Paintings of Terror

Chapter 382 Out of Exok (2)


This is a page of the child's picture book, and the edge is covered with the crayon. It is probably the scene that is hovering the Huang Huang, the middle is the big house in the middle, seems to wear the wall to see the rest. People, there are two people playing chess in the house, and there are two people reading books in the other corner. There are three people who are watching a computer, and a group of people sitting together and drinking chatting, there are three people outside with small stoves outside. Cook.

The house was ancient Tathel, and there was a piece of plaque with black crayons and wrote two tender words: Maple.

* - * - * - * - *

Shepherd suddenly encountered an opponent, almost every step of his step.

Yue Wei is more calm, occasionally talking to each other: "Fengzhuang is the first time."

"Well?" Mu, his fingers clamped the black and looked up, "Well."

"I see this is an old building, but from the interior decoration, cup vessel, and books, it seems like a very little hospitality; the staff here is well trained, but the attitude towards guests There are some kind of truth, lack of a habitual calm. "Yue Yu finished, looked at the chessboard, put his own white in an unexpected position.

Shepherd rushed over a while and said: "If you have come early, everyone may reduce some sacrifices."

Yue Wei was silent, so quickly smiled: "It is rare to hear Mr. Mu."

At this moment, Luo Hao's noisy sound is extraordinaries: "You are too - informed! This horror film? This is not as good as the big ear picture! It seems that I am really exercising my courage."

Li Xiachun sat in the middle: "I have always been free of horror movies anyway, because I know is a fake, it is a prop."

Wei Dong looked at Luo Wei: "You will open it in the mouth, how do you explain with your girlfriend?"

Next to the tea table not far away, Luo Hao's girlfriend is talking to her companions, there is no unqualified look, it seems that I have a weekend together to go to the lake and observe the egret.

"I haven't seen the real wild egret," Luo Wei's girlfriend smiled very sweet. "I especially like reading a simple prose when I first studied. I remember that she can't comfort you, or you No longer concerned, please remember, in our fate, there have been twelve egrets flying over the autumn lake. "

"Zhenmei," Gu Qingqing nodded frequently. "I remember to pick Du Mu's poem when I was young, there was a hand of egret: shocking Yuan Yushan to go, a tree pear falling late wind. - If it is a pear flower It is already aesthetic, but the pear is used to be a big group of flying egrets, it is really beautiful. "

These two girls simply hate late.

Wu Yushen, who had a sugar and fried chestnut, and a small saying that Shufei, who made you now immediately think of a poem describing an egret, do you have? "

"Well, two yellow Cui willows, a line of egrets on the blue sky." Fang Fei said like a stream.

"I really have you, if you give me this question in the painting, I should be forced."

Fang Fei intended to end this poem: "The blue sky is full of blue sky, and the boat has passed Wan Mountain."

"True you!" Wu Yusi has a thumbs, and looked at the Shaoling, "Shao, how do you eat the sugar and fried chestnuts, it is the case!"

- Wei Dong: "... is not, radish, how do you explain to your girlfriend?"

Luo Hao's expression looked at the motherstone on the screen and baked a thousand somatostat, biting a sweet and greasy persimmon: "We are a team, playing a" grieving " Large into the painting game. "

Wei Dong: "..."

Li Xiachun whispered: "Even if your girlfriend is not interested in the game, in case she suddenly wants to search, or talk to friends, I found no this game?"

Luo Yu is relaxing: "So, I got one with my buddy of my game company."

Wei Dong was very surprised: "I rely, I must not play this game."

Li Xiaochun: "Luo Wei, you are true love for your girlfriend."

"That must," Luo Yan stretched a lazy waist. "My girlfriend is falling here, I plan to play every fall every fall."

"Dad said, Maple will welcome us at any time." Li Xiachun even gave the idea of ​​directly in the post of the post, so you can live here every day.

Maple is a villa built in the mountains, and a glass open is built next to the villa.

Everyone can see the beautiful autumn scenery through the four-way transparent glass wall through the four-way transparent glass wall.

Outside, it is a bright and swaying October autumn light.

Ke Xue, Qin Gah and the Hall of the Hall of the Son of the nine-year-old, this moment is cooking tea in the ancient way.

Through the glass wall, the Hua Huan is looking at the son who is tired of this, and the seven-year-old daughter who is carefully painted under a big maple tree, suddenly I have a good sense of stay in the years.

Zhu Hawen next to him is burying his head, since he spent some kind of cooler knowledge, and found a related book from the bookshelf, he looked at God.

There are the most popular in Luo Yantong there, and the Hua Haru is not laughing: "Though the radish is still scarked, it is simply judge that two people are simply in this time. I think of the scene when I first drive. "

Zhu Hawen: "..."

Hua Huan said: "I drove the first time, it's really, it is really, I don't even have the eyes, I am sweating, I don't know how to open it three hours."

Zhu Hawen: "..."

Li Xiachun has already inserted: "Hua Huan, you don't know if there is anything else to drive?"

Hua Huan: "Oh? Jane to open a car, can there be other meanings?" Said to ask Zhu Hawen around, "Hao Wen, this, you have to talk about it, I have to learn you too much." The person's words. "

Zhu Hawen: "... If you want to say anything, please."

# Fifth speed

On an elliptical hard paper, if you don't turn over, it's hard to find that this is actually a unique marriage invitation.

The effect is like a small brush-like beauty pen, and the grass in the back of the invitation is outlined. All the characters are costumes, especially those who stand in the middle of the wear, especially in the picture, one of them. A very high man, full of eyes smile, form a stark contrast with its high-cooled temperament; the man around the man, the big brilliant smile, this smile is infected with everyone on the picture.

Everyone on the screen is smiling, some seem to have a greetings, some seem to talk about what interesting topic, two of which wear the ladies in the evening gown, they are surrounded by a hand The man of flowers seems to be complained, why he received a flower. And that man, staring at the flower in his hand, if you think.

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