Pampered Consort’s Acting Awards

1, wedge (completed)

Yan Xixi, August 15, Hai.

The autumn worm is rich, the Wuyun is covered.

The emperor was born, this is a big joy, but there is no joy in the Kunning Palace but there is no joy.

The Palace door is closed, if the Emonston, the Emonstone is a cold, surrounded by silence, like the eve of the storm.

The Tai Hospital is normal, and the fingers are might slightly, the droplets of the droplets slipped from the horns.

This room is afraid of the woman in the queen of the big truth, Suling.

The yarn stacked in the layer, often trembled with the throat: "Take a bowl of soup."

The palace is rushing: "Yes."

The breathing of the medicine, the breathing of Suling is weaker, her pupil is gradually scattered, conscious, "father, brother, long."

The voice falls, and everyone's look suddenly.

The world is all known to the high door after Su, and the father is the north of the country. The brothers are the Dali Temple Shaoqing Su Huai'an, the status is in this harem.

Just now, these two of the two horses are the two people who are most impossible in the Taigong Dynasty.

A lot of things have to be discounted from half a year -

In the case of less than three months, the New Emperor has been in the border, and the border of Qizhou has been committed to the army. It can be called unprecedented. General Su Da led the soldiers, and the 60,000 soldiers went to the dust.

However, in a month ago, the Governor of the Zhangzhou Governor came to report, saying that the big three thousand soldiers were trapped in the river, and the abdomen came to the enemy. Su Jingbei has entered the enemy bills, and then there is no trace.

Sujia said, there is also the strength of the dragon, there is no death certificate, no one dares to act rash.

It can be followed, and some people find out the sin of Sujia Tong's Empress Subject - the town of the country, and a secret road that has been repaired for ten years.

Follow the clues, criminal ministers, Jinyiwei, the night, check the Jingcheng family, the restaurant, the teahouse, catching a more than 100 people, which is related to Sujia.

The above, is the death certificate.

The Town National University General passed the enemy, full of people, and the old man learned that the Sun's Sun War is dead, and it will not come back, and they will die in front of the town of the country.

For a time, the whole capital is grievance.

For the heart of the civilians, the Emperor Xiao Yu is driving.

Whether the basement of the big week can continue, everything is not known.

How much medicine is filling, how much is Su Ling, and the sweating of Chang Yizhen is even more leaking. He slowly turned around. After repeated consideration: "After the Queen, Queen's Niang Niang has recently thought of excessive, labor Excessive gods caused premature birth, one tossing for two days, now, the eyes can't help ... "

Just when everyone was silent, the palace woman looked up, and the road was too late: "The slaves fight, there is something to say to the Mother,"

Sitting in the armchair of the brown bamboo jade, borrow the movement of the beads, faint: "You said."

Fully took a deep breath, looked at the female official Xu Shangyi, said: "The slaves saw Xu Shangyi sleeves hiding a bloody Patty, and there was suspicious."

Xu Shangyi, poised, suddenly angered: "What do you say hello!"

Too much controversy, the look is serious: "You said, the Paz is a problem?"

"The slaves don't know, the slaves only know, Xu Shangyi will throw the Pass outside."

"Please also ask the mother to see! Please do the mother."

Su Ling has no strength to open, and she looked at the patriotic eyes.


Say this, what is the difference between a life?

There are more people who want her life in this life, no one can do her master.

After all, the Tong Enemy is sin, and the high position is sin, and the scorpion is more sin.

Xu Shangyi's "" is kneeling, the big voice: "Millennium Mingjian, slaves have never seen anything."

"Come on." The Queen Xu Shangyi, said: "Believe it down to copy, if there is suspicious, send it to the Division of Division."


Two eunuchs will drag Xu Shangyi directly.

Dareful thunder scratches half of the air, the wind is hunting, the lanterns under the eaves are swayed back in the wind and bitter rain, and the heavy rain is pouring.

I don't know how long it took, the temple sounded intermittent crying.

Su Ling slowly closed his eyes, memories were coming -

Yongchang 36 years, spring.

That year, she was seventeen years old and waiting for words.

I thought that I was able to marry a door, I would like to hurt her Lang Jun, but I didn't want to have a sacred mission, let her become a prosperous king. Jin Wang Xiao Yu is not a heart, the mother of the mother is too late, but it is not a lot, although it is growing up by the queen, but this storage is still a fortune.

This holy purpose is clearly to pull the town country to the fire pit.

At that time, she felt that God had to collapse.

The woman of the door, there will always be a lot of courage to do.

After listening to Xiao Yu's whereabouts, she dressed as the appearance of the son brother, a white long, shakes, entered the capital of the city's most striped dragon, Qingfeng Building.

She turned over the cuff and handed a big silver.

The pawn suit took her on the second floor, left, she sat down on the west side. Qingfeng Building is a place to watch the music, saying that it is a box, but it is actually a screen before and after.

She takes the screen, holds breathing, and begins to teach the sound from the next door.

The emperor is not as good as before, the battle of the king is close to it. At this moment, I will talk about these few people, Su Ling, should be the scene of the Jinwangfu.

Sure enough, she heard her name.

Sujia woman.

The sound of the bamboo downstairs gradually weak, some people poured a glass of wine to Xiao Yu, "The His Royal Highness is married to the country of the country, Cheng Wang and Yan Wang are afraid."

Another person sighs: "Can you pull the town Guoong is good, the Sujia female is not good, and it is incadent to the unclear, this is also a trouble."

Nowadays, the family is prosperous, and the Chinese is in Xue, He, Chu and Mu, and everyone knows. He is a long time, and he will know the country of the country.

However, the lawsuits in the mouth are the trouble of your mouth, and it will be as simple as the child.

He Jia, it is the Yanwang, which is hitting.

Su Ling's heartbeat, turn back to the screen -

Qingfeng Building Bulletin is green, the screen is more than the film, and she sees Xiao Yu at a glance.

The man contours sharply, halfway, put it playing with a small cup of cup, swaying, smiling, "What is the trouble? Su Jingbei has no other daughter."

His voice is extremely sinking, a word, like a bead, jade dishes, squatting on her heart.

Su Ling's heart is in the case of falling lead.

The seventeen-year-old girl has a long time in his hand.

How is the high-door business woman, isn't it a handle arrow?

She is a thousand people who don't want to marry him.

However, the emperor is unavoidable, she is not willing to wear a wedding dress, and marry the Wen Talent in his father. Xiao Wei.

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As a result, she cried his face in the morning.

She cried, Su Huai'an wiped her, her tears mixed with nose, the Su Shaoqing is full of hands.

As an elder brother, Su Huai'an should take her into the country of the country, and he smiled, sighed, and sighed, "Aling, don't cry, can't become?"

She can't help but go back.

I still remember that the teenager of the body is like her, and her lips is tightly, and the eyelids become red.

He whispered, "Aling, the country of the country, will always be your home."

She thought that there was no end.

In fact, after marry Xiao Yu, the initial tat strokes were blinded, and there was no difference in the days.

Although she always reminds himself, behind the four words behind, it is not the wind and snow, but the white bones, but what?

During the day, the night is close, and after all, let her unload the heart.

That day, the candlelight swayed, his eyes were deep and clear, like a mountain spring water, clearly reflecting her flushing body.

He looked over her ear: "Aling, I know what you blame me. You blame you, you are all calculated, complaining, I ruined you a marriage."

"Then I will lose you, how?"

At that time, there were few days, and the sinus was now open as a star fire.

She is moving, and it is true.

At the time, even if I arrived at this moment, she was still admitted that Xiao Yu was too fascinated that year.

He taught her to horses, taught her to be happy, and taught her how to be his wife.

She loves him to show the appearance of the boom, loves him, whispered her name, also loves him to deal with the foundation, Aling, let me go.

His eyebrows are not often laughing, laughing, but not only Feng Shen Jun.

She once thought that she would have been like this.

However, Yongchang's third day of October 3rd, Jia Xuan Emperor suddenly drove, this empress was passed to the three emperor Xiao Wei.

On the occasion of the new and old values, Beijing is chaos a group.

On political achievements, the emperor is in the 38 years, saying that there is no way to say. In the court, he was busy in the Jianbang Palace, the pet official, and the hometry was decentralized, and the tax was given more than one year. The generals of the family pockets were less than 5,000.

Even the money of the Henan drought relief disaster is all in the east.

Until Xiao Yu sat on the dragon chair, she suddenly understood that this large week of Jiangshan has long been a thousand holes.

He is busy in the evening, and she often can't see him.

Not long after, she clinted two months of pregnancy, and the courtiers were busy, but they did not discourage the new emperor to galvanaba hometown to branched.

So, the military department Shangshu Xue Yang's sister Xue Yuyi, the main couple of the cabinet, Liu Wenzhi, Gao Li, Li Guan, Li Court, connected to the palace.

She knows that as long as he did the emperor, he had such a day.

Time flies, the thoughts returned to a month ago, when the country of the country did something.

Su Jia Tong's death evidence is unspeakable, she is not distinguishing. Even if the tool holder is on her neck, she does not believe that Su Huai'an is related to this matter.

Otherwise, where is Su Huai'an still stay in Beijing?

She is waiting for him outside the Yangxin Temple, waiting until the end, still Sheng Gonggong will make her.

"The Niang Niang is Well, this is what." Sheng Gong sighed a sigh of relief, said: "The next day, the Niang Niang is, the old slave is in the heart, today, the bold is bold to advise the mother."

"The mother is the emperor's happiness, and the affection is natural, but this is a deep friendship, but also can't afford to toss, if the girl comes to Sujia's thing, then this kind of crime of rebellion is who is rebellious? Country? This feelings, is it true? "

"The girl is not for himself, is it not thinking about the child in the belly?"


Xiao Yu, she called him, called nine months ...


Life I, the grass, one autumn, there is more regret.

Su Ling felt that the body gradually became more and more, and it was as good as a smoke. It is getting higher and higher. I don't know, what is going to float?

Just then, the little emperor in the tester was like a perceived, and I cried.

The baby's voice is very fine, but it seems to be a high intestine.

The month falls, the bell sounds -

Yan Xixi in the first year, August 15, Queen Queen abducted.