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Key Characters/Country Introduction (Nerd Alert Issuing)

Key Characters/Country Introduction * Age complies with this edition

Lydiana von Vivoir (18)

The only daughter of the House of the Duke headed by Vivoir. Purple eyes, light brown hair. Straight hair to the back.

Because of the memory of previous life, royal polygamy is unacceptable.

He is the owner of a strong and unparalleled ability to act, always swinging around.

I grew up to be a high-spec lady, but unfortunately when I exposed the vegetables because of my divergence and blunt skills, I floated.

Basics, often take diagonal actions of imaginary scope. Military uniform adorable temperament ant.

Hobbies include cooking, reading, embroidery

Very skinny but troubled around the chest. He says he's not small, but he's not big. However, as far as the waist goes, it is thin enough to make the chief female officer call it the ideal of a lady.

Friedrich van De La Wilhelm (21)

King Wilhelm prince and blonde blue-eyed super perfect shape.

It is called by an alias such as "The Completely Independant Prince of Kings".

Excellent in swords and magic, a genius who completed imperial studies, but lived a tasteless, dry day not obsessed with anything for a long time.

I had had a problem. I inevitably had a woman for about six months, but I hate basic women.

I had a desire to get love, but I gave up.

Ever since I met Liddy, I've known love, obsession, drowning, and stunning are progressing day by day, accelerating. Lydie says Fine Macchio's "Crown Prince of Style, Belly Black Livestock"

Gregor von Pejegrini (21)

Kingdom of Wilhelm, leader of the Kingsguard Knights. The tallest and most physically fit of the childhood trainers. Dark hair, gray eyes.

Fried is a childhood friendly and best friend pattern. Two men from the Duke of Pegegrini family.

Quite a bracon, what my brother says is basic YES.

I know my brother's love heart, I hear him in love with Fried, who I want to support, and I have complicated thoughts.

He is a famous player.

She is said to be a Madame Killer and often flushes her floating name with older women.

William von Pejegrini (23)

Head of the Witchcraft Division of the Kingdom of Wilhelm. Duke of Pegegrini. A man of the house. Glenn's brother.

As a genius magician, I make a name for myself from an early age.

I like the thing about Liddy, who has been a childhood tamer since I was a young girl, and I intend to appeal to her somewhat, but pity has not been noticed at all by the person.

When I got out in front of Liddy, he thought it was the defeat that made me unable to talk properly, but there are rumors that it was just a heck of a lot. Grey eyes with dark hair, just like Glenn. Features a robe and a Monocle of Magic Fixtures showing the head of the Magic Division.

Alexei von Vivoir (23)

Liddy's fruit brother. The man in the Duke's house headed by Vivoir. Purple eyes, straight hair in silver like fresh snow. I'm putting it together in one behind me.

After completing her training in a year-long possession, she returned shortly after Liddy's engagement.

Originally near Fried's side, he has returned to his original position after his return.

Fried, Will and Glenn are childhood friendlies and best friends.

Close human opponents have a habit of speaking in a legendary tone. He's a thoughtful man and actually a hard-working temperament.

I often turn to follow my sister, who does all the chaotic things, but she hasn't noticed me in person.

Cain Lux Hiyuma (16)

The only survivor of the Hiyuma clan. It features red eyes and is abhorrent as a cursed clan. Curly brunette hair.

After the destruction of the clan, he belonged to the Assassin Guild 'Red' of the Sahaja Nation.

Grow more dizzy and powerful, by the time you are called 'The Red Reaper'.

I was looking for someone who could be my lord in his father's will, but he made a certain case, held a curse and fled. Later, Liddy saves him and exchanges a pact of subordination.

To a ninja costume, sword. Because of all the reminiscences, Liddy is totally treated like My Ninja.

Delis (age unknown)

One of only seven witches in the world, also known as drug witches.

I hate people and live secluded with ties all over town.

It deals with Derris' secret pill, the only contraceptive for women. Liddy and I became friends because we came for this medicine.

Lucas von Vivoir (44)

father of Alec and Liddy. Silver hair in purple eyes. Beautiful sturdy with black edged glasses.

Current head of the Duke of Vivoir family at the Chancellor of the Kingdom of Wilhelm.

An astute politician with a cold face, but a loving wife and a sweet side to her daughter.

Days when the daughter can escape even if she wants to marry Prince Wang as a better marriage partner, guided by the advance of her free-handed daughter.

Such a daughter was the source of the troubles, but I am relieved that I ended up carrying Prince Wang and his engagement. The hope now is to have a ceremony just now.

Carla Grimm (43)

Chief of the Royal Palace. She was originally a woman with Friedrich. Currently, full-time female officers are being trained, especially while taking care of Liddy in one hand.

Liddy's mother and I are best friends, but the interaction is now interrupted.

Share (19)

Assassins of the Kingdom of Sahaja Assassins Assassins belonging to the guild 'Black'.

A man known alongside "The Red Reaper," commonly known as "The Black Traitor".

Straight brunette with even blue shoulders. Features cat's eye.

Work clothes are priestly clothes. I always wear the reverse cross rosary from my neck.

The only way to assassinate him is to slap him in the neck. I will definitely take my neck back.

It's also because of growing up, a pretty refracted personality. Recently, I like caine with the same skill. I am even more interested in him because he called me by name.

Maximilian Dulk Da Sahaja (28)

Crown Prince of King Sahaja. There are eight side queens in the rear palace.

A beautifully shaped prince with dark gray eyes on straight silver hair, as far as the middle of his back. In a skinny physique, in the country it is called the 'Prince of Silence'.

He is a very brilliant figure, aiming for the tiger sights and their chances to kick down the Father King and take the throne.

He talked about being a master of swords and hating witchcraft, but apparently he's lying...

There are various plans to make Liddy the Queen, who matches the conditions of the Queen.

Theon Seto Evtaille (27)

Dark hair with brown eyes. He wears black framed glasses.

I love black suits.

Liddy's ex-boyfriend from her previous life who came to Wilhelm as a singer. In Talim he served as a military teacher for about two years. I am currently staying in Wilhelm and in the process of discerning if I will enter the Tabernacle of Fried.

Kingdom of Wilhelm

Located in the eastern part of the Heingrad continent, it is the most powerful nation on the continent.

The Wang capital Lintvrum is on the eastern side of the national territory and flourishes very much around Fafnir Castle.

It is also said to be a country loved by God because it is blessed with a warm climate and has rarely been in a natural disaster.

It has the ocean to the east and the mines to the west, and is rich in resources.

All the men in the royal family are in the military, and all are very good as commanders, regardless of degree of difference.


Horse-riding nomadic nation state. A pureblood-based country, called Tarimism.

Located in the north of Wilhelm, he marches what he calls a southward march in that season due to the harsh winter.

Kingdom of Sahaja

military state. More than half of the national territory is a desert country. The king's capital is Rajed. There is a Liberion Royal Palace.

resources, constantly targeting climate-friendly Wilhelm.

The birthplace of the Alliance. Especially developed is the Assassin Guild. The assassins to whom they belong have many war orphans and so on, but they can still be said to have made a vocational choice.

Irvern Kingdom

Marine nation in the south of Wilhelm.

I have relationships with foreign countries such as island countries.

It has a good quality mine and has high metalworking technology. It is also famous as a country where commerce is particularly developed and where there are many merchants.

Wilhelm and I have a relationship with Prince Wang in a friendly country.