Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Worldview Geography/State



Refers to the whole world.

There are rumours that different civilizations exist to the west and south, to the north on the land of ice (nothing that has seen the end), to the east on the land of the Unexploited, but further east.

Grand Mountains

Mountains running east and west across the continent.

It is impossible to exceed even on an individual basis in cut mountainous areas over 8000 m high.

It virtually divides the continent between North and South.

Two Great Rivers

The Great River flows out of the Great Mountains and pours into the western seas.

Through the central plain is the North Terriers River to the north and the Terriers River to the south.

The river is wide and the operation of large ships is flourishing.

In the lower basin, the flow is slow, so it is also possible to retroactively.

It is an extremely important water source and logistical means for the entire continent.

Central Plains

Plains like passageways open to the Great Mountains

Located close to the eastern undeveloped zone, it is 400 km north-south, 100 km east-west

It is further surrounded by forest areas.

The climate is warm, rich in water, and a passage for both the two great rivers.

Numerous states are disturbed in the region.

Western Plains

Slightly open plains between the Great Mountains and the western seas.

About 50km east and west, 100km north and south.

Because of its proximity to the center of the two major powers, it set the stage for tournament warfare.

There is no state that dominates constantly.

This is a rough overall view.


Olga Federation

Population 20 million.

Ruler Utrant II

The capital, Utlantgrad, has a population of 600,000 to 800,000 (secondary citizens do not know the details)

Institutional feudalism

Soldiers, 200,000 normally. Mobilization limit, three million.

Dominance, all north of the Great Mountains.

The oldest and largest power on the continent with a history of 500 years.

Take a feudal system out of the vastness of the dominant area.

In the winter, the northern to central regions become bitterly cold, so the main cities are concentrated in the southwest, starting with Wang Du.

It maintains a strong and conservative identity system and forms a stable society.

Garland Empire

Population 40 million

Ruler Garland the Great

Capital Garland has a population of one million.

Institutional Absolute Royalty

Soldiers, one million normal. Mobilization limit, 3.5 million.

Dominance, all south of the Great Mountains.

Emerging countries that have swallowed and hugified the countries of the southern region one after the other in recent years.

The aristocracy will remain, but the emperor's power is strong and virtually authoritarian.

The entire area is rich in warm, agriculturally viable land and has a large population.

Due to the rapid growth in recent years, various factors of instability have been left behind in the country.

Several battles of a million men against the Olga Federation on the western plains have not been settled.

Kingdom of Triea

Population 300,000.

Rulers - - -

The capital, Trisnia, has a population of 20,000.

Institutional feudal system

Soldiers, normal 8,000. Mobilization limit, 30,000.

Central Plains of Dominance

One of the typical central plain small countries.

Have the famous Erg Forest as the Forest of Death within the realm.

He has fought several wars with his northern neighbor, Arkland.

Kingdom of Arkland

Population 200,000

Rulers - - -

The capital, Arkland, has a 20,000 population.

Institutional feudalism

40,000 soldiers, 40,000 mobilisation limits.

Central Plains of Dominance

Central Plains Small States.

Military states with strong military power, also use military intimidation for diplomacy.

It holds a well trained and powerful knighthood.

There are frequent military clashes with neighbouring countries, and the country is exhausted by lengthy and heavy military service.

Kingdom of Gordonia

Population 1.5 million

Ruler Huberl II

The capital, Goldonia, has a population of 60,000.

Institutional feudalism

Soldiers, 10,000 a day. Mobilization limit of 80,000.

Northern Central Plains of Dominance

The largest nation in the central plain.

Located on the northern edge of the central plain, trading and interaction with the Federation flourishes on the North Terriers River and by land.

We are aiming for peace and stability with our neighbours by the policy of the present King Hubert II, for which we have made several concessions to the Kingdom of Arkland, adjacent to the south.

Peace and stability have developed the domestic economy and stabilized the political situation, but the king is extremely old and anxious to replace him.

This is a map of the north of the central plain.