Peerless Genius System

Chapter 1 Sudden Systems

Sholo woke up confused and found himself lying in a hospital bed with a strong smell of disinfectant water in the air.

“Is this… a hospital? Why am I in the hospital? ”

Sholo frowned and was incredibly puzzled, but soon, his running brain told him everything.

After his girlfriend, Zhao Mengqi, offered him a breakup, he drove his cheap domestic car on the suburbs of the street to exasperate.

Rainy road, plus late night, he accidentally had a car accident, a car over 120 miles away from the road, stuck one end into a farmland that was three meters behind him, he couldn't remember the rest, I don't know who the good guy found him and sent him to the hospital, which saved his life.

“Squeak ~”

At this point, the door to the ward was pushed open and a sweet-looking nurse walked in with a potion.


When she saw Sholo, awake and sitting in bed frowning and meditating, she climbed and shouted, the medicine in her hand “snapped” and fell all over the floor, she looked like a living ghost, eyes wide open, her right hand trembled, pointing at Sholo: "You, you... how did you wake up? ”

Sholo doesn't know, so he says, "Is this nurse new? How else would you have reacted so violently if you hadn't seen the patient wake up?

I looked up and down at myself, and then the stall said, “It's obvious.” Then he asked carefully, "Any questions? ”

“How can you wake up? You can't wake up. How can you...”

The nurse still seemed to see ghosts, eyes wide open, mouths wide and eyes full of incredible faces looking at Sholo, seemingly unable to believe what she saw before her eyes.

Can't wake up?

Sholodin is really a little confused, I don't understand why the nurse said that.

Just as he was about to ask, the nurse turned around and ran out, and then the whole hallway rang her hysterical scream: “Dr. Zhang, that's terrible. The patient in ward 438 is awake! ”

What the hell is going on here?

Second Monk Sholoh couldn't think of a reason, and felt quite silent about his ward number, because 438 was not a auspicious number, and its tune was "Dead 38”.

At this point, a series of system tones suddenly sounded in my mind, and the tone was just like the system voice in a popular online tour called "League of Heroes," which was also female and very rendering and scalable.

“Ding, congratulations to host Sholo for getting 10 points. Do you want to open the store for redemption? ”

Sholo, take a sip of cool air. What the fuck is going on here?

As a new young man in the twenty-first century, it would be absurd to believe that such heinous things would happen.

He thought it was a hallucination, a result of a concussion, but then suddenly a window of light appeared in front of him, showing a series of messages like a résumé with a fairly high technical content.

Host: Sholo

Age: 26

Points: 10 points

Current status: Huahai Group Employee

Realm Level: Common Talent


What, mediocre... mediocre?

When I saw this, Shoroton came back to God, and I said to myself, "How about I be an engineer at the Huahai Manufacturing Group?" If even engineers are geniuses, then no one in the world is a genius!

Seems to have heard his heart, the system tone sounded again: “Ding, the host's foreign language communication skills are poor, physical morbidity, German mental appearance is not good, it is not vulgar and what. ”

Oh, shit!

Sholo's heart is very good, but the amount is like that. At this point, he couldn't help but curse a dirty word and ask: “What are you really? ”

“Ding, this system is called the Genius of the Universe, and it comes from a parallel universe hundreds of billions of light years away.” System voice response.

“Parallel universe? ”

Sholo's shock at this moment cannot be described in words, the facts in front of him, forcing him to believe what this invisible and untouchable system says, because of the concept of parallel universes in his mind, the subconscious asks, “Is there also a planet there? ”

“Ding, of course there is, but technology is 100,000 years ahead of here! ”

I'll do it!

Sholoh's brain will be unacceptable for a moment and a half, and the level of technology will be 100,000 years ahead of us. What kind of image will that be? I'm afraid the human race there has long been free from the circle of life and death through the power of technology, and will not die.

“Ding, the system came into the universe because of a time and space turbulence, parasitized on you dying, especially for a free renewal!” The system tone pulls his mind back to reality.

Sholo was surprised, with his IQ, to figure out why the nurse was seeing herself awake so faintly.

The reason is this: because of the system's lifespan, he should not have woken up so soon, or, if the doctor diagnosed him as hopeless, he woke up, the nurse's overreaction would make sense.

With this in mind, I stepped forward and asked, "What else can you do for me besides renew my life? ”

“Ding, this system can make you a genius. ”

“Genius? Is that the kind of pervert who knows everything?” Sholo asked.

“Ding, you can understand that! ”

“What does it cost?” Sholo doesn't believe in pies falling out of the sky.

“Ding, by consuming points to redeem various abilities in the mall, the more applicable the abilities, the more points you consume. ”

With the introduction of the system, the light screen window turns to the mall, which shows the ability to mix and numb, what foreign language skills, gaming abilities, memory abilities… etc., can't even be seen at a glance.

After a rough look at it, Sholo wanted to scold her, because of the thousands of abilities shown, hardly any of them could be redeemed by spending only 10 points.

“System, can you tell me what the ability to redeem 10 points is?” Sholo didn't die trying to see if it was his hallucination, or someone's prank.

“Ding, you can't redeem any of your abilities for 10 points! ”

Sholo's face came down a black line: "Are you kidding me? ”

“Tink, you can earn points, the host is in no hurry. ”

Points could have been earned!

Sholo's eyes lit up: "How do you make money? ”

“Ding, any human emotional response caused by the host, such as surprise, curiosity, shock, etc., will automatically identify absorption and then automatically convert to the corresponding points depending on their depth and depth. ”

“So that's it! ”

Shoroton figured out what a genius system it is, which is to keep him installing the X, pretending to be a pig eating a tiger's hanging system, and now the 10 points, which must have just been earned from the nurse.

“Boom ~”

All of a sudden, the door of the ward was pushed open and a large group of doctors in white coats swarmed in. When they saw Sholo sitting on the bed, they all stood there like petrified, with their eyes open, and looked at Sholo in shock.