Peerless Genius System

Chapter 3 Resignation

Whose trouble the doctors are looking for, Schollo has no choice.

He is now completely immersed in the excitement of the mercenary king's body brought about by the Genius system. The iron railings of the hospital bed, which he has twisted and deformed with his bare hands, are now a thorough confirmation of the real existence of the system, not a hallucination after his concussion.

“The Great Catastrophe is immortal, there must be a post-blessing. The ancients certainly did not deceive me, hahahaha...”

Sholo laughed hard to contain, and this feeling, like finding herself awake in red underwear, was as exciting and exciting as Superman, who could fly in the sky, could hardly describe in words.

“Hey, hey, Shaw, what's wrong with you, don't scare me, how come you're still having fun alone?” Zhang Dashan clapped his hands in front of Sholoh's eyes, and he didn't see Sholoh pinching the iron railings of the hospital bed with distorted images.

Sholo looked at the college roommate and brother in front of him and wanted to tell him about the Genius Zero system.

But think about it, this kind of thing still rots in your stomach. If you say it, Zhang Dashan will think you're a psychopath. After all, this is ridiculous. Who would believe that you are now an extinct genius system that has merged hundreds of billions of light years into a parallel universe?

“What are you looking at? What's so sad about me? Why are you lying in the hospital, cousin?” Zhang Dashan stabbed Sholo's chest with his fingers.

“Alas... the love scene is lost! ”

Sholo sighed and broke up with Zhao Mengqi, then briefly told him about his car crash in the middle of the night on the outskirts of the city.

After listening, Zhang Dashan sighed: "Shit, it's a big deal! ”

“Can you grasp the point?” Sholobai glanced at him.

Zhang Dashan immediately cursed off: “Focus on the egg, then Zhao Mengqi is nothing. She broke up with you. That's her loss. You're so good, you still have a backbone in the back of your head. As the photo book says, this is the face of the emperor. Sooner or later, you will be rich than the enemy. Then Zhao Mengqi will not be able to find it. ”

Sholo couldn't help but laugh and pat Zhang Dashan on the shoulder: “Dashan, I'll take you to open your eyes to talk nonsense, nobody can beat you. ”

“Fuck off! ”

Zhang Dashan waved impatiently, and then said seriously, “By the way, do you really feel uncomfortable right now? Like, do you want to throw up or something? ”

“Anything I can do, I'm lucky this time, I just crashed my car, people are fine, I can get out of the hospital now.” Sholoway.

“Shaw, we don't want to brag about cowhide. The body is the principal money of the revolution. If you don't have the money to heal it, I have it here. A hundred million won't. Twenty-three thousand will definitely give you it.” Zhang Dashan talked straight to each other because of the relationship between the two of them, and did not hide the pinching.

“I don't need it! ”

Sholo jumped directly off the bed, not only jumping three times on the floor, but walking upside down to prove his body was twice as good.

Zhang Dashan's eyes were wide open: “My dear, when did you learn to walk upside down and hide so deeply? ”

There is also a complete belief in the fact that Sholoh's body is no longer a major obstacle.

“Ding, congratulations to your host, you've earned 5 points. ”

Sholo ignored the system tone, stood upside down, clapped the dust on his palm, and said quietly to Zhang Dashan: “According to you, do I have to report to you even to go to the bathroom? ”

“I'm not interested in knowing if you go to the bathroom, but if you have had sex with a certain girl, I'd love to hear it. The more details, the better. Hey...” Zhang Dashan laughed obscenely.

“Punch your sister! ”

“Wow clicks ~”

Zhang Dashan ran out laughing and processed Sholo's discharge.

Discharged from the hospital and had a simple breakfast together, Sholo and Zhang Dashan went to the traffic police brigade, his domestic car was there, the car was severely deformed, even the engine was damaged, even if it was fixed, it was also a wrecked car running on a flat road, had to apply for scrap.

“Don't worry, it's just one car, old doesn't go to the new don't come, girlfriend is also a reason, there is always such a good car in the world, then a good woman is exclusive to you old Shaw.” Zhang Dashan consoled.

Sholo smiled, didn't speak, closed the ghost door for a moment, he suddenly saw a lot, and his mind was calmer than ever.

“Home or work?” Zhang Dashan opened the door to his own Corolla's driving position and asked Sholo.

“Go to the office. ”

“Shit, I insist on going to work in a car accident. If I were Ma Yun, I would definitely send you a dedicated gift. ”

“Not to work, to resign!” Sholo was helpless.

Zhang Dashan frowned, feeling a little excited: “Just because Zhao Mengqi is about to resign, isn't that a little too much, cousin? ”

Sholo sighed and didn't explain, opening the co-pilot door and entering the car.

In fact, the idea of resigning is long overdue. Working in a manufacturing factory not only repeats itself every day, but lacks the challenge to see the way forward.

He hasn't always been very comfortable. If Zhao Mengqi hadn't worked for Huahai Group, he would have chosen to leave. Now that he has a world genius system, he doesn't have to confine his career to Huahai Group.

Zhang Dashan did not have any more big tongues, drilled into the driving position and drove Sholo all the way to Huahai Group.

“Shaw, open up. We're men. We don't have to be sad for a woman who doesn't care about herself.” Zhang Dashan once again offered comfort.

“Relax, I can adjust. ”

Sholo was warm in his heart, "Oh, by the way, you drive carefully, don't miss me. ”

“Pfft... I can't spit ivory out of my dog's mouth, I'm leaving, I'll come back for you sometime.” Zhang Dashan stepped on the throttle and drove his Corolla Yang long.

Sholom sent him away, until the shadow of the car disappeared, and he took his eyes back, turned around, swiped his card, and walked into Huahai Group.

His departure was not processed until noon.

Holding a box of his own things, he walked on the main road of the Huahai Group for three years, Sholobai Sensory Collection, which was his first job after college, and he remembered coming here full of dreams and ideals, a scene, like a movie, passing through his mind.

“Sholo, stop! ”

A familiar voice sounds behind itself, with a slight tone of command.

Sholo paused and turned back to a beautiful face: Zhao Mengqi, a woman dressed in style with a sweet face.

Zhao Mengqi was not surprised to learn of his departure. After all, Zhao Mengqi worked in HR department. Thousands of people from Huahai Group stayed there, all with detailed records in HR department.

“Something wrong?” Sholo asked faintly.

Zhao Mengqi stepped on his high heels and ran up and looked at what was in Sholo's box, with a slight scornful look in his eyes: "Sholo, can't you be a little more mature? I've come to the end with you, but you have to resign and ruin your career? Even if you don't think about yourself, think about your family. You don't have a single source of income after you resign. Do you want to go back to eating old? ”