Peerless Genius System

Chapter 16 Killing

“Grass your mother, what the fuck are you, loading me up here?” Sword saint scolded.

In the opposite direction, Katrina was also coldly ridiculed: “Shamelessly named herself Luo God, her face is so thick, wait for our great god to turn her into a dog, or change her name directly to Luo Dog. ”

“Ha ha... Lo Dog, good name!” Across the street, policewomen and auxiliary dawn goddesses also send messages to mock.

Zhu Xiaofei was angry at Sholo, but typed back: “Shut up, BB, and see who was abused as a dog later. ”

The last Khunnar, who had never spoken across the street, replied coldly: "You can try it! ”

Simple, simple, four words, with contempt and strong confidence.

Zhu Xiaofei and Dinkai were preparing to fight back. Sholo spoke out to stop them: “Say more useless, have fun! ”

“Hmm.” Zhu Xiaofei nodded.

Dinkai turned around and said: “The order on the other side is really impressive. I just checked his record. The last ten matches were all MVPs, and he must have been a proxy. ”

Sholo laughed, no more talking, but under his calm eyes, two chills flashed.

“Attack the whole army! ”

The sound of women's computer synthesis in the League of Heroes came out. It was solemn, serious and ancient. The siege soldiers of both sides began to generate from the base, and along the three roads, they rushed towards each other's base like a death squad, and one of the opposing stations officially opened the prelude.

“I'm red open, Chu MM, Baiyi, help me fight!” Dinkay sends a signal on the map to help Chu Yue and Baiyi down the road play the Red Wild Monster.

But he had to come to Chu Yue's cold response: Hit him yourself.

“Ha ha... I like the moon princess's temper. ”

“Princess Moon, are you prettier again, my goddess? ”

“As long as you don't give up, our moon powder will stay with us forever. ”


Chuyue's live broadcast room is increasing exponentially, and many fans are brushing her gifts, and at this moment, there's five or six hundred dollars in running water.

“The popularity of our little lord Chu is strong, I don't care, when the money is sent, you must buy me that floral skirt.” Baiqiao said in a delicate manner.

Chu Yue was not angry: “Good, for your constant support, I barely bought it for you. ”

“What, it's so hard, so hard to look.” Two cheeks whispered.

“Granny, your floral skirt costs $10,000, and I can barely buy it for you, okay?” Chu Yue took off his headset and complained.

Bai Xiao smiled embarrassingly and then turned the subject off: “Oh seriously play the game, the other five jump like that, you must teach them a hard lesson. ”

Chu Yuebai glanced at her, put on her headphones, and concentrated on controlling the hero for replenishment and consumption.


At this point, the game's female computer synthesized the audio, indicating that someone had sent the first drop of blood.

As soon as Chu Yue looked at it, the first drop of blood was Zhu Xiaofei, the Midway playwright, who immediately sent a series of question marks.

Zhu Xiaofei looked bitterly and replied: "Sorry! ”

“Looks like the middle road's gonna blow. If Katrina gets along, we're gonna have a hard time playing.” Baiyidao.

“I've been prepared, and this game depends on us getting off the road, and I can't count on anything else.” Chu Yue hummed.

“Exactly. ”

Baiyi took it seriously, aided Chu Yue, constantly consumed the enemy ADC and aids.

The cooperation between the two men was very tacit, and the other policewoman and the Goddess of Aurora were both drained of half a tube of blood, especially ADC, and treated and flashed.

Just as they prepared a drum to kill each other's policewomen, the synthetic sound of the women's computers sounded again: “Friends killed. ”

Killed, still Zhu Xiaofei on the middle road.

“Zhu Xiaofei, what are you doing?” Chu Yue directly sent a message questioning, and the lines were filled with reprehensible tones.

Fans in the live broadcast room were also blamed at this time.

“Is this Ritz a pig? Killed by each other twice in three minutes. ”

“What a waste, Princess Moon. Next time, don't bring this kind of waste. ”

“That is, the rear of this crane is only suitable for low-end games. ”

The English majors are also asking Zhu Xiaofei to stay steady and develop indecent.

Zhu Xiaofei was really embarrassed and weak explained to Dinkai: “I could have killed Carter alone, just a little blood left. ”

“The slightest bit of blood is the difference between heaven and earth, Old Zhu, hold on. If Carter gets up, you won't be able to spin her for even 10,000 seconds.” Dinkay warned.

“Well, I must have had a nasty development this time!” Zhu Xiaofei nodded solemnly and resolved not to fight Carter across the street anymore.

At this point, Katrina across the street sends a message with just two short words: trash!

The Sage of Wild Swords across the street doesn't forget the downhole stone: "Bald head, you're such a piece of garbage, do your family know that? ”

“These two bastards!” Zhu Xiaofei had to bite his teeth off and was going crazy.

“Ignore them. These people are Keyboarders. Fight hard.” Dinkay said.

Zhu Xiaofei withstood a stomach fire and continued to play the game without a word.

“Enemy killed! ”

The synthetic sound of the woman's computer suddenly sounded, and a picture on the right shows that the King of the Barbarian Nation killed the lost teeth.

Hey, Luogo, hanging like this?

Zhu Xiaofei and Ding Kaiqi looked at Xiaoluo, full of shock, and what shocked them was that Xiaoluo single-handedly finished the order on the opposite side, the blood volume was still more than 200 points. Nal on the other side was a super master practice. He was actually single-handedly killed by Logo's barbarian king. Unbelievable.

The Barbarian King relies on the three attributes of Q's blood return, troop-sucking, and gifted blood suction. When Neal transmits online across the street, the blood volume can definitely be restored above the safety line, and can continue to rely on the line to level suppress Neal.

“Logo, watch out, Kensei's here to get you!” Dinkay suddenly shouted.

Indeed, after the sword holy circle, he was prepared to kill the bloody barbarian king, and he also brought himself red Buff. Although it was two levels against the third level, in the absence of the protection of small soldiers on the side of the barbarian king, the chances of the sword holy to kill the barbarian king were almost 100%.

Chu Yue also sent two thrilling warning signals, indicating that Sholo hurriedly returned to the defensive tower.

Sholo laughed, pressed down the supply, recovered his blood volume, and an E quickly retreated into the defensive tower, a shift skill that quickly pulled the distance apart.

“Stupid son of a bitch, you got to pay E first, to die!” The Sword Saint across the street gave a sneer.

A Q Alpha raid came directly in front of the Barbarian King. Sholo's blood volume had dropped to over a hundred points, and Kensei followed by Ping A, plus the burning properties of Red Buff, to take down Sholo's Barbarian King.

At this time, Sholo's barbarian king turned back to be a knife. In a state of anger, the knife struck out, and the blood volume of Kensei instantly dropped to half.

After cutting this knife, Sholo immediately controlled the Barbarian King to retreat down the tower, pulling the distance from Kensei, because the distance was not enough, Kensei's Ping A could not be cut out, but had to follow the Barbarian King closely to shorten the distance between the two.

The barbarian king carried the attack speedo, and the grade was higher than the sword holy, the attack speed was naturally faster than the sword holy. When the sword holy shortened the distance to cut a flat A, the barbarian king turned around and cut the sword on the sword holy, still a critical attack, the blood volume of the sword holy instantly dropped to 890 points, which is a severely crippled state.

“My grass! ”

Seeing a wave of small soldiers behind the defense tower, Kensei immediately stopped and flashed back, otherwise all these small soldiers could give him a death.

But at the moment when he flashed, Sholo's barbarian king flashed at the same time, then the sword fell ruthlessly, Jiansheng made a desperate scream to die, and the interface of the game also sounded a solemn and excited female computer synthesis voice: “The enemy was killed! ”

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