King's Private Room

"... it's hot. It's too hot."

I dared to sit directly on the floor, avoiding the comfortable sofa. [M]

It is natural that it is hot in summer, but it is not the heat that can be cleaned up by it.

In the first place, the central plain is a place where the climate is mild and the heat and cold should fit within that range.

"According to scholars, it is called abnormal weather. There's been an unusual heat wave throughout the Central Plains for some time... Adolf collapsed and fell asleep because it was too hot. Tristan fled to the summer resort for a visit. I'll kick you around when I get back."

Celia reports lightly next to me.

"Celia's fine." And with such a sophisticated attire,

When I said that, Celia stretched her chest.

“Of course, the world is dying of heat soon. It's time to bitch and see the end of the world.”

When I look closely, my eyes are grinding.

You didn't do it either, did you?


Take off Celia's hot uniform and leave her naked in the cool, well-ventilated shade.

It looks cool with the wind blowing through the cute buttocks.

"I'm tough, too."

I've already taken off my king's costume and dressed lightly, but it's still hot.

In the first place, the king's clothes were all too rugged, even his underwear.

I don't feel like moving, and I can see that my head is roasting and my thinking power is falling.

This year is unusual, isn't it?

"I'm really lucky."

In the same way, the beloved women sweating...... Mel and Maria appeared.

It seems that the sweat has soaked the clothes and covered the skin with water.

"I'll wipe off any sweat."

Kiii suddenly!

"Yaahn! It's peeled off!"

I take Mel's clothes off, expose her breasts, and pull up Maria's skirt and pull off her underwear.

And I'll wipe your sweaty skin with my lewd hands.

"Maria's body is flat and easy to wipe." Mel smells like a slut. "

Ah, terrible!

"Finally, the smell is complicated."

Maria was furious, but when she rubbed the only claw on her chest, she let out a short scream and relaxed.

Mel felt embarrassed when she wiped the sweat from her breasts with her tongue instead of a towel.

The three of us stared at each other with lustful eyes... and collapsed into the spot sweating like a waterfall.

It's so hot that it even interferes with lewd behavior.

Another problem has arisen.

"No, Mel!? Young makeup... not makeup!"

Mel's makeup was being completely destroyed by the constant sweat that was blowing out.

Mel pulled out her upper body and ran to her room with her chest out.

"Azeeeeeee." Especially since the valley is so hot, I can't stop sweating..... "

Nonna comes in at the turn of the day.

The supreme valley created by super boobs is just hot right now.

"Anyway, why don't you use your milk and fan yourself." There's a gap in the valley, two birds in one stone. "

”Fufu... I'll try”

Nonna grabs her breasts and fanned herself with Yusayusa.

"Isn't that a stupid thing to go through?!" It's too hot for that! "

Round-trip milk wax can be quite damp and powerful.


"Where are you...?" No, don't say it because it's going to be too hot when you hear it. "

Looking back at the big voice, the voice of the Lord is Illizina, and the dumb voice is Secrito.

I heard that the climate in the Central Plains is mild, but this is not the same as the heat of the Empire.

Sekrito was originally living in an empire with severe heat, so he seemed surprisingly calm.

It must be hot, so my chest is loose. I sweat a lot with short trousers that I don't usually wear.


What's the matter?

I stand in front of Sekrito and open my chest completely without telling if I have any.

The brown tits swayed and jumped out, tightening up to her thin belly and adorable hesos, but she sighed without hiding her body.

"... I thought it was a loose attire, but I didn't expect to get angry in seconds"

I put my mouth on Secrito's brown skin and licked the sweat that had accumulated on his full breasts.

Then she knelt at her feet, kissed her calf, and then licked her up to the hem of her short trousers.

"I see sweat on my brown skin."

Secrito snorted like a fool, pulling down his short pants and putting his hand on the wall.

I drop my kiss on the buttocks where the grains of sweat are rising, and I hold the woman from behind.

"... it's hot."

Secrito and I separated while sweating like a waterfall.

"I'm going to go to the water. If you want to fuck, it's night. If you're hugged like this, you're dehydrated."

Sekrito licked the sweat from my chest with his long tongue and went out.

"Irisina... she's burnt a lot." Were you out all this time? "

"Hmm! If you're running around the pond, find something like a handmade boat!" That's why I met with Lord Sekrito! "

Irisina was not defeated by the heat, and she was as energetic as a boy.

And I think I heard someone flipping in the hallway.

”Even your sweat... no, let's stop it”

I tried to kiss Irisina's body, but stopped and shook my head.

"Why!! I'm not attractive!!"

Illizina says with a sad face.

"Wash your muddy body in the bath." And don't get stung because there's a vicious-looking caterpillar in your hair. "

Red and purple are poisonous, and there is hair that seems to be 5cm on top.

Moreover, there is a pattern like a human face in the middle of the torso, but it sticks somewhere.

Don't drop it in the room.

With a laugh, Illizina leaves for the running water.

Nonna, who normally seemed to be making a scene, was prone to the table without that energy.

When I look closely, I see a water bottle filled with well water sandwiched in the valley of my chest to cool off.

"Irisina is noisy today... it's so hot, so hot"

This voice, it's Kara.

It's hot, but it looks like it's not hot.

After all, I was originally a hunter running around the wild mountains, and my health...

"Hey, hey, hey."


"Bye, idiot!!!"

Me, Maria, and Nonna continue to scream.

Kara was completely naked.

Was he walking in the royal palace in that shape?

"It's so hot, you can't help it, right?"

"Taste, vulgarity, royalty, infidelity...... Chu"

Nonna, who was aroused and chanting words while teasing, finally got stuck because her body temperature had risen.

At the same time, the water bottle that was sandwiched between my chest also fell to the floor... it was crushed. What a milk pressure.

Maria lost her temper after blaming herself for one or two words.

"Kara's a pervert. She's punished."

Hmm. That's fine.

I hold Kara naked and put her on the table and cover her up.

I almost gave up because of the heat three times, but if I make more attempts, I will lose my man.

I poke my fists up against the sun, and at the same time, my hips.

That's how I beat the sun.

--After the act.

"I've done too much."

The boiled Kara runs water, holds down her dizzy head, and enters a nearby room.

This is... the office.

"Will you do your duty, Your Majesty?"

”Aan...... Shhhh?”

The bureaucrats who were working in the office stood up at once and presented the documents to me, but their heads were boiled and I couldn't understand the meaning.

"Dress Code in Public Places -"

Outfit... hot... public place... cool... must be cool.

I run the pen flutteringly.

"- Your Majesty!? No, it's anything!"

The bureaucrats are fussy.

Don't make too much noise in your ears.

Well, at least since Adolf-sama recovered--

"I'm telling you to do it!" Anyway, it's hot, so hurry up! "

If I waited for Adolf to wake up, both I and the woman would die of the heat.

"I understand... what a terrible thing... it's the worst law of the century..."

I'm at my limit.

Let's jump into the pond.

- Later.

It was a bit hotter today, but it wasn't as good as it was yesterday.

I headed to the Great Hall of the Royal Palace early.

Since I am the king, I will not complain if I am late, but I do not dare to be late.

"I think I'll be there in time."

I knew Celia was planning to gather the lords of the nearby royal capital for a feast today.

By summoning lords on a regular basis, you show me your loyalty and your lack of betrayal.

"It's troublesome, but I can't help it because I got to the throne by other means."

By the way, I was late because I put my head in the dark hole.

It's a desperate escape in the heat, so after days of chasing after it, I finally caught it.

If I was treating prostitutes like slaves, I would have made them by hand on the spot, but the environment was normal, and I was only doing it in the dark to make fun of the taxes I was supposed to pay.

Therefore, I did not rub my neck, and I did not hold and forgive everyone in the museum, including the middle-aged woman who was a prostitute until she fainted.

Many of you will be pregnant with my child. [M]

"Well, here we are."

There was also a place dedicated to the king, but I didn't have time, so I went through the same entrance as the other guests.

"That's why I tried to open the door by lightly raising my hand to the guide..."

"Welcome to my home. Excuse me, but I have an invitation... Your Majesty!?"

The opponent seemed surprised, but I was surprised twice.

After all, the man was naked, with only a tie and socks.

I can see how naked I am in the royal palace, neglected by clothes and courtesy.

If it were normal, it would be an instant disrespectful attack.

"I decided to come in on a whim." I don't even need a name. "

I smile gently and tap the shoulder of the guide.

He must have broken his heart for some reason.

No matter what I think, it's too late and I don't need any punishment or reprimand.

I had to give his family a pension, but when I opened the door of the venue myself - it was a world I had never seen before.

"My family trail has been recommended to the next Legion Commander."

"W-Well, that's very special, isn't it?" The good news about our family is that our second daughter is going to be the eldest son of the Muller family..... "

"Ah, that famous Count Mullah's house." Speaking of which, my relatives will be the next ministerial candidate..... "

The conversation between the participants was always humble and boastful, and it doesn't matter, but the problem is their appearance.

”Ohhh... uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh

"Hahaha... what a humiliation..."

They're all naked because they're supposed to come dressed like this.

Men and women, old and young, all are sloppy.


First of all, I thought that everyone in this room might have gone mad with hallucinatory magic.

"Ho ho ho..."


But if you look closely, everyone was ashamed to look at the conversation while trying to hide the area with their hands, tables, etc.

In other words, everyone participates in the dinner party naked with a sense of decency.

The thick-looking older woman is exposing her loose body, and the young daughter is moaning and desperately hiding the area with her hands.

What an amazing sight, unusually.

Suddenly, a young man dressed as usual appeared there.

The young man had the same grim expression as I did, but he was immediately stopped by the clerk - naked, of course - and the guard - who was not wearing any clothes under his armor - and said something.

The young man trembled, immediately leaving his tie and socks and taking off his clothes.

"Hey, hey, hey."

I'll call in a local civil servant.

Did I do something?

"Your Majesty's urgently proclaimed law has been issued today."

Open the paperwork you received from the naked civil servant.

In view of the abnormal weather conditions throughout the Kingdom this summer, in order to overcome the heat and achieve greater prosperity ~

"Every time it's the law but the rules, it's a tedious way of writing." That's why it's no good for the state and officials......


What is the pivotal part?

"Therefore, clothing shall not be worn in public places. This law shall apply to all men and women without distinction, and without distinction of status.

I raise my face and stare at the civil servant with a troubled face.

"It looks like my fakes have sprung up." It's a problem. "

Anyway, it went on.

"Women are only allowed to wear socks, tights, and garter belts. Men should only wear ties and socks. Special permission shall be required to wear a cape."

"This is certainly my hobby." Looks like it's not a fake. "

"...... Master Ægil!"

Looking back, Nonna, who was 30% ashamed and 70% angry, stood.

I usually wear a cloak that I don't wear, but I still wear only tights that I can't hide, and the breast pushes up the cloak, which makes me feel weak.

"... when I tried to attend the dinner party, the lady stripped me of all my clothes because it was against the law!" What do you mean, Master Ægil? "

Nonna grabs me.

I could see everything in the beat.

"Tens of thousands are noble... It is the highest order of the king, so the king's entire family will be detained... whatever I said was no good... ugh, Aegil-sama's asshole..."

Behind that, Celia, who only had a cape and white socks, was hiding her crotch and chest and staring at me.

It's unusual to see a dagger hidden in your thighs that you can't normally see, and you get excited.

"It was a naughty store event, but the whole kingdom...... Mr. Agil, whatever it takes."


Melissa wore nothing cleanly and put her hands on her hips and looked troubled.

Behind her, Maria, who only has socks, is hiding behind her body and staring at me.

Kuu! Luu! This is an absolute defensive position!

"Um, yeah. It's embarrassing, but Mom's not exactly there."

It's embarrassing, but I'll do my best.

This is the voice of Mel, Kew and the Lew sisters.

"When you're neglecting to treat your hair even more... don't delay!" In this situation, it's dangerous from the back! Agil-sama... I resent you... "

I've got a grudge against Mel.

I'm going to have to get in a mood later.

"Is His Majesty here?!" I want to tell you something about this abnormal law! "

"Come out! I'll smash you with poison arrows!"

Myra and Nurtia stepped in with Dokadoka.

Myra wears a full plate of heavy cavalry, and Nurtia hides herself in clothes made of leaves.

"Ah, Maira-san, that's sloppy!"

"Armor is the same weapon as a sword or spear, not clothes." I can't fight thieves and monsters naked. "

Celia's complaint was answered by Myla, who turned to her side.

Surely it makes sense.

"This is a leaf, so it's safe!" I'm just hiding it with a big leaf! "

I'll send my gaze to the civil servant.

"Both cotton and hemp were originally made of plants, and if they were made of leaves, I thought clothes were clothes."

"I mean out!!"


I caught Nurtia, took off my clothes, and put them in my cloak.

"Pervert! Ghost! Rapist! Don't move a bit, you'll see!"

Fufufu, you can't leave without cursing me... you've become a criminal until you think.

"Myra is at her usual time." We don't need to arm ourselves inside the palace. Come on, unlock it. "

"...... kuu"

I'll help you, Myra-san.

Celia's face peeled off Myla's armor.

I seem to have forgotten temporarily that I am also wearing cloak socks.

"I know it's a bad idea." Look at Paradise. My mind, my body and my soul are refusing to withdraw. "

You're rejecting it with your whole body!!

"Not even angels and demons are fighting!" When you come here, you're already sick! "

The door opened as Celia and Nonna blamed her, making a loud noise.

"Han! I have something important to tell you..."

It was the guildless who jumped in without hesitation.

If you look closely, there are about five guards trying to stop it.

Are you dragging me around?

Guildless looked around the naked Great Hall.

I see, I see!

Don't understand.

Don't obey the law in less than a second.

Don't travel with a pair of pants in the first place.


The women look at me with their eyes at the same thing as him.

As expected, the door opened again after I thought about withdrawing it.

”When I was sleeping, I made up a stupid method...... hmm”

It was Adolf with a wet towel on his head.

He looked around, understood the situation with his brilliant head, and fell straight down.

"Chief Executive Officer, please be firm!" I'm not breathing! "

"If you are strangled, who will stop His Majesty?" Take a look at this tragedy! "

"That's because the law is the law, so I'll let you take it off."

In this way, the "special law on clothing for counteracting extreme heat", commonly known as the "naked law", brought about a transformation during the Gordonian period.

“There will definitely be rebellions everywhere. It's over."

"Not only the lord, but also the people will rise." It's one of the best in the country. "

"The songwriters will be queuing up to assassinate your Majesty."

The women made the prediction, but as a result, it didn't.

- A little later.

A town in the north of Goldonilla.

I was here for the summer in the name of visiting the Northern Regions.

That said, the heat wave seems to be spreading over the entire central plain, and even if it goes a little north, it hardly changes anything.

“Anyway, we need to see if the women of the North are unhappy with the naked laws.”


Of course, the streets and halls of the town are public places, so you have to be naked.

It's also unusually hot today, isn't it?

"The humidity is great, and I'm going to fall down."

Young wives gathered at the wellside, washing their vegetables and chatting.

"The whole city is naked... I can't wait to see it."

"Not really." Here, take a look. "

Celia follows me through the shadows.

Celia, by the way, has a cape and a garter belt for my hobby.

"To be honest, when I was told to stay naked, I thought the emperor was crazy... but it wasn't bad, was it?"

"Even if it's cool and sweaty, it'll dry up." What's more, it's wonderful that the laundry doesn't come out. "

"I was ashamed to show you in front of my husband, but it was easy." Well, it's unpleasant to be seen by a lewd old man. "

Suddenly a young man walks by and offers his wives help.

I wanted to see her naked, but the purpose was obvious.

It's fine if you just look at it, but if you put your hand out, you'll get caught.

"Of course I do! I'm so happy to see your bodies!"

The women seemed to laugh and let them help.

While both men and women were naked, rape and morons did not become dangerous because they were usually criminals.

Rather, it is easy to understand the changes, so I hear that sexual crimes have decreased.

"Even in the hot weather, I had to dress up because I was worried about the eyes of people who were not sloppy or chaste." You're swelling up quickly, aren't you? "

"There's nothing I can do about it because the muddy king told me to stay naked." You're pretty big, aren't you? "

I get up quickly, too.

You don't have to go to Ægil because it's going to be confusing.

Let's settle down by stroking Celia's buttocks from above the cloak.

If you do so, a roar will be heard from another place.

Wow, I don't want a shady, incompetent man

Moreover, even though I work until night every day, I don't know what I'm living for with my cheap monthly salary

Two men are scolding one.

When I thought about throwing a stone at him because he had bad breasts, the man who was being scolded laughed.

”Sure, I'm shady, incompetent, cheap monthly salary... but I'm bigger”


"It's an idiot."

The argument continued after Celia muttered.

"Hahaha! You're from Yakumura!"

"We are the king's capital, and from the start, the countryside is stinking and depressing."

What do you think will happen when you are proud of where you were born?

In that case, it would still be more meaningful to boast even with a big nose.

"Indeed, I'm from the Dolphin Countryside." But... I'm thicker. "


"You seem to be fighting back enough, and I don't have to speak up."

Door to door.

It seems that trouble has broken out in a different place.

"You! What's the matter with watering my legs like a nobleman!!"

"I'm sorry, too! It's hot, so I need to pour some water..."

It seemed that the young girl had inadvertently watered the nobility.

"I'm sorry!" This is an insult to my reputation! Fucking bitch, what am I supposed to do? "

It was when my parents split up and I stepped out.

"Hey, I'm sorry... oh?" Oh, oh, oh? "

A man with an arrogant attitude began to face upwards.

What he was looking at was naturally a watering daughter.

"Oh, this is different!" Yeah, don't look at me! "

She laughed at the aristocrats, no matter where they were threatening her.

"If you buy me expensive rice that civilians can't eat, there might be a one-night stay."

"I wonder what the shameless woman would do to you!" I'll pick you up in the evening in a horse-drawn carriage, so be prepared!! "

The arrogant aristocrat leaves his shoulders holding his crotch.

The woman waved her hand as she snickered.

And his wife, who was about to be tricked by a foolish man.

"Your wife is so beautiful!" It's like a goddess. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....

"I'm not reacting to that?" Now, I'm just going to cheat away the money and throw it away. "

There is also a strong surface to walk while pushing passers-by back.

"Alright. If that woman shoots five shots without pulling them out, she'll come and ask for them while she's saying goodbye." After all, I can't stand raping a woman with big tits and asses. "

"As expected of you, nobles or wives, it's sexy enough to eat!"

The children who were playing in the water passed in front of Yakala.

"Ah, Aniki? No way... you're lying, aniki... to a kid who hasn't even grown yet"

"Oh, no! I don't like to swell before it happens..."

"I'm going to arrest you."


The city is becoming more peaceful.

I'm afraid of my own genius, even though I thought of it in a stupid way.

How's it going, Celia? If you take it off, things will settle down! Nakedness was not wrong! "

"...... I'm already just an asshole. This really hurts my head because the crime rate is dropping."

And then my gaze gathered.

I'm not telling you that I'm the king.

Rather, I am naked, so I can't notice it without knowing my face.

"I've never seen him like that before!"

"It looks like a log. It's human-sized..."

"That's the length of my entrance, so... you're coming to the pigeon's tail!?"

The women are staring at my things.

There's a handsome man passing by beside me, but the women don't look at me.

Of course. The man had an excellent face, but he was small.

"Fufufufu... fuha haha! Excellent! I have created a wonderful world!!"

I put my hand on her waist and laughed high, beside Celia, who was shocked.

A woman who seemed to have time to spare was approaching.

"Hello oniisan, it's still hot today."

I'm smiling mildly, but my gaze is fixed on my crotch.

If you don't mind, why don't you cool off a bit?

"That's it! It's a block away!"

Celia grows nervously between us.

"I have an appointment, so I don't have time for that!"

I sigh.

By the way, I had an appointment with someone I didn't care about.

"If I don't get this opportunity, I won't be able to see you publicly, so... I'm coming!"

I nodded to Celia, who had a serious expression, and stroked her buttock crack from above her cloak.

"Even if the law is out of order, it doesn't mean that we're going to eat up the territory, it doesn't mean that we're going to increase taxes."

The answer was Leopold.

"If the harm is to the degree of shame, then rebellion is unsuitable." I fear His Majesty, the lords and dominions alike. "

His tone was pale, and his expression was probably not moving from his usual iron mask.

"Even if we try to rebel, this heat won't keep us from gathering soldiers or marching. At the same time, we won't be able to move our troops...... but there are obstacles to border surveillance."

"Well, a little bit is fine." Some enemies are attacking us in this heat. "

By the way, there's a cloth hanging between me and Leopold, and we can only hear each other.

"By the way... are you in compliance with the law?"

"I am a left-handed person." If you disobey the King's orders, you will be suspected of treason. "

Leopold suddenly stood up.

"You don't have to come!" I don't want to see you naked! "

Leopold sat down again and was relieved.

On top of that, I gestured to Nina, the valet who was looking at me, and asked her about Leopold's size.

I definitely didn't want to see it, but as a king, I needed to know the size.

Then Nina thought about it for a moment, and then took hold of the logs.

I fall out of my chair in amazement and upset.

What are you talking about!?

When I tried to ask Nina whether it was Leopoldo's honor or the truth, the city alarm sounded.

"Your Majesty, hurry."

Leopold appears armed.

I've lost track of the truth.

And at this early stage, you were actually dressed.

Now, in front of the city wall is a group of hundred people.

A dirty body with poor gear looks like a group of barbarians. It wasn't like the people in the mountains.

“I've never seen them before. Where did you come from!"

"The military patrol is also delayed because of the excessive heat." Did you use the gap? "


Though unexpected, it is not a serious situation.

I don't think they're threatening the city with numbers and gear, and above all, they're worn out.

Rather than attacking, they seemed to be fleeing.

"Wait... we are not barbarians or bandits... we have fled the country far east of here..."

I push back the guards who are looking at me.

"Tell everyone what happened when you drank the water."

The guards listen while distributing cold well water to everyone.

Their story goes like this.

We lived in a far eastern country beyond the great forest.

It was a peaceful country, but the sorcerer forbade it and summoned a group of monsters from the other world.

The monster was very cunning, very good at mimicry to people, and immediately penetrated the whole country.

Their king and mighty warriors were suddenly killed, and the country collapsed and fled to this point.

"Hmm... a monster from another world"

Some of my dangerous monsters were big spiders and spiders, but they weren't like that either.

"They have a good nose, they're bound to come after us..."

Celia strokes her cheek when she says don't come.

"The attempts to identify their mimicry have always failed... maybe they are already in our midst..."

Leopold starts sneaking archers around, so he signals with his eyes to wait a little longer.

Oh, we've finally arrived!

A group of carriages came from the south side of the city... in other words, from the direction of the capital.

A cheerful man pushed a wagon carrying a large amount of supplies with his upper body, and behind him a wealthy merchant followed, even if he wanted to wear brilliant clothes.

More travelers, women in simple but stylish clothes are sitting on the wagon and singing with beautiful voices.

"Hello, we are a team of merchants. I came from the capital to do business."


A wealthy merchant makes a perfect greeting.

I take the sword from Celia as I respond.

"These ladies are riders on the road." Hahaha, the sweaty party is accompanied by flowers. "


The guards surrounded the party as they nodded.

"Heeey, Milord! We don't even like it and we're sloppy!"

The women and the cheerful men laughed.

And the merchant whispered in my ear.

"By the way, who the hell are these people?" In the east, I hear that there are evil monsters that mimic people... yes, they are. "

I nod heavily, pulling out my sword and slashing the merchant's head.

"Why did you find out..."

"I'll teach you, you stupid monster." We don't wear clothes outside. "

It's settled, but it's a very strange dialogue.

"Stupid... we've been observing humans for a long time... naked in public... Impossible..."

And the fallen neck was out of breath, and the body swollen up, and melted away.

"Those who wear clothes are enemies. Kill all who are dressed."

On Leopold's orders, arrows were thrown at the merchants, and they were pierced with the spear of a guard in a panic.

It smells like war!

The guild dress also jumped out from somewhere.

Where did you really come from?

Celia tears the neck of the inflating monster.

The monster stunned, but perhaps it wasn't enough for death. I grabbed Celia with my huge claws, but I slashed my arm with each claw.

Thank you!

"Oh, that's a good butt."

My morale is higher than usual because I can see Celia's ass from between the weapons.

After all, the naked method is all good.

"The impotent human temperament that I discovered the mimicry--"

A monster that was half a meter tall grabbed the guildless.

Guildless saw the opponent's bare hands and dared to combine them from the front without using a sword.


Guildless then pressed the monster's arms outward and folded them, grabbing their neck and rotating them 90 degrees.

"There's nothing like a giant body." If it's an Ares man, it's the lower powerlessness. "

And you just look at me like that.

His crotch was swayed by the sweat that gushed out from the battle and the heat, with no intention of hiding it.

There seems to be a negative aspect to the naked method as well.

It's full of gaps, humans!

Because of the guildless battle, I was cut off and beaten in the crotch.

I looked down at the monster, and the monster stared at his shattered claws in a daze.

When I hit the side of the monster's head, the monster swings left and right, then bleeds from its nose and ears and faints.

"These guys really aren't a big deal."

"Hmm. Now we can't even compete with Meng Han." I'm awake. "

Another strange word came out of the guild dress.

Let's defeat it quickly so that it doesn't become an unusual battle.

The only three that remain are the ones that are disguised as women.

Celia thrusts her sword behind the woman's medulla oblongata as she tries to escape.

The guildle dress and I each caught a woman, but after looking at her face, I tried rubbing her chest and crotch just in case.

I don't have anything on me.

Hmm, just wearing a disguise doesn't even make me a slut.

"What are you doing!" Please kill me! "

Just in case, I'll wait a little longer.

Oh, my God, I'm so human!

When the monster shouted in a wild voice, its mimic body bounced and turned into a tentacle monster.


Nothing good!

Me and Guildless cut off both monsters at the same time.

There, a sign from the south drove the horse.

I don't think he is suspicious because he is not wearing clothes.

The simulated monsters appeared in every town in the territory!

"Oh, my God... it's already permeated here after all..."

Those who fled kneel in despair.

“But every town was spotted instantly, and they managed to get rid of everything.”

"I guess he was wearing clothes anyway." The location is the intelligence of a monster.

“Sure enough, the last thing you win is wisdom.”

Me and Guildless nod together.

"Intelligence...? Wisdom...?"

After all, nudity is wonderful.

Moreover, when I returned to the capital, the attitude of Nonna and the others who had protested so much was softening.

"It's impossible to dress like this." I want you to put it back quickly... but it's really cool in the valley. Even though I get sweaty here every year, I'm fine this year. "

At first, it was Nonna who hated it the most, but even though it was hidden by a cloak or hand, it was quite dignified.

"Everyone doesn't mind being naked." It's the same even if you're dressed enough to be able to see it for a while. "

Melissa gently poses and laughs.

"I hope it's easy to laugh!" It's so easy! "

I think Illizina is back with the boy.

On the other hand, it doesn't stain even if you don't wash it, so you won't find out if you don't need a bath.

Get some yogurt in the bath.

"But I'm kind of boring..."

On the other hand, Kara was not energetic.

They were the first to get excited about walking around the city naked, but they seem to faint when nakedness becomes normal.

"Don't get excited because I'll cum where you can't cum." For example, if you pee freely in the bathroom, what gets you excited? I'll take a bath-- "

Nonna attacked Kara in a brawl.

"Please don't get sloppy when it's hot!"

Celia joined the fight as a stop.

It's amazing that you can't see it because it's a naked grab.

"After all, nudity is wonderful..."

A familiar brown limb crossed the line of sight when I praised myself.

It was Secrito, as tight as a female leopard.

Somehow he's got a cute boy by his side.

"Then come again in the evening for a massage. Of course, I'm dressed in accordance with the law."

Yes, Master Secrito.


Sekrit called out to the boy and then gave me a provocative look.

Massage in your own room... moreover, it's strange not to mate if the opponent is a man and naked to each other.

"In the first place, the massage is about 80% fucked!!"

“That's not true.”

Nonna and Celia denied it at the same time, but that was not the case.

You seemed pretty good to me.

Having said that, Sekrito exhaled heavily.

My whole body is sweating, and I can only see the woman right after I had an affair.


I burn the flames of jealousy and run towards Secrito.

She pushed the boy out of use and opened her hands to me.

Someone grabbed my leg.

"Man... the smell of sweat... the sweat of a man..."

Holy crap! Catherine-san's seal has been lifted!

Sekrito and Catherine grabbed my arm and pulled me.

"Hahaha, it hurts."

Sekrito really hurts.

If it wasn't for me, my arm would be broken.

I pulled the two of them upside down and put them in my arms, but staggered a little on the beaten tracks and leaned against the bronze statue that was hanging in the hallway.



When I jumped back out of the bronze statue, it wasn't the bronze statue, it was Claudia.

Are you burning again?

Claudia's body color and shape are completely different from when she first met, but it's not like the monsters are mimicking it.

"Even though it's such a strange thing, it doesn't make sense to be alarmed just by mimicry!"

Celia pushes in.

And dive into my arms with a crunch.

"The wife was resting here to save her strength for the evening party."

Clara will explain.

It's adorable how you cover your body with your hands and turn red.

"Even if you don't stand upright in the hallway, there are seats and other things... this is a dungeon trap, isn't it?"

Anyway, because the body touched it, Claudia and Clara held it together as a royal road.

"Whatever it is, there is no blind spot in the naked law!" It's a good law of the century, hahaha!! "

- A few days later.

A cold wind blew through the capital and it was raining down to the drizzle.

An extra-seasonal cold wave has arrived!

If there are no people in the street and no business is done, the merchant's guild will start crying.

Rural people are complaining that it's too cold to work naked.

"Give me back my clothes," said the voice of the people protesting. If left alone, there is a danger of rebellion. "

"Celia-chan was so hungry that she couldn't get out of the bathroom."

Adolf, Tristan, Leopold's letter, Nonna, Melissa, and the bureaucrats stare at me as they slip into the blanket.

"... All right. You can withdraw it... damn it."

Thus, the naked law was withdrawn.

This law became a taboo among all the people of Gordonia, and it was not spoken afterwards.


Hundreds of years later

"The early history of Gordonia, wrapped in the mystery of educational television, is today the legal system."

I only turn my hearing to television while stirring the pot.

It's so hot for a vampire today.

I added plenty of garlic to my stamina recovery.

"In a few historical books, a law that is the" Naked Law "was created, and it is said that all people were forced to be naked. Interesting, isn't it?

On top of being hot, there is a lot of humidity.

I have to open all the windows in the morning and let in some good sunlight because I'm sick.

The first Emperor will die a few years later, but the story goes that the venereal disease went to the brain--

"You're a rude fellow!" My roots aren't small enough to get sick! "

An angry beat got me a lot in the pot.

I didn't leave anything I couldn't eat. Is it okay?

It is also said that after this era, the population of Gordonia as a whole grew at once.

"That was amazing. I was pregnant at the same time, so the birth attendants and the doctors were in big trouble."

"After that, the story of married people cultivating love with other heterosexuals in Gordonian paintings and theatre, etc. flourished, and there is also the theory that it is the origin of the NTR style that continues to the modern era."

"It's really amazing."

Speaking of which, Lucy and Celia were late for the night pool.

He said he'd be home at 20: 00.

Well, it's a women's pool, so don't worry about it.

I suddenly see the pool flyer that they left behind.

And it suddenly bleeds. I didn't go through it originally.

"Since last month, men are okay... nudity is okay!?"

While holding the pot, I break through the wall and jump out onto the street.

"Oh my God, you're suspicious!" Even the station--wow!! "

Then he threw the pot at the approaching police officer and ran like the wind.

When I got to the pool, I saw Lucy grinning in front of the entrance and Celia laughing too late.

"Have you been fooled?" I can't help but cool my burning body in the pool. I don't need a swimsuit. "

Huh? You wear your swimsuit normally, right?

“I didn't bring it after I got lost. Shall we all monopolize the pool's gaze?”

"No, no, no, I'll definitely wear a swimsuit!"

After all, nudity is wonderful.