Ouroboros Record ~Circus of Oubeniel~

000 Exploring the Perpetual

- If the absence of light is to be called darkness, it was indeed darkness.

A floating feeling of falling.

The elements that make up me peel away from the ends so that the yarn balls can unravel.

Memories, words, senses, emotions.

All of that falls out, fulfill it, and then what's left?

- None.

As soon as I became conscious, I became scared and scared and overwhelmed.

Even if you desperately scratch and hold yourself apart, you will be lost so that you can zero.

Whether you scratch your feet or your algae, you still won't stop losing them.

It's gone. He dies.

- It's a lie.

It could also be metaphoricated as sleep. That was definitely not such a calm thing.

It loses its subject to melt. It is violent to be digested in the stomach of the Ningro beast.

There is no peace there. I simply lose the ability to feel anxious.

And all of it makes me feel nothing. I don't even feel it. Nothing goes away.

- I don't like it.

I don't like it. I don't like it. I don't like it, I don't like it, I don't like it!

I don't want this stuff to be over!

This empty, empty world is the end of itself?

You mean there's ever been a life to end this!?

"... not much like this"

With my own bedtime words, I woke up.

The sights that pop into my eyes are the lamp's unreliable lights, wooden desks, rat cages placed on them and numerous chemicals. It is a familiar underground laboratory.

Apparently, he fell asleep in the middle of an experiment.

That was a bad dream. I had a bad dream that I had over and over again, and it seemed like I was still having today.

I don't scream and jump anymore because I see it over and over again. However, it is also true that I do not feel well.

When I got up from my back, my whole body was sweaty and tight, even though it wasn't supposed to be hot. It's always like this after that dream.

- A dream before I was born.

- Or a dream after death.

"I shouldn't have seen it lately...... By now, why are you dreaming about it again?"

The rat in the cage rattles at me whining to myself. It was as if to mock.

... Oh, yeah. What is the cause?

Because research is getting stuck.

Research to prevent that from happening. The study of immortality.

"... there's still got to be time. That's enough, too."

The hand that tells the light is so small that it is not comparable to what it once was.

This hand, which is not even a short finger and has not grown up, is undoubtedly a child's hand.

That's the voice of a tall kid who hasn't even changed his voice to shake his eardrum.

Hair tangled in a scratched finger also reminds me of copper, red. I'm not turning it down in the black I'm used to seeing.

That's right.

Me, who once died in another world and was reborn here.

Turius Shrounan Ovenil had just turned eight.

- Circle reincarnation.

Apparently, that's what happened to me. [M]

Once dead, it's a rebirth to maintain memory and personality.

How could I have been reborn? Around it, my own interest is endless, but so far unknown. At least there doesn't seem to be any of my kind around, only in myths and fairy tales that I don't know if they're lying or true, even if there were similar examples.

I don't think you need to dare tell me what kind of life I've had in my previous life.

If you only remember that you are a man, born and raised in Japan in the twenty-first century, and died young before you wore something at one end of the spectrum, you wouldn't have a particular problem.

The only thing that matters is that I died once and was reborn with my memory.

... Yes, I remember death.

Is it some action shown by the brain, or the sight after the soul is out of the flesh? They made me feel like I was returning to nothingness.

I was lucky enough to get a second raw look at what happened after that.

But I dreamt about that time, and I was going crazy. No, maybe it's already crazy.

Because the fear of death still captures me.

... humans will die soon. That's a dish you can't override no matter what. I was reborn in this way, too, and all of a sudden I would be old, sick, or in an accident - if it were terrible, someone would kill me, and I would still die.

I don't like that.

The cause of my rebirth is not obvious. I mean, I don't know if I'll be reborn if I die again.

Maybe I don't feel like I can come home this time. I felt it after I died, the feeling that I was disappearing. That was enough to convince us that this good fortune was never going to happen again.

That's why we're doing research from within the age of ten.

What kind of research...?

"This experiment is so repetitive that I don't have to fail anymore..."

Saying, picking one mouse out of the cage.

The rat's foreleg, one of which was missing. Because I cut it off for an experiment.

Does the little brain miso have as much memory of having his leg removed, too, a rat desperately resisting? I ignore it and give the missing foot the right amount of 'material'.

And I cast that 'spell'.


When the light particles gathered in the material and wondered if it glowed itself, by the time the light subsided, it had been reassembled into a completely different form.

It's a rat's forefoot. The area that I had once cut off was regenerated by my hands like no other.

- Alchemy.

Magic technology that converts matter into higher order objects so as to transform iron and lead into gold.

It is also said that even the soul, if extreme, is smelted, transforming man into an even more elevated being.

That is the discipline that I, Turius Shrounan Ovenil, am studying as a possibility of sparing death.

... I forgot to mention that there are magical substitutes in this world that I was reborn in.

The kingdom of Arquelle, the king's capital, Brosenne.

None of the very common Japanese living in the early twenty-first century would be familiar with such a place name.

In fact, it was a name I didn't even know before I was born into this world.

It is a fortified city protected by stone walls that cover the outer circumference in a circular fashion. The city is almost bisected by the Ammon River, which flows as it hangs from the northeast to the southwest and snakes. If you look down from the sky, you'll see a wide spectrum of sights still reminiscent of what you call a polar diagram in the East.

This Ovenil mansion where I live is also in this city.

"Turius. Did you still have that bitch in your way?

Ten people in a row would be able to sit nicely from the top of a long table, with a middle-aged man raising his voice. He is my father.

The body that weaves loose gowns and peeks tailored clothes underneath them draws a much looser arc. It was a brilliant heartbeat. The blood color is good, and the bone phase is not that bad, so I wish I exercised more and tightened my body.

"Please stop saying that, Father."

I thought his sermon had begun and looked up. [M] The view of the Ovenil Mansion Dining Room popped into my eyes.

While in the morning time, the decorative chandelier of the ceiling shines in the sun from the windows. That's the size of it. Even that makes me think that if the lights were on, I would feel like day even at night. The seat of the present-day lord, the father, was hung on the wall behind it with a width of painting. Depicted there in mystical brushstrokes is the sight of the first contemporaries, handled in a further battle more than two hundred years ago, taking up their reign from the then king.

It's also called a bright shade and lustrous carpet, a tall looking pot placed on the wall, everything glittering and painful in the eyes without darkness. As for me, who still can't get out of the common sense of my previous life, it was an interior that I couldn't tame past the splendour.

as if it were a royal aristocratic mansion, such as

"What else can I call it besides" alchemy "or" lowly business "? It is not good to dye your hands, that you may be a son of the Earl of Ovenil."

And Father, who says without even a nibble.

Yes, the house I was born in this life was noble. It is also high among the counts.

In this country, which is supposedly five hundred years old, the House of Counts of Ovenil was celebrated two hundred years ago, it is a relatively new home. Anything, the First Lord said, was allowed to return from the King of Time to the ranks of the Duke on the occasion that the descendants of the involved great aristocracy made their mark in the war with their neighbours. Honestly, it's a monster how far it's true. It was also in the history of the world in the previous life that the original low-status upbringing bought the genealogy chart and acquired the original name. Tokugawa Jiayang would be the best example. I remember reading in the book of things that he actually named the Tokugawa surname for a reasoning that was quite impossible.

Well, leave the origins of the house alone. I was lucky to have been born into this Ovenil family. Whatever this world is, as you can see, a feudal differential society in which nobility has considerable power. If I was born in a world like this and a peasant child, or something like that, I wouldn't even be able to see it. Instead of studying immortality, we do our best to maintain our daily lives. It would be an outrageous blessing to have been born again in this way as a wealthy family child.

I live in Wang Du, because it's good. My father is not an enthusiast in the management of the territory, and I leave such matters to the minister to concentrate on socializing in the Wang capital. Because of this, I can live in a well-infrastructure city without having to live in an inconvenient country.

However, it seems to me that the study of alchemy, which is the supreme proposition, is something that my father cannot accept.

"In the first place. Turius, with as much talent as you, you can be a magician at one end without having to rely on your left-handed tricks? That way, you, the second son, will have a way to stand up in court magicians, etc. Alchemist and other suspicious drug dealers on the side of the road, isn't it a shitty operation?"


Returns equally repeated raw replies to repeated queries.

As he says, the status of alchemy in this world is unjustly low. Because magic in this world is a pretty powerful substitute, generally compared to alchemy. It is normal to get flames and thunder out of the wand. Approximate injuries and illnesses can be cured by magic if you ask a church cleric. Even if you bring in a magical weapon, a medicine that you mix with a breast bowl, it's a good place to handle magic as a substitution for existing magic.

From me, a former modern man, it was the theory of a spray. A substitute? Isn't that a good place? Any number of items can easily be replaced, which in turn means they can be aligned in large quantities. The magic of innate talent saying things and users being limited to a very small number is not accommodating and user-friendly.

When you say that, people will return that making things out of alchemy is the only thing that costs money, but it's enough because there's already magic.

... What are you talking about? Costs are inevitably going down in the process of mass production, and its magic is the narrow mouth and the few who can benefit from it. The restorative magic used to treat them is like being oligarchy by the church people, so medical bills remain high all the time. A civilian without money dies every time a plague strikes him. So the population will grow and the development of the border will not proceed. How is it that you never see any signs of improvement in a habit that has been repeated so many times before?

Well, this is also my personal reason for being a former modern Japanese and coming from a world where science, thought and economics are developed. If the majority of people living in this world - the Itusella continent - are making good the status quo, it will not be something they should pinch their mouths to poorly.

But if I don't get in the way of doing my research,

My father's eyes were still harsh and he was pointing his gaze at me as he slammed into what he called a cheap business.

"Wouldn't it be nice not to be so glamorous, Father?"

Interrupting in a calm and elegant tone is the young man who has been silent until now to watch what happens. Rich, soft golden long hair, blue eyes. The detailed facial construction is neat, and the floating expression seeps through the goodness of the growth.

Linus Strain Ovenil, my seven-year-old, separated brother.

"Turius is a smart kid. That path he will take with enthusiasm, may I offer you some support?

"Oh! The boulder is my brother, you know it well!

I shouted delightfully.

He's not like his father, who leaves his territory alone. When I was this father, I was socializing. Even though I said what it was, the reality is I'm just immersed in the luxury of living in the king's capital. Not once or twice, such as when a guest invited to a nightclub heard him slap his pussy in the luxury of his father. In that regard, my brother Linus is a study-keen hard-worker. When it comes to luxury, it's about the hobby of tea, and later it's the first living of the quality rigidity itself. Maybe even if my father came around tomorrow and still inherited the house, it would surely be better than it is now. It's the mouthpiece of his brother. As far as I'm concerned, it's very helpful.

But when my father sipped the soup in disgust, he snorted unhappily.

"Didn't you start tapping one end of your mouth, Linus?"

There was more discomfort in his eyes than when he was preaching to me.

"As a strange man, it would be more convenient."

And this is the word. What the hell is wrong with my brother?

"Oh, Father..."

My brother also took a short breath.

Indeed, as brothers contending for the next principals, it would be convenient for rivals to be drowning in a frigid hobby of alchemy and the like. But that's the same for me. If my brother is a good successor, I can focus on my research.

"Even a fine man like my brother is strange, and my father has a high ideal."

I snapped back and pinched my mouth. [M]

"If you want such a good heirloom, why don't you have a posterior soon?

"Hey, Turius"

Even my father, who strips his eyes out of his heart. He doesn't currently have a wife. The woman who hits me and my brother's mother has died after giving birth to me. Everything is that postpartum fatigue was poor.

Though my father has also recently become more prominent with gray hair, it is still a man's year. I don't think it's surprising that he married his late wife, but he doesn't have quite a new edge because he already has two righteous sons. Even so, assuming it's the Count's house and not a bad gold spin. I don't think it's strange to have one or two women looking for balls from around the baron's house.

He says with a bitter face.

"... if you wash your feet from alchemy, you want it to come true soon, don't you?

What is this guy talking about?

"Please stop. It is the source of unnecessary disturbances that disturb the order of the elderly, even though there are no clear deficiencies. I'm sorry."

It is a death flag famous even for the Three Kingdoms, such as the eldest son, not to mention the cuteness of the younger child. Two of the great factions destroyed by Cao Cao have filled this: the Yuan family and the Liu family in Zhouzhou. Even the guys who were stronger than Liu Bei and Sun Quan at the time are like that. There is no reason to bother with it in this Ovenil family. Even the kingdom of Arquel, to which we belong, is fundamental to our first-born inheritance.

I don't know what to say, but I think my father, who takes me to ignore it flatly, is pretty stupid.

"It's common for parents of the world to be as adorable as the children they later made. That's why I can't get through to you like a toy to the marks of your house. First of all, my brother is a fine successor from my brother. Hey?"

Turning his gaze for consent, his brother was majestically pulling his face apart.

"Oh, oh... I'm glad you told me that, too, Turius"

And whine in sigh.

"... this is what happens because I'm smart about children's habits."

I hear you, brother. Though I suppose you're going to whisper.

My father is probably a prodigy who outgrows my brother because I speak like an adult this year? I guess I'm under the illusion, for example.

It's also simply the act of memory when I was an adult before I was reborn. In short, the chicken, crushed, is cheat. If I may say so, my brother is the brilliant child who punches himself in to succeed him at the age of fifteen. Absolutely better than when I was the same age in my previous life. [M]

I have no intention of behaving like a child now. When I was a baby, I came from underneath, on top of all the drooling, spoiling myself to a life where I was sucked to the milk of a nanny. That kind of play is only painful for humans who don't have that hand sexuality. I endured that for over a year. If you are self-conscious as an adult, if you can stand and walk on your own, it is a human being who also wants to talk like that.

Though it may be said that the inability to be patient and oblivious like that is more childish.

My father coughs up one gophone.

"Well, suppose I leave that. Turius, you've turned eight, too. Not the year you'll always be interested in playing, huh?

A nobleman who is interested in playing extravaganza every day says something, but I will indulge him for a moment. Parental authority is absolute. Because that's what a house of nobility is.

"It's time for you to remember what it's like to be a man of nobility. So, we're going out to Slave City this afternoon."

"Slave, is it?

I can see my face getting sinister myself.

Slavery. The bottom line in this differential society. It is a world unrelated to the modern idea that equality is a fundamental human right. That's about a slave. On the contrary, in harsh environments such as mines, slavery is the main worker.

And when they become wealthy among nobles and civilians, they even have slaves to make them work in their homes. Whatever it is, I'm not letting the slaves do it. Because when you are rich, your family needs something worthy.

In the case of this Ovenil family, the family is mostly civilians because it is a noble nobleman called the Count family. When he becomes one who is involved in flanking and government affairs, he serves from the house of a junior nobleman who is a jury. When I say let the slaves do it in as many years as the Counts do, is it a hard and dirty job to make people do it in that capacity... or the subordination of a child who is not yet used to manipulators. This is why we start with slavery and get used to letting people order us, in order with the civilians, the lower nobles.

Sure, I'm eight years old, and I can start saying that, but I have a bad feeling about it.

I heard terribly. [M]

"Uh, I don't mind that... because how much budget can I get?

"Don't worry. I'll borrow my allowance for next month in advance and send it."

I knew it! I look up to heaven unexpectedly.

The study of alchemy naturally goes to fund pennies from my father. Though a child's allowance, it's only one crack in the son of two counts, just money to give to it. As an eight-year-old, it was a disproportionately luxurious budget.

But what happens next month when people buy slaves using pennies? We don't have enough money to get in the way of research after the next month. Even materials and laboratory equipment are not Roja, and naturally they will be reduced if used.

There is also the issue of the cost of maintaining slaves. Even if the cost of food can be managed with leftovers from the house, the cost of clothing will be multiplied. Because even they must be dressed as my servants, the children of the Count. If I get further sick or injured, I will even hang up on the cost of treatment.

Even the money for that, will my father give it to me? No, there's no reason to let it out. I've done enough pennies, so I'm done with it later because of the construction. My father disagrees with it from the beginning, even if he complains that he can't continue his alchemy research.

My father laughs at the gain.

"It's a good opportunity. You, too, change your mind and make your way as a son of nobility."

In short, this means a reshaped order to discontinue the study.

I'm not kidding. Quitting alchemy research means being able to accept the life of the end when you die. There's no way you can be admitted to living back in a blessed corner and turning back into that world of nothingness in less than a hundred years!

I managed to withdraw this...,


No, wait, wait, wait.

My slave, that means you can use it as I please. If you don't mind me moving every human being on my own, that's what I'm saying.

Then... wouldn't it matter if I used it as an alchemy assistant?

I think it's a nice idea.

Originally, I felt stuck in research these days. No matter how much adult knowledge and intelligence you possess, there were limits to the research you would continue on your own. With more new manpower there, the range of what can be done should also be greatly expanded. At least, if you pair me with a slave, the head count will go from one to two and double by simple calculations.

Of course, you will have the hassle of planting alchemy on a slave who has no knowledge whatsoever, but if you do well, the return is greater than that.

Think about it that way, it's not a bad story. On the other hand, it's a boat.

"Sure, Father's right - maybe it's a good opportunity"

I lay down my face and answer quietly. [M]

To hide the joy that came to mind and the look that made me laugh in disdain at the person I deceive.

It would be good. It is a expensive purchase with a full budget for next month. Find an exquisite flying slave and get him!

My father didn't even hide his cheeky face in my reply, and my brother looked at me somewhere smelly.

That is why it is the slave market of Brosenne.

Though in the corner of the city, there is a lot going on in the King's Capital under heaven, and even I, a child of nobility, can get in. Not that I have anything to think about as a former and modern Japanese, but that, if I don't suffer the pain, I should acquiesce to a certain extent. Long live the impersonalism.

"So, boy. What kind of slave do you want?

Saying so in a legendary tone was a servant attached to me by my father as an escort and patron.

He is a former civilian who was allowed to name a generation of knights, apparently. I don't know him very well because he's not close. You think you know a lot about our unfamiliar descent? The world knows better.

I guess it's because it's on his body relatively close to the lower tier, his eyes pointing the price tag down from his neck along with the silver collar have a stronger color of pity than contempt. Still around the area where contempt cannot be completely erased, the sentiments towards the slaves of the civilians (and their close identities) can be glimpsed.

"Hmm, because it also means my teaching material for ministerial education... it's good to be as young and close to old as you can be. When you look at being my assistant, if only you had some magical qualities."

His convenience was not taken into account, and I stated only the specifications I requested. Alchemy is a form of magic at the same time as it is academic. I won't talk to you without some magic. By the way, I can use magic, too. A little bit of flame magic to play with and a little bit of healing magic to heal small wounds is about fine healing magic though.

"Huh? Beautiful place, that kind of thing outside?

"That's gonna cost you a lot."

If I may add, it's too early for a slave of my age for that kind of pleasure. Well, it felt better to be beautiful, cute, and look good, but it was also ridiculous to throw a lot of money for it.

"I mean, let's start with the cheaper ones sequentially"

Slaves in the lower age bracket are cheap, unless there are as many exceptions. Children close to the age I seek should also be concentrated in such outlets.


Replying squire also turns his face into an administrative one. Fine. It doesn't matter what you think. I hope you do what you need and don't do what you don't need.

and other cute and zero thoughts, while identifying slaves.

The main commodity is still the son of a peasant who was forced to sell himself. In societies where agriculture is underdeveloped, large numbers of farmers suffer from one cold or drought. Even if there is no disaster, if the Lords are foolish and heavily taxed, they will not be better off at all. Still, for them, their own children are a valuable workforce that is made to work free of charge. I'm going to give birth like a rat to get it, so with a little change of circumstances, a child who is no longer dependent is put up for sale.... this country, the kingdom of Arquel, should be blessed with the food situation compared to other countries, but why are there so many farmers in need? Must be because the guys standing up there are pretty basin dark. Like our owner or something.

Let's get back to it. Then many are criminals. There is nothing advanced about prison on this continent of Itusella, a civilizational level to the extent that it is medieval or Renaissance. At least, I had no idea of a facility that would hold large numbers of civilians in one place. The captured offender is once held in a cell and released on bail for a misdemeanour. If you can't pay or the sin is heavy, drop it into slavery. If it's a felony, it's execution. Sometimes grand aristocrats and high priests are allowed to engage in hiding on the border - in the name of house arrest - but it seems to be an exception. Is it okay to buy a slave for an ex-con? It would seem, but there it is. As much as it is anti-treason with the magic of obedience. A silver collar hung around their necks is where it comes from. Boulder fantasy, as long as it's attached to magic, I can't get through.

So, the least of them are the dwarves of the elves. Yes, subhuman. There are non-human intelligent creatures in this world. There are other humane species like them, also known as long-lived species, as well as word-speaking dragons, neither of which I have ever seen. Because the number of mothers is small in itself, and it's hard to catch them. Naturally, even if it flows to the market, the value is high. Honestly, it's not something you can buy for a child's allowance, even though it's in the Count's house. Besides, there are race walls and often less loyalty, and if a race is better at magic than a person like an elf, it threatens to unlock the magic of obedience on its own. I have a romance, but given my current situation, it would be out of the question.

My aim is the second named ex-convict… to be precise, the connection. When one house is destroyed due to house disturbances, suspicions of conspiracy, etc., the child is tired and dropped into slavery. In other words, affordable slaves who may be somewhat educated flow to the market. Even for me, it saves me the hassle of my initial education, so I want those slaves so much that I can get my hands out of my throat.

A noble child would most likely have magical qualities as well.

Magic, the source of magic. Whether or not it is equipped with this is probably a physical object, and to some extent it is inherited from the parent to the child. Besides, magic cannot be used without proper upbringing, including spells and operational laws. Basically, it's Heiso's privilege. That would be the case, too. In this untapped continent of Ithusela in science, the main weapons are swords and magic. Since there can be no revolution in the civilian population, the necessary texts for the acquisition of human resources and magic with magical qualities shall be strictly controlled by the aristocratic class. Some convenience stores, such as Adventurers, have magicians, but Arre is also probably a nobleman's string or a fallen nobleman himself.

With that in mind, check every slave from a cheap order.

If you have some magic in mind, you can tell about the magnitude of the magic that is drooling. Of course, there is a technique to hide it, but the owner of such a technique would be quite expensive. Falsely delude the seller into bothering to make himself cheap? If you're the owner of a legitimate nerve, that's not it. No one would wear the same room clothes and branded suits they bought in the bargain. Cheap means that treatment after being bought will be commensurate with that. The principle is to sell the only and supreme possession of oneself as high as possible when forced into a situation where it has to be sold.

Um, I can't find this inside. Magic is still rare. The same is true of an educated slave. I can't help it, why don't we move to a slightly higher grade product outlet?

And that's when I thought.

"... oh?

I feel something hooked into my senses. [M] Pretty fine magic. It feels faint, but well crafted. But how weak was hooked. To my knowledge, the quality and quantity of magic is basically proportional. It is rare inside that these magic powers are good in quality but scarce in quantity.

Are you dying? Basically, the only people I meet who are stuck in the mansion and doing research are people who are in good health. A half-dead, breathless human being has not had much experience meeting him. If you have rare magic, it's even worse. I saw it several times if it was the scene where my father or brother ventured out and let the slave die, but the boulder had no magical qualities for its victims. Nevertheless, killing even that brother Linus without hesitation is that he is truly not treated as a human being.

Anyway, I turned my face toward the magic I sensed that it might be a dig.

"This guy is cruel..."

A squire man leaks a potpourri at what was at the end of his gaze.

Sure, this is terrible.

There she was, maybe a girl. Wouldn't one or two be lower than mine today because of my physique?

Long black hair has a lot of residue that has passed through it, but now it is disturbed by the rust. Because of the goodness of the flesh and the whiteness of the skin, before I let myself fall into this place, I make it clear that I had a good life there. But that was miserable the other way around.

How he was hit so hard in the face so many times, swollen all over the place, where his eyes are and his nose. It's probably the reason why the word, etc. was attached to infer gender. It's not what I found out. What you're wearing is a crude piercing coat for slaves like a hollow hemp bag. If you look closely, it is black and dirty with dry blood and dirt only at the hip. The lacerations or the lower torso are not functioning. I guess it's after the original seller treated it pretty rough and enjoyed it before it was dropped into this market. How stubborn for a single-digit old opponent. It's a world I don't understand.

Totally terrible short notice. Sell it away as clean as you can, it would have been a wrapped up gold.

I saw Chirali and her price tag.

"... high"

The whining leaks by accident.

The price I was given was too high a budget. [M] It wasn't a price to lose to a death like you were breathing hard.

It has a rare magic power, which is also a pretty good quality, so I don't know what else to do, but I think I can at least treat it. That would put one or two ranks in line at the upper outlet as well. No, if it's healthy, then the amount of magic will go back to normal, so wouldn't it be strange if it just came with today's highest price?

Well, the slave market is not the magician's good offices. Even though I knew it had some magic, I guess the seller didn't even understand how much it was. I feel a lack of corporate effort, but that's why I didn't have a brother-in-law to demand improvement.

"Let's go, boy. He's a pathetic kid, but I can't help it."

A squire man gently pulls his sleeve.

I shook it off.

"Well, don't wait."

Ignore the breathtaking squire and give in beside her.

If you quantify it, there are still no traces of labor on your hands. My right wrist is broken, but my palms are beautiful.

The barefoot feet were rubbed or scratched on the stone floor, but the nails were shaped. The area around the back of the foot or the candle that is not bordered by the floor is intact. I guess I lived in shoes and socks before they sold me.

He's still a good family boy. It fell or was kidnapped, and at the end of it, it was dropped into this slave market.

I mean, it's likely that he's the child I'm looking for and who has some education.

... I thought about it for a while.

One, my age is close to mine, suitable for the educational material my father is looking for.

There's another possibility of the educated kid there I'm looking for.

And... magic is so superior.

To be clear, the likelihood that this much delicacy will be available is not so high, including in the future. That's what's being thrown and sold at a price within reach.

The only problem is that it's not so bad to die at this moment right now.

Can I buy this girl? Hooray if you take me home and pick up my life. but if you turn to the bad guys, I've spent the whole penny for next month and bought one of the bodies, which could be something. What happens when you do? You'd be better off if you were to the point of eating a sermon that you did something stupid. If you do poorly, you can't keep a lot of money in a child who makes such stupid purchases, and you can also get your pennies reduced after next month.

Other than that?... Nothing in particular.

Of course, my reputation would be ruined. My father shouldn't be as adorable as he ever was. But what happened to it? The problem is that my father could succeed me because of his cuteness. Then you have to contend with your older brother, who is your eldest son, and if you beat him, you will be pursued in your affairs as Earl's Head, and not in research. No, in the worst case scenario, I fear I will be destroyed because of the disturbance in your house.

Given that, some loss would be among the upfront investments in the future. You can leave the Lord's seat to your motivated brother. I would be satisfied if I could get some support from him to do research leading up to immortality. Even if you buy a dying slave and it dies soon, the trouble is that the research stops for a while or so. The research was originally stuck. Then you can spend the next time thinking it's a long break that God gave me until the wrapped up gold comes in.

Originally off, if you hit it, you make money. If you think about it, buying this slave is like buying a lottery.

The wounds I suffer are manageable, and this girl gets a chance to heal the wounds and pick up her life. My brother is relieved of his successor's status by the loss of his rivals, and my father can understand who really deserves a stepchild. Oh, my God, it fits in circles!

"All right. Let's buy this kid"


A man of his servants looks up to him with great admiration. I don't believe it, that kind of look. It would be a normal and legitimate reaction.

I ignore it and peek into the girl's face. [M] The stench pounds his nose with a tung, but ignores it. If you mix medicines every day, you'll get used to this level of odor.

"You, what's your name?


The girl with the swollen face muttered with a groan about something. Did you name it exactly as you were asked, did you throw up even in bad shape, or was it just a rumor? I can't judge. [M]

"Well, when I can answer, I'll ask you again. So, yeah... who do I take the buyout story to?

When I took the conversation, the seller gave me two replies, even though he looked stinky.

Well, I stuck my foot in a coffin, like a slave I can't see second. A child who buys it and goes, no matter how suspicious it may be, is not enough.

- That's how I got her.

without knowing what that will mean in the future.