Peerless Genius System

Chapter 17: Mad Dog Sword Saint

Silk blood actually killed the sword saint with red buff?!

Shit, it's not true!

Zhu Xiaofei and Ding Kaiton stared at Sholo, Ming Jiansheng one Q after another Ping A can easily take down the situation of the barbarian king, the result is to let the barbarian king kill back, can you fucking believe this?

Chu Yue was just as surprised as Baiyi. They just switched the scene to the road and saw a wonderful counterkill. It was truly unexpected.

“Relying on Ping A to get out of position, by the speed difference of attack, let Jiansheng not cut a single Ping A, instead, the Barbarian King unharmed Ping A twice, the details were handled very well, especially finally, it appeared almost simultaneously with Jiansheng, clean, calm and decisive, the ability to react is just against the sky!” Baiyi commented.

Chu Yue blinked her eyes and returned from her shock. She watched herself live broadcast room full of praise for Sholo. She didn't have a taste in her heart. She felt that Sholo was here to smash her scene.

While agreeing with Schollo's technique, his mouth was filled with indifference: “He was a blind cat who ran into a dead rat, and Kensei across the street was obviously a fool. He didn't know the first flash of A, so he had a chance to kill back.” She's serious now, "okay, forget them, it's time for us to go down the road. ”

On the other hand, Zhu Xiaofei was sending a message ridiculing the other side of Kensei: “What was I saying before, waiting to be sanctioned, a bunch of elementary school students. ”

The sword across the street became angry and shouted directly at Sholo: "Barbarian, I'm your grandson if I don't take you out of your shit! ”

Sholo chose to ignore directly.

His barbarian king bought a tactical shoe and a fighting glove, with Red Buff on him, plus equipment and grade compression, and Nell across the street had to go far to make up the knife, and Nell did play, so he hurried home and bought a cloth armor to come online.

Not only is Nell a hero remote, but he also has a passive raging gene, which once stacked, increases in size, greatly enhances Armor Resistance and Attack, and not only that, E is a displacement skill that can easily pull the distance apart and then kite opponents.

Sholo hasn't rushed, he's been controlling the line, flexibly walking away, allowing his barbarian king to escape Neal's Q every time, and Neal's intent to consume remotely is completely broken.

At this point, Chu Yue and Baiyi went down the road and instantly took down a double kill at the source of the plague.

“Well worth the Chu school flower, now the pressure across the street is huge, haha...” Zhu Xiaofei smiled comfortably.

“With Chu MM, of course we can't lose. Besides, Logo is also super powerful. Look at the master Nell across the street, all hit by Logo. ”

Dinkay turned around and said to Sholo, "Logo, a big wave of soldiers is coming to the other tower. You're almost at level six. Let me help you kill him. How about stabilizing your advantage on the road? ”

“No, you help the other way!” Sholo smiled.

“Well, you be careful with the sword saint across the street, he'll probably come gank you. ”

Dinkay opened an eye in the grass in the triangle, then turned around and went halfway, it was time to cure Katrina across the street.

Eating a wave of soldiers, Sholo's Barbarian King unlocked the Ultimate Skill R, once turned on, immunized against death within five seconds, and instantly gained fifty points of anger, doubling the chance of a Crit.

The other side of Naru's mind repeatedly stressed that the wave cannot be spelled, there are too many soldiers across the street. Even under the tower, fighting won't make him any good. He must eat the economy of this wave of soldiers before he can fight the barbarian king.

But Sholoh would not make him feel comfortable, controlling the barbarian king to come close without hesitation, lifting the knife and chopping it off towards Nar.

One knife is a assault, Nar half the blood has fallen, scared Nar to drive E quickly, Sholo a W slowdown followed by E, continue to stick to the face output, this knife is unlucky, no assault. Nahl looked at the barbarian king as desperate, but he also fought back against the barbarian king.

This is what Sholoh wanted. He was harmed by Nahl, who suddenly attracted more than a dozen small soldiers' hatred. All the small soldiers who were in the point defense tower attacked Nahl, and Sholoh's barbarian king left the defense tower's range of attack. The blood volume was attacked by the defense tower to around 200 points without needing to be opened.

“Shit! ”

Watching his blood volume drop rapidly under the attack of the small soldier, Nar panicked, it actually flashed out, but it still didn't work. After the dozen small soldier's attack light points fell on him, the remaining blood volume was seen to the bottom, his computer screen turned gray, and the system prompted him to be killed.

Sholo did not panic, bypassed the perimeter tower and continued to replenish the army. At this time, the fifth level sword saint emerged from the grass, punishing him red, reducing his injuries, and then rushing up to dry.

“This guy's crazy! ”

Sholo smiled, the Barbarian King had a big move, and he was still in a state of anger. Even if he was bleeding, he was not afraid of level 5 sword saint, accompanied by a scream of sword saint “ah”, another person got it, the system prompted “double kill”, the word "DoubleKill” appeared prominently on the computer screen.

At this moment, Chu Moon's live broadcast instantly boiled.

“Cocksucker, I'm taking this barbarian as my teacher! ”

“Ninety-six knives in ten minutes, more than a dozen more than the Princess of the Moon, are absolutely great gods. ”

“Barbarian King: Cough… basic operation, sit down, relax! ”


For a while, the live room was full of bullet screens discussing King Sholobal.

And in the English professional group, the girls also blew up the pot. The words "Los Angeles" were brushed up in the chat group like this wave of ups and downs, and Anhuan directly shouted: “Los Angeles, I'm going to dump my boyfriend and make you my boyfriend! ”

Everyone's name for Sholo became “Lo Gods”, with the utmost admiration.

“Brother Luo, you really are a great god! ”

Zhu Xiaofei shocked that if he was lucky to kill Jiansheng just now, this double killing would be enough to prove Sholo's strength.

“It's the opposite wave.” Sholoway.

Dinkaihaha smiled: “Hahaha... Logo is so modest. ”

At this point, Nar across the street sent a message: "Barbarian king, you are not platinum. ”

Simple words, full of questioning and dissatisfaction.

Again, Jiansheng across the street scolded: “Pretend your mother is forcing you, isn't your family all dead, here to pretend to be platinum for me, dog to force things. ”

The mouth is full of shit and the words are quite drastic.

Zhu Xiaofei laughed furiously, typing in response: “Don't scream, your mother told you to go home for dinner. ”

“Eat your mother, I grazed your mother to give birth to this * * son of a bitch, dog bastard, stupid shit, I'll kill your whole family...” across the street Jiansheng is a completely unlimited insult.

“This king ~ eight ~ eggs! ”

Zhu Xiaofei's own temper was not very good. At this time, when he climbed, the three fathers flashed and stood up on the table. It was too tedious. If the other side stood in front of him now, he swore he would split the other side alive.

“Old Zhu calm down, just shut him down, we are civilized people, don't compare with such an unqualified elementary school student.” Dinkay consoled.

Sholo also patted Zhu Xiaofei's shoulder, just playing the game, you really don't need to be angry, if you really want revenge, just come back in the game, you don't need to be so big in reality, it's not worth it, just make yourself very unhappy.