!

If you keep going, you'll be able to write a slap article that says' No-no-i-no-ya 'was a scam!

That way, "Nora-nouya" is totally fake!

... is that really so...?