Ouroboros Record ~Circus of Oubeniel~

088 And the journey continues

- In front of her, the world was burning.

Everything is trampled, crushed, and put to fire like firewood.

Hell where old, young, men and women swallow indiscriminately and without discrimination.

In it, one man laughs.

"Knock... hehe... hahahahahahahaha!

A pile of debris and corpses that are also invisible. It was a delightful laugh, disproportionate to the sight.

No, I laugh happily at the bottom of a cauldron in hell. If that's the devil, then maybe it's not too cute.

The devilish man spread his hands toward the view in front of him. Like hugging something dear. Or don't miss your prey and stop.

"Oh, finally! Finally, the time has come for my wish to come true!

Trance colors are also voices full of dewy joy colors.

What's wrong with the sound of it? My hair gets better and I even get nauseous.

Behold, this sacrifice and all that has been accomplished. Hear, the flames that burn, and the demons that rise out of their vortex. Where would anyone like to hear the voice of a monster bored with joy in such a tragic state?

"There's nothing horrible about it anymore! From this moment on, I will be eternal!"

That's right, one man with tears of joy.

His hair was stained with red copper, and his glowing eyes were like snakes.

"- Hurrah. Hey, Irmaella!

Irmaella opened her eyes haphazardly to the sound of her ears and the feeling of her hands shaking her shoulders hard.

Unexpectedly look around with nervousness.

The visibly visible landscape is a forest of dark shades somewhere and a narrow path paved to pass between them. The land on the other side over the Great Mountains of the partition, Zanktogaren - no, it is the landscape of Elpis-Roane in front of it.

"Oh, that? What's that... a dream?

"... it's too much sleep because it's a carriage trip."

To say that in a disconnected manner was Yongdu, who is present in the carriage. Elisha, who was out of hand in the opposite seat, also opens her mouth with a bitter smile.

"Don't say that, boy. Anyway, I just finished crossing the mountain. I've been pretty exhausted in Voldan, and I can't help but feel the fatigue I've been accumulating."

"Mountain, over..."

Yes, I recall. The Irmaella and other Omnian missions were on their way across the mountain to Zanktogaren.

About three days ago, he saved a pioneering village in the mountains that was attacked by that oak and had just managed to break the road of difficulty with supplies further supplied by the Ovenil family. The once demolished crested carriage has also been restored to this street and runs down the street in order to load it into the luggage truck going down the mountain road. He said he was finally back on schedule.

"Seems like you've been stuck for a long time, but what was wrong with your dreams?

"Yeah, yeah. I don't know if I'm lucky enough to say I'm in front of my destination."

Say, shake your head gently.

After all, what was your dream now? Is the fatigue of the journey and the sour nose situation I saw during the oak crusade, just a nightmare that they seemed to go hand in hand?

Or, alternatively,

(No way, a new proclamation...?

What Irmaella remembered was a kind of futuristic view that a cleric with excellent powers said he would rarely see. The prediction of possible threats to humanity in the near future takes the form of dreams. It was also the proclamation that once fell into her dreams that made Yongdu the cut of summoning her to this world.

She lays her eyes down and plays with the content of the dream she just had.

- Hell pictures of people dying and the cities falling apart.

- In the midst of a world collapse, a creepy man who laughs.

- Her hair is red, her eyes lacking warmth are like snakes.

(... Lord Ovenil?

A man with similar characteristics to the person who appeared in his dreams was recalled.

Turius Shrounan Ovenil. A young nobleman with red tea hair reminiscent of copper or blood rust and snake tattoos on his family crest. A person who built a system on the territory that makes the torture of slavery a reality. Think about it, think about it. But he was a creepy man, like a saboteur who showed up in a nightmare. Is he the one who poses such a threat to the world that he is comparable to the Demon King?

(No, that's... over-thinking, I'm sure)

She shakes her head gently and denies it.

No matter how many times such proclamations can be made in a short period of time. It is true that the Marquis Ovenil was an inconsistent opponent, but that evil impression would have just come to a dream. Ning Ro, it is not my inability to abandon such prejudice that I should reflect - the common sense that Irmaella has developed, that is how I made my decision.

"What are you looking at all alone? You're a disgusting guy..."

"Ugh... su, sorry"

Ilmaella blushes slightly when she hears Yongdu next door spitting poison. I realized now that I kept on exposing myself to this distressing appearance, and I was embarrassed.

But on the other hand, I think so.

(You've just spoken to me from Master Ute, haven't you?

Since one incident with Fantoni, and when he was interrogated about his conversation with his father, Yongdu hasn't even turned his hatred against him. Yet now he is turning his words and intentions here. Can we just say this is small and move forward... and capture it?

"Hey, Irma. Don't you ever guess what a boy like that has to say? The only people who understand and give in to this problem are adults - adults who have done well, too. He's young, and he's not the protagonist of the story. We need to act from this side of the spectrum, rather than high hopes for our young opponents'

I remember the words Elisha told me in the cave. If followed, Yongdu showed us the gait - like a sign of - that should be high hopes if it were to be. So now it's your turn to respond to it from the side of Irmaella?

Swallow gokuri and solitary spit. I pushed my heart squeaking with one hand. After taking exactly one minute of your will, that much time, she finally cuts it out.

"Oh, that! Master Ute?"

"Hey, what is it?

He stretches his face as if surprised by a voice that's too loud. but there was no rejection. He's turned to this one, and he's taking a listening stance.

Irmaella felt something jammed in her chest with slight relief, but kept trying to shake it off.

"... oh, I'm sorry!


"Uh... we, no, I'm so sorry you got into my unsolicited situation!

I say once and for all, I bow my head deeply.

That I have summoned him as a brave man without any connection to the battle. To take responsibility, but not even have the means to return it to the original world until it defeats the Demon King or stops the resurrection. And that I have broken his heart mischievously, having lost one person to a different world without a stopover. An apology to them.

I don't think you'll forgive me. She doesn't even have the skills to make amends yet. I don't even want you to forgive me. Irmaella just wants you to know now. that there is someone beside Yongdu who wishes to fill the void, at least a little, of his heart wound. You may remember something nosy about it being the culprit of things. Even so, I didn't like to keep tormenting him in that loneliness until I found the right answer to reward him.

To apologize is to do it not for yourself who has sinned, but for the person who has been hurt by sin. The girl, still young, finally realized it.

fulfilled, he received it,

"Okay, I get it."

"... Huh?

"So, you know what?"

That's what I said, I turn to you again like I'm stubborn.

I'm not forgiving you. But there's no reason to refuse. Just accepting the word, that's what I answered.

Nothing has been resolved, but nevertheless the relationship between the two went one step further. To that sure feeling, the girl's breasts leap.

"Oh, thank you, Master Ute!

"Don't shake it. It's not like you're so happy."

"Uh. That's true, but not for me."

"... uh. It's still strangely hot to say it's spring. Do you mind if I open the carriage window?

I can hear Elisha's chilling bar reading somewhere. To that voice, Yongdu disputed as if in a hurry.

"Hey, no. Elisha, this is not..."

"? No? Uh, so you didn't apologize enough!?

"-No, for that matter...... oh too! You're a troublesome bitch, you!

Yongdu says so like he's in a hurry for some reason. It doesn't change that it's frustrating. However, if I honestly put my emotions on the table unlike before, would it be Irmaella's eyes that seemed so?

Over the mountains the carriage goes the way. Even if there is a difficulty, get over it and move forward one by one. If that's what you're going to do. No, I want it to be. The girl with hope in her chest had forgotten something she had only glimpsed into her dreams.

- It was not about such a distant future that I regret that.

A small town that should also be referred to as the entrance to the province of Elpis. So the line was to break up with the mission. Originally, the purpose of Turius and others was to inspect the New Territories. Unlike them who rush their itinerary to Zanktogaren, the aim is to slowly quantify the land.

That was the superficial name.

"Oh, boy. You've finally gotten away with trouble."

Saying, Turius slowly lowers his back to the chair. This is the hall of deputies who rule the town. This is their first place to stay when they arrive in Elpis. Instead of Marlan's residence, it is inferior to the mansion of the city of Voldan, but it would be a range of patience to use for a temporary stay. Occupying that room, he had just become comfortable after measures such as soundproofing and disturbing telescopy. When will the samurai serve the tea prepared?

"Good luck, I'm guessing"

"Totally. It doesn't matter how much you care about the great man of religion on top of that in a foreign emissary. You're not tired."

Sip tea while bumping and zeroing. His original preference is for coffee over tea, but coffee beans are not grown on this continent for many minutes. If you want caffeine without paying the canales merchant high, there was nothing more out there than a cup of tea.

At his feet like that, one black cat rubs off to sweeten.


I rang and stroked the cat jumping on my knees with one hand, either without a heart or soothing my eyes.

"Whoa, okay...... but Omnia also says her hips are as heavy or uneven as ever. Now I'm a messenger to Zanktogaren, right? I wish you'd stopped me within last year anyway."

"That way, Your Excellency didn't have to carry a package called Elpis-Roane, either, did you?

It is Rubel, the accompanying Home Secretary, who jokes. Viktor's share of preparing for domestic circumstances that still do not allow predictions is also intended to wash out the problems of the new territories. Even for him, I'm not impressed by those who forced extra spending on entertainment, support in the name of donations, etc. There was no choice but to seep some abomination in the bitter laughter.

"Well. It's not bad for us to stop the civil war in Zanktogaren."

"It was mainly small and medium-sized federal constituencies that wore out in the Voldan campaign. It is more convenient for dissatisfaction to be smoked within the Federation than for Alliance leader Grandonburg to establish hegemony on the occasion of a civil war."

"That sort of thing. I want them to do well."

Turius was entrusted with the land of Elpis-Roane in order to counter its military pressure with Xanctogallen as his virtual enemy. If so, it is better to continue to pan without being squeezed out of the pus that the enemy has in his blemishes. Even though his country is a militarily powerful country, it cannot go out with internal discord.

"But will it work?

"It'll work. Our operation, no, because the experiment will help."

experiment. That's what Turius said of the essence of this plot. Just direct damage to the Voldan battle or more. Any plan that could rock the entire continent, including the aftermath, is just an experiment, he said.

Trial disturbances and Wangdu fires last year. And last year's Voldan battle. It is a case of no less tragic calamity. Confidence that we have focused massively on them and made them successful. Above all, the shedding of Lavalle, the greatest enemy in terms of plot. The heretical alchemist decided that experimentation on a scale that had never been possible under the circumstances.

Rubel still can't stop anxiety. What is going to be done is not just an experiment. I have heard time and again that it is also effective for the survival and subsequent extension of the middle-way faction led by Turius. Still, the magnitude of the damage assumed. I thought you were missing something unexpected. One or two of those fears come to mind.

"Are you scared, Rubel?

The man, who is nothing but a pawn, sweats small and cold in the word of the Lord as if he had seen through his heart.

"I'm afraid... there is. but you have a more creepy feeling than that."

"A hunch is another thing that's not like you."

"This is rude. But all I can say is yes."

"Sir Rubert says..."

and Uni pinched his mouth.

"- Does this mean that the impact of this measure produces unexpected results? For example, what the Holy Kings call the expansion of demonic forces and hence the resurrection of demonic kings."

Strengthen your face that you have read your thoughts accurately once again.

Jean-Jacques Rubert is a realist who admits himself. Normally, he listens from right to left, such as Somen's end-of-life discussion sermon. but this time the situation was.

Increased frequency of demons in Voldan. This is by no means the intention of Turius. It is only in the mountains of Marulan that we farm demons like livestock that are the material for our research. It has also been compromised so that it will be in the right number in a sequential manner, and it may be distressed so that it does not affect outside the defined areas. Also low in oak and goblins, its habitually reproducible substitutes are far from Turius' taste and demand. What happened in the back of the mountains in eastern Voldan this time was completely out of the envisioned range.

If this is not the foretaste of the scourge preached by the clergy - there will be no choice but to have such an imagination overhead.

"The Resurrection of the Demon King,"

A giggle rattling down my throat. In that voice Rubel tastes another frigid chill.

"If it's possible, it's interesting inside. Even if it were defeated, it would come back over time. It's perfect for immortality."

Saying so, the heretical alchemist laughs spirally. Even a dreadful existence that threatens the world has to be just one of the samples for itself. In his hands, the black cat rattled his throat as if it were in tune.

"It's not every laugh, my lord. If it does, isn't it your crisis before immortality?"

"It's okay. The Omnians seem to be handling it."

"Just a request for a truce in diplomacy really fits in?

"No, not that. Preparing the Means of Countering the Demon King"

To what Turius said, a bewildering rubel.

Speaking of means against the Demon King, is it still a summons of the brave? But I have no information that the Omnian Empire has moved for it. If he had actually gone there again, he would make a big announcement from the other side without even having to look into it. Even if he kept it a secret under some political circumstance, it would not fall to Tullius to perceive it first.

"Well, it's not possible to say otherwise for a moment. That would be too obvious. What a boy like that beside the young Virgin."

"... Your Excellency, do you think that boy is a brave man?

Saying, I remember a brunette, dark-eyed boy who was accompanying the mission. Turius, I think, had an interest in that boy for a long time. The last time I heard it, it was teased, but did that mean I saw him as a brave man? But why? Where did such a sudden idea spring from?

"It's probably a mixed presumption. The rationale is... I can't help but tell Rubel I don't believe it anyway. Hey, uni?

"Yes, sir. I was wondering if it would be difficult to convince Sir Rubert, given the prerequisite conditions."

"Um, I have trouble being convinced by you two alone..."

"Nothing. You wouldn't be in any trouble, would you? It doesn't change what you're supposed to do, and this time there's not so much to do. Good luck in your internal affairs and gather information. We'll do what we do."

When I say so, I mouth the slightly cooled tea again. This would be a sign that we're not willing to keep talking about it anymore. In fact, when Turius opened his mouth the next time, the story was turning to things about his future plans.

"Uni. Did you turn the blueprint to the lab?

"Yes, no lag"

"Are those drawings that you kept writing in the carriage even during your journey across the mountains? What is it, alle?

I also feel bad that everything is decided over my head. Rubert pinched his mouth without hesitation.

Now, he seemed to give me a proper answer.

"Oh, alle? He had something interesting. I figured out the general structure when you showed me in the meantime, so I could recreate some of the features."

"Is that boy again... did such a child possess a substitute that would attract His Excellency's interest?

Something I worked on drawing while complaining about the carriage vibration, not to mention the Elpis-Roane inspection meeting. That's what Turius does. It won't be a busy thing anyway, Rubel predicts. But then I can't figure out that it belongs to that mediocre boy.

"That face says, 'You're making something that's not even busy again'. When I come with you at all, it's always there."

Let your heart be centered and thrilled. but fortunately the lord hasn't offended me as much as he says. I'm looking at this one with a creep and people's bad grin.

Turius continues.

"What he had was a phone - oh no, it's like a small computer. There are many other features, but that's all I need."

"Calculator, is it?

Rubel imagines what he's saying would be like an Abacus. But would the man in front of you show interest in such a thing? There seems to be no involvement in life-extending alchemy or life-saving weapon development.

I looked at Uni as confused. The person most familiar with Turius' research is this made-up slave who has been an assistant for many years. I thought she might know something.

"... in my opinion, your husband's wisdom is not enough."

Unfortunately, even Uni seems difficult to understand.

Turius flaunts his shoulder.

"Well, this is a level substitute for 'I wish I could' even for me. If it's useless, think of another hand, and it's a tool to use in other fields than immortality."

"Is it hard to make, even if your Excellency tries to take the real thing in his hands?

This is an unexpected statement. You can make any object by grasping the structure and materials as long as you have it, and preparing the materials you need - wasn't that alchemy? I don't know about the other alchemists, but that should have been the case for Turius Shrounan Ovenil.

Compared to the human cerebral miso that he used to mock about the high calculator, it seems quite simple.

"It's a strange thing... I can't believe that Golem's operation center is easy to make or modify the human brain, but it's hard to produce an electronic computer."

"Densi......? No, whatever that is, what good is a calculator?

"It's a lot. Especially in weapons development. Ballistic calculations will require a number of different and troublesome formulas... It's not just about distance and angle, it has to include corioli force and all that."

Another term came up that I didn't understand very well. This man doesn't seem to be comfortable explaining things easily to the gatekeepers.

Guess Rubel's perplexity, or Uni will partially supplement it from side to side.

"Specifically, it will be used for the design and operation of the 'Guardian of the Rhini', which is currently entrusted to Seyce for construction"

"Oh, is that you..."

A substitute for such a touch as a strategic weapon, which Turius distributes to the new territory, El Pis-Roane. It is unknown what it is, but they say they are pouring in and building iron ore, a local specialty, like hot water. Naturally, this can't be on the table. Thanks to this, it is the feather of double-producing the books in preparation for audits from the State.

From Rubel's point of view, honest story, suspicious if it helps, it just seems like a giant toy......

"Other than that, the application is good - well, if we can talk about this. There are also a number of other priority projects.... So? How's the planting going for that top priority? - Jet."

Water was pointed at a fourth person who had not previously joined the conversation. No, can I call that a person? A black cat, who was lenient on Turius's lap, looks up gently.

"You can say it's delicate, maker."

Wrong doesn't sound like animal ringing, perfect human language. It was also a deep, grown man's low voice.

"We've already mobilized the necessary fighting power. Plus, I was wondering if the insurers would work fine."

"It's fine to be confident, but be careful not to overconfidence07. Given the significance of the experiment, you can't tolerate failure, can you?

"This is another tough word. My brotherly females are in trouble because they are all in this state."

An unusual situation where cats talk. But there is no one in this room who shows surprise at that. The 'work' of having the ability to transform and use it - Opus 07 Jet. His presence has already been communicated to those who can already be described as executives of the faction. Rubel, who didn't get much of a chance to look at each other, was also already resistant to insanity. Oddly enough, it's not as admirable as it seems.

"Whoa, uni. Don't bully this kid so much, okay? The fact that the jet can be used for this job is a scattered proof from winter."

"Yes, excuse me"

"Well, it's a good thing we're cautious... so why don't we just wait and see? Until the first big experiment in a long time began."

Say, stare at Turius' face, laughing in a good mood, with Rubel's stiff face.

(Again, Your Excellency can be in a hurry)

More than once these days, the concern that has struck my head raises my sickle again.

It's no different that Turius won't stop looking for immortality, but it's been a while again these days. Once upon a time, such high-risk attempts should have shown some difficulty in how useful they would be. Nor do I think I would be more obsessed with substitutes who doubt their sanity if I just heard the infarct called "The Guardian of the Rhini".

That was his stance in putting his own conservation first. What is the reason for this radical change of direction as well?

"... I hate to admit it, but maybe that old ugly end is still affecting me"

Once upon a time when he consulted about it, Viktor had a reputation for it with a reluctant face.

"I was annoyed over the years, and eventually even Lavalle, who was going to row with this hand, couldn't resist life expectancy. Don't you think it's hard to think that that didn't affect your fear of death?

When I first heard it, I laughed at what was stupid. Is there such sentimental emotion in that Turius or something? Except for Lavalle's death and other annoying last farts, he must have slapped his hand and laughed. It seems our Lord is better to be.

However, when I see the experiment of this hoop coming off, I also get the thought that it might or might not. We are not getting our hands on doors that should not be opened to areas where we should not step too far into anxiety. Is it really okay to do this? That's what comes up later.

With a worrying handkerchief behind him, Turius told the proud 'works'.

"That's it to stall the research. Experiments will begin soon....... United Kingdom of Zanktogaren, the capital of the Grandonburg Grand Kingdom of the Allies, Galerin. That's where the experiment takes place without all the extra time."