Paintings of Terror

Chapter 1 Whitney 01 Insertion.

Afterwards, Ke Xi felt that he started from one door that day, everywhere.

First, the Teddy, who is in the community, the Teddy, which didn't have a narrow road to hug his legs like it.

Then, the 13th floor door of the building, the window fly opened, the two gray-white curtains were hanging outside the window, and they looked downstairs like two.

When Ke Xuan looked up, I felt that someone in the window was watching him, but only angle issues, it was not very true.

The man is in the shadow, only a gray face faintly in the back of the window, there is no movement, with the black window frame and two gray curtains, it seems like a black and white image.

The next thing is even more strange.

For example, he swept a bicycle on the street. Just a leg stand, only one centimeter he became the first man in history.

For example, when the Wei Dong meets at the agreement, the goods are actually late.

For example, if the two did not start the waves, just the blue sky and white clouds were clear, and the clouds were heads in the rain.

"I know that I have a good thing to come with you." Ke Xuoyou looked at the place where you were shot.

"No, last night, I finished, I should be the day of the Jiji, I should go out, I should open the room!" Wei Dong Gu is not holding his head, busy with mobile phone and smoke live.

"You are a , then eat the banana, is it ?!" Ke Xue did not breathe.

"What kind of method I have, Weijia ancestors, I am doing the lifting grandchildren of the Wei's family, but it is necessary to carry out this unique tip secret to the light." Wei Dong said, "there, there, the art gallerion."

Star Art Museum.

This art gallery is very old, the outer wall is covered with a thick layer of climbing, almost can't see the window, the door is quite new, like it is just reunified, and the door has a publicity card. Written "a certain painter's national tour exhibition".

Can the people have a few truly art? Even if there is a double-time, guests in the art galleries are also lacking.

Most of them are also like Ke Xiwei, come in to avoid rain.

A group of people gathered in the hall, either look at the rain or play mobile phones, just don't watch it.

"If you come, you will be safe, go in and see." Wei Dong couldn't live.

Originally, two people didn't think about what I had to do today, and I was called by Wei Dong, who was a V last night: "Ming children is not wave?"

Ke Xue: "Wave."

I ran out.

As a single dog that heating two hugs, the normally arranged for the two-day day is the first old place, and then where to go to the waves, meet the sister, meet gay gay, but ask for a heart, bankruptcy is not separated.

Ke Learn has no art bacteria, don't say to enjoy the painting, even the Selfie is a blurred picture, which is more than a scissors. You can shoot the effects of the piano magic. Like.

At this point, the Wei Dong is more than one hundred Picasso. It is also a beautiful hospital. Although it is finally engaged in the "Top Ten Most I want to go to the hairline of the hairline" - artist, according to customers every day It is asked to do a wonderful design picture of killing art, but it is good to have no change, and the desire for the famous painting is still slightly residual.

The cloudy child, idle is also idle, the two people shake the rain in the art gallery.

- I remembered afterwards, Ke Xunning can happen to hemorrhoids, and don't move into this art galler.

The first floor of the Star Art Museum is the painting of a certain painter.

The second floor is some of the paintings in the library, and there is a painter's original painting.

Two people visited the second floor, in front of the Western human body, forget.

"It's still a comfortable girl, and I feel very good." Wei Dong has a mouth.

"First of all, you have to have a sister." Ke looked in a socket, next to the horse.

Wei Dong's reluctant left the painting, left and right, and then headed: "There is still a showroom, what you guess will not be exhibited?"

"Brother Dei, recall your own life, when you want to come." Ke Xun said.

"What is the big truth? I am sitting on the earth, I am crying to you, I don't believe it." Wei Dong said.

Two people slowly went to the exhibition hall.

This exhibition hall is not big, and there is still no windows, only a few stunned lights, the paintings are hanging on the wall, under the light rays, the hue of each painting is very dark and strong, and blur Distinguish.

"You are right, it is really a secret play of the Spring Festival," Ke Xi sighed, "said that the light was blown up when people were secret."

The voice just fell, and the lights in the exhibition hall were flashing after a few times, suddenly suddenly, and the eyes were dark.

"... Do you want to cooperate with me, say that the light is to kill the lights?" The sound of Ke Xun sounded in the dark.

"Then do we have to cooperate with cooperation, who is the secret show?" Wei Dong was very mood, "You will be gentle to others later."

"Thank you, brother doesn't engage in the man." Ke Xi said that he touched his mobile phone from his pocket, but he didn't light the screen for a long time.

"Dead, I will die." Wei Dong's clothes are looking for, like it is also in the mobile phone, "Rely, the chain is critical, and it is full of electricity before going out. "

Ke Xue: "Wait, have you found a bit wrong?"

Wei Dong: "You said this ... No found."

Ke Xue did not pick up, and the dark exhibition hall suddenly fell into a strange silence.

Special, especially quiet, like death.

"That ..." The Wei Dong's voice took a little unnatural. "You said, will this exhibition hall will be soundproof?"

A small broken art galler of an old immunity, and even the wall of the wall, the wall, the tiger, no money to clean, and have the money to make the exhibition hall full soundproof?

Besides, what kind of sound is you needed? Does the Spring Palace have a sound of the sound of ?

Wei Dong hit a cold, heard the Kohun opening: "It is absolutely not. I can listen to the outside, some people have sneeze, even if there is no one outside, the empty exhibition hall can enlarge all the sound effects, there will be various kinds The noise is passed. But now, there is no sound. "

There is no one.

How can this be.

Even if the quiet night, stay away from the field of the city, there will be a nature's voice in subtle.

But now, it is really a very sound, people are like suddenly being turned into a vacuum, there is no sound, nor brightened.

Things are a little strange.

Silent and dark, is the source of all fear.

"Walk outside." The sound of Ke Xun sounded calm, and did not mention the two mobile phones.

"Okay." Wei Dong as much as possible, pretending to pretend what else.

It seems that as long as you don't say it, you can pass anyone in the meditation.

Two people got a while in the dark, but they completely lost the direction.

"Don't worry, this exhibition hall is not so big, I should hit the wall as much as this step." Ke Xue stopped the foot.

"You don't say it ..." Wei Dong was afraid that he would expose what it seems, and he wants to take him.

The hand is a cold arm.

"- Rely!" Wei Dong smashed this arm.

No, I didn't wait, I suddenly lit a white light in the darkness "".

"... this light is still a voice?" Ke Xuan wondered.

"Keer ..." The voice of Wei Dong sent to the body, "This is light ... Where did you come from?"

Ke is not talking.

Because he didn't know where the white light came from.

No light source, just in the darkness, it is not strong, even faintly pale.

This bunch of white falls on the wall, and there is a picture in its illumination.

Wei Dong found that the cold "arm" that I just pulled, it turned out that the metal isolation column below this picture was used to isolate the distance between the visitor and the painting, prevent someone to reach the touch. .

A annotation card between the two isolation columns is used to label and introduce the painting.

Two people look up at this painting.

Like other paintings seen before the screen, the hue is dark and blurred, only a few contours of the faint approximately.

Surprisingly, this picture of this painting, it seems to be getting clearer and clearer in both people.

Someone adjusts the resolution and clarity of the image quality in PS.

Clear, getting more and more amazing.

Huh? enlarge?

Ke Xiyi blinks, this painting seems to be accompanied by his own eyes, suddenly unlimited, the scene in the painting is like blowing the face, an invisible gas field scrapes from the body Over, oversized generally makes his body's sweat.

This air scene will disappear in the four-sided eight parties behind him. It is like a hand of the painting axis, and the axial end is far away.

Ke looked at the scene of the eyes, but I fell for a long time.

This - where is this? !

--How is this going? !

- The scene in this picture - this is so real in the moment!

"No ... is not ..." The voice of Wei Dong shivered around, "Really fake ... I must still dream ... Now, I still have last night, I slept. Now I haven't woken up now, I haven't wake up yet ... lying in the channel! - Let's see the ghost! "

Although Ke Xun although the student era is a pedicure, but it is still not confused with the reality and dreams. He distinctly realizes that it is a place or illusion where he is in the moment, it is really a dream or illusion.

Really, it is reality.

Looking up and looking up, under the dark night, the dark clouds of the dark, the four wild, the high glow is slightly divided into the wasteland, and the air is filled with smell of dirt and dust, there is no longer At a small small village who looks very desolate.

This is a part of the picture displayed on that picture.

As for other parts of the painting, Ke Xue has not come to see - or say, he is a consciousness, deliberate, don't want, or dare not look.

He only remembers what you have just been in your own light, it seems to be aiming ... terrible, there shouldn't exist in this world.

"... what can I do?" Wei Dong Liu Shen did not look at Ke Xue.

Ke Xue is also biased to see him.

One pair of two people, exclaimed by Qi Qi: "Lying!"

I saw that the original clothes did not know when the two people didn't know. At this moment, one is a fat and rough, can't see the style of white mashite, and the shoes on the feet have become a sketch.

"Lying in the trough - I am Adi!" Wei Dong's anger temporarily transcends the fear of his heart, "Nima - I was half a month's salary -"

"Shut up." Ke is a low drink, I want to take off this inexplicable dress, but I found that this Safe is the body of my meat. I will not hang it.

More and more strange and uncertain, the heart is full of heart, the Coolan throat is tight, gives up the clothes, and pulls the Wei Dong: "Hurry first think about it."

The Wei Dong nodded, and his eyes were panicked.

Ke Xi looked back and looked at it. He was also a wasteland, and it has been extended to a rich blurry place. It seems to be part of the color chaotic and pixels.

Ke Xue is uncertain to walk away, but his intuition has always been accurate - so he feels like a good choice, but it is like this to stand in the same place and Wei Dong's head and cry. Ovulation, so reached out and finger: "Go to the village."

The author has something to say:

This is a terrorist stream story of a big Shuai ratio while adventive. Well, it is called:

A painted one world, a handsome ratio.