Peerless Genius System

Chapter 18 Address

Zhu Xiaofei slowly calmed down. By the way, it was forbidden to say Sword Saint across the street.

Dinkai's Zhao Xin has been stationed on the middle road. Katrina across the street also killed Zhu Xiaofei twice first, and there was no head recorded at all.

Chu Yue and Baiyi suppressed the policewoman and the goddess of dawn across the street. The situation had become clear and no further messages had been sent across the street to ridicule them.

And Sholo's barbarian snowball-like horror grew, killing Neal across the street indefinitely, and the outer tower pushed away, and the top half of the other field became his back garden, freely entering and exiting, and Red Buff was even more in his pocket.

Twelve minutes, reaching level 10, equipped with an electric knife, endless, tactical shoes, Dolan's blade, and a big storm, the best developed opposite is Katrina Single China, which is only level 9.

Chuyue's live broadcast room completely blew up the pot when the barbarian king broke in with an E skill and killed Kensei handed over in the wilderness.

“Damn it, it's a knife! ”

“Is this Kensei? Is this his grandmother Kensei? ”

“Looking at Princess Moon's rat, I decided to buy a barbarian king! ”


The full screen was all about Sholo, as if it wasn't Chu Moon's live room, but Sholo's live room.

Baiyi was stunned to silence and never expected Sholo's barbarian king to be so horrified.

Chu Yue's face was very ugly. She was on the air, but Sholo had taken her head, which put her in a very embarrassing situation.

At the same time, she was quite surprised by Sholo's skill. Opposite Nell was an extraordinary master, able to hang and beat an extraordinary master. This level was not platinum, I fear, like her, the strongest king.

“Chop the sword holy across the street with one knife. What harm is that?” Zhu Xiaofei took a sip of cool air and opened his eyes to look at Sholo with horror.

Ding Kai's eyes were full of admiration: "Logo, you and Chu MM are the strongest kings, right? ”

“I'm so platinum! ”

Sholo laughed embarrassingly.

Zhu Xiaofei and Dinkai don't ask too many questions. Sholo can't admit it or not. His strength is here. He is absolutely forced to have the standard of operation of the strongest king.

When the blood sword comes out, Sholo's barbarian king runs full of maps and sees who seconds who, apart from the fleshy Nell and the Dawn Goddess need two knives, any hero meets him with one knife and dies, really one knife and one little friend.

Zhu Xiaofei and Dinkai could not say the pain, especially seeing the opposite Sword Saint die in Sholo's hands six times in a row, feeling that the previous impatience suddenly poured out.

“Logo, I wrote you a poem.” Zhu Xiaofei was immersed in admiration for Sholo.

Sholo said with interest: "You can also write poems and read them. ”

“The affairs of the state are nothing but a matter of one sword!” Zhu Xiaofei read.

“Ha ha... good poem, good poem! ”

Dinkai laughed and joined forces, while Zhao Xin collaborated with Zhu Xiaofei's Ritz to take the other Katrina's head off.

Sholo smiled and didn't talk.

The game has now evolved into his unilateral massacre, and the opposite man panicked as soon as he saw the barbarian king, handing over his displacement skills and flashing a brain.

Twenty minutes closer to the divine costume, 22 heads were harvested, and Sholoh's barbarian king marched directly towards the baron, singling out the baron.

“Fuck you, Logo, you're going to brush the dragon, cowboy. I'm here to protect you.” Zhu Xiaofei was thrilled to control Ritz.

At this time, Chu Yue and Baiyi signaled that the next two disappeared.

“They're not all here, are they?” Ding Kai frowned and guessed.

Just after the voice fell, the policewoman's big trick “let the bullet fly” first locked on Sholo, then Nell transformed, flashed down from the wall above the Great Dragon's lair, hit the Barbarian King, Dawn Goddess opened up, exerted strong control over the Barbarian King, sword saint from the side circled, open, momentum rushed over, Katrina touched down, opened the Death Warren.

All five use the ultimate skill R to fire on Sholox!

Sholo flashed one by one, avoided the Dawn Goddess's big, E by one Ping A, took Katrina's head off, when Jiansheng's Q was just released, the bloodthirsty knife fell, and Jiansheng screamed for his life.

Zhu Xiaofei only reacted at this time. A confinement will settle down the Goddess of Dawn, who is prepared to control Sholo for a second time.

At this short interval, Sholo took Nell's head with two knives, and the policewoman ran up and output it. The good E skill of the CD burst in, and another knife chopped the policewoman to death. At the end of the day, there was only one Dawn Goddess left, with no threat, and the two knives were taken away.

Calm, resolute, dominant!

“PentaKill!!! ”

When this excited female computer synthesized the audio, the whole world was quiet, and everyone who saw the image held their breath for just a few seconds.

And the next second, Chuyue's live broadcast room, the English professional group, boiled unprecedented, “666” almost dominated the entire screen.

“Dear God, this is the real five seconds of real men. ”

“Bright blind, really bright blind my titanium dog eye. ”

“This is the rhythm of the five kills. Not only is it not dead, but I also took a five kills. I grazed a thief! ”

At one time, Chu Yue's live broadcast room was filled with all kinds of idioms, crude words, and dirty words, which were the only words that could express their inner shock at the moment.

Sholo took five kills. If nothing happens, he will continue to fight the dragon. Although he eventually drove the dragon, he will at least succeed single-handedly.

The battle moments across the street collapse...

“Got it? ”

Zhu Xiaofei quickly lifted the ban and sent a message to the five people across the street.

Opposite Kensei first responded: “In your mother's clothes, you son of a bitch, I slept with your whole family. ”

“Twice I've killed trash, I really don't know where the face comes from to talk?” Single Katrina ridicule across the street.

“Lie down, you winning dog, and shut up.” The female police officer across the street also sent a message.

Zhu Xiaofei was also angry. The harsher the curse now, the more angry the other party was. He was very happy to see it. He immediately sent out the word "hahahaha...” to express his mood at this moment.

“The dog is pushing things, give me your address, and I'll cut you to death in minutes!” The sword across the hallowed roar.

Playing a game and chopping people up?

Sholo couldn't help but think it was funny, and he said, “Or was it the other sentence, playing a game? ”

“You dumb son of a bitch, always pretending to be tall, give me your address if you have the guts, and shut up if you don't have the guts.” The flames of Kensei across the street are very arrogant.

“Logo, these people are elementary school students at first glance, don't compare with them.” Dinkay consoled.

Sholo nodded with a smile, and he wasn't really angry at all, just thought the players were funny.

“Don't bother, this kind of person is afraid of his yarn, I'll give him the address to see if he really dares to come to the door. ”

Zhu Xiaofei couldn't get used to such a player across the street. He didn't hesitate to say a word: Huano Seven Dormitory Building 712. I waited here for you. Come as soon as I had the balls!

Then click Send.

“Zhu, why do you think you have to?” Dinkay shook his head helplessly.

“Man breathes a breath, Buddha fights a fragrance, look how arrogant this bastard's flame is, I really thought we were afraid of him without sending him an address.” Zhu Xiaofei complained.

Sholo looked helpless and raised his eyebrows: "Let's finish the game. ”

A good game, it's a little spoiled by now, there's no need to keep dragging it.