Peerless Genius System

Chapter 13 Two Housewives

Stunning and stunned, Sholo settled down quickly, introducing himself: “Hello, my name is Sholo, I will be attending classes with you in the future, study together, please take care! ”

After that, he bowed politely and modestly.

However, his words were not answered, and all the girls in the class looked at him as if they appreciated an artifact. So-called rare and expensive, when Sholo, a handsome guy, just walked into the classroom, these sophomore English girls looked straight in the eye.

Sholo was a little embarrassed at the moment. Although he was considered to have seen the big scene, he even presided over a product development meeting with twenty or thirty people, but now being looked at so straightforward by the 40th and 50th girls, he still couldn't be more comfortable.

“Cough... what are you all doing, welcome new students!” Counsellor Qin Nanyu gave a dry cough warning at this time.

At this time, the whole class just reacted, warmly applauding Sholo, some shouting classmates, some shouting good-looking guys, and some shouting Obama, don't mention how enthusiastic and heartfelt, the emotion is several times higher than just after class.

“Shaw, welcome. My name is Anhuan. I don't have a boyfriend yet. Can I have your phone number?” A small, cute, sweet-looking girl walks up to the podium, takes out her phone and asks for Sholo's phone number directly.

Shh all over Banton...

“Anhuan, can't a big Northeast man satisfy you? Don't bother us again, Shaw. ”

“That is, step on two boats, believe it or not, we will hang you and beat you. ”

“Now that we finally have a man in our class who can handle it, it's not your turn to be your boyfriend. Go down quickly. ”

Girls from all classes are fighting aloud.

“Go, you're naked jealousy! ”

The girl named An Huanhuan replied uncomfortably, and then came close to Sholo, spitting incense orchids, the Grinch said, “Shaw, don't listen to them, it's them you have to be careful, because they eat men, that's not even spitting bones. ”

Sholo barely squeezed out a smile, feeling like he didn't come to the English major, but fell into a wolf's nest, all wolves.

Without waiting for him to say anything, a large group of girls came up, surrounded him, asked for his cell number, WeChat, qq, enthusiastic, like seeing a superstar.

But there is also indifference, such as a girl sitting on the left side of the front row.

The girl retained a clean, crisp, short Qi ear, her hair slightly concealed the charming face of shyness and drunkenness, and the sophisticated and fresh five officials appeared to be inspiring.

The white over-the-shoulder dress perfectly wrinkles naturally around her arms and chest, the lace pattern extends along the waist limbs of Hannah all the way to the pompous skirt, the veiled skirt is in a light gold colour, the typical little jade, the body is not exaggerated, nor is it small, just the right shoulder powder mumps, full and restrained breasts and buttocks.

Fresh water comes out of Furong, pure and elegant, and a lollipop in her red mouth adds a playful touch to her!

“Baiyi, check his file, I suspect he's sent in by my stinking father again.” She stared at Sholo, who was crowded with people, and said something to the girl sitting next to her.

The girl named Bai Xiao immediately entered a series of codes on her laptop, invaded Huano's student management system, quickly pulled out Sholo's data, looked at it, and smiled: “Master Chu, this time you were wrong, this guy was not sent by your father, he was really our Huano student. He enlisted in our school two years ago. After two years of military service, he came back to finish college, so he joined our class. ”

“Are you sure?” Chu Yue frowned slightly.

“This is clearly and clearly written, and he has a detailed record of his grades over the course of his first year, including a scholarship at the school level.” Baiyi turned the laptop around so that Chu Yue could see clearly.

Chu Yue looked carefully and silenced down, also agreeing with Baiyi.

“I didn't expect a handsome classmate to pop up on the way out, which must be a lot more interesting. ”

Bai Xiao also welcomed Sholo's arrival. After all, their major is too few boys, only two. They are still crooked dates. Think about a handsome guy who will be attending classes together in the future. I can't help but feel a little excited.

“What handsome, not just two eyes, two ears, one nose, one mouth, dressed in dirt, you idiots will think he's handsome.” Chu Yue groaned, and she hated this kind of bee-inducing butterfly boy the most, although Sholo was not, he could be clustered by the girls in her eyes.

Baiyi did not speak, she could not still insist at this time that Sholo was handsome and dismantled her girlfriend's table.

“All right, all right, back to your seats! ”

Until the counselor Qin Nanyu spoke, the English professional girl returned to her seat, joked, took out her phone, opened Sholo's WeChat space and QQ space with intense curiosity, and discussed with each other which photo of Sholo was the most handsome.

Sholo was really embarrassed at the moment, and these girls wanted him to contact them so he could understand, but why would he be exposed to salted pig hands, just now he obviously noticed that someone was touching him, touching something that he had inherited from his ancestral family.

Are these really a bunch of college girls?

Sholo gave these girls a big question mark in his heart.

“Zhu Xiaofei, Dinkai! ”

After Qin Nanyu read two names, the only two boys in the class ran from the last row.

One of them was too fat to even find his neck, less than a meter and seven tall, but definitely weighed more than 170 kg and rolled round like a giant meatball; the other, like a bamboo pole, was skinny with yellow muscles and a bit of rickets, more than one meter and 75 kg tall, but weighed no more than 100 kg.

Short, fat, tall, two people together, very contrasting, can't stop wanting to laugh!

“Sholo will be with you in the bedroom later, and there will be no more lessons in the back, so take Sholo to familiarize yourself with the bedroom environment.” Qin Nanyu said to the two of them.

“Give Sholo to us, counselor, and you'll relax. ”

Zhu Xiaofei patted his chest and promised Dandan, turning his head and saying to Dinkai, “Kai, help me with the book, I'll move the suitcase for the Sholo brothers. ”

“No, I'll take care of the suitcase myself.” Sholo didn't mean it, he refused.

“It's all right, Old Julius. It's all right for him to move a suitcase.” Dinkay persuaded.

Zhu Xiaofei had already carried his suitcase on his shoulder and shouted to Sholo: “Brother Sholo, come with us, we will be friends in the future, don't be too polite with us. ”

Xiao Lo also made it difficult for him to say goodbye to Qin Nanyu and the girls, and went with Zhu Xiaofei and Dingkai. Before leaving, he looked in class and searched. He soon found Chu Yue sitting in the first row with a lollipop.

“Lord Chu, this Sholo seems to have looked at you before he left. He seems to have a good eye!” Baiyi half-joking.

“All right, what's good, a colored embryo!” Chu Yue said in disdain.

Bai Xiao smiled softly and said in a rather interesting way: “He doesn't have a good look. He doesn't look at anyone, just look at our Colonel Chu's flowers. ”

“Baiyi, you're making fun of me, believe it or not, I'll make you beg for forgiveness tonight.” Chu Yue smiled coldly like a little devil.

“Queen, forgive me! ”

When I think of the image of Chu Yue tickling, Baiyi beat a chill and begged for forgiveness.