Peerless Genius System

Chapter 19: Strange Single Heroes

Sholo's Barbarian King was able to pick five, the results of this first round were without any suspense, Sholo won, Sholo scored the highest, naturally MVP.

“Are you the king? ”

In the public chat area, Chuyue's ID “Purple Moon” sends a cold question.

Sholo just typed two words: "No. ”

“Whether you are or not, the bottom line depends on how well you perform, and if you're still doing so well, I'll let you join my team.” Chu Yue replied.

In the first place, Zhu Xiaofei and Dinkai were all envious of Sholo.

“Logo, Chu said you'd join her squad.” Zhu Xiaofei Dao.

Sholo raised his eyebrows and said, "Is this worth having fun with? ”

“Of course, joining the Chu school flower team can not only have many opportunities to get along with Chu school flower, but also be eligible to participate in the honor battle of the national competition. If you win the first place, the prize is 5 million, and you can divide it equally, each person can also divide one million.” Zhu Xiaofei's envy was all over his face.

Dinkay nodded his head and said, "Yeah, yeah, that's a big pie, Rog. ”

Sholoh was stunned that joining Chu Moon's squad could have many opportunities to get along with Chu Moon. In his expectation, he was eligible to participate in the Battle of Glory to win a prize. That was unexpected. He was not a saint, and if he could earn a million dollars by playing games, he would be very happy to see himself.

Whether commissioned by Chu Yunhong or for a million dollars, Sholo decided to join Chuyue's team.

After about two minutes of waiting, the second inning began.

“Brother Logo, your barbarian king has been taken across the street.” Zhu Xiaofei cautioned.

Sholo smiled a little: "It doesn't bother me, I know other heroes a little too. ”

At the moment, he was surprised by the tips of the system, because just now, in the craftsmanship of a game, he had earned 49,999 points, which suddenly made him feel rich and oily.

Of course, he knew very well that this was due to Chuyue's live broadcast room.

“I didn't think it was all AD across the street, this plate was good, even if the first period collapsed, as long as we dragged it to the second stage, we stacked armor, the other side didn't have to fight.” Dinkay's voice pulled Sholo back from his mind.

At first glance, Sholo, indeed, across the street was the barbarian king, Aso hit the single, Kensei hit the field, and down the road was the bounty hunter Miss Erm Yun (female gun) AD, the only AP was the auxiliary lulu, almost arguably the array of pure AD output.

“Brother Luo, let's play with the order. I'm looking after you. Oh, hey...” Dinkai Hippie smiled, looking like a monkey with a thin finger.

Sholo nodded and chose the tortoise without hesitation.

Chu Yue immediately sent a series of question marks when a hero like a hedgehog was selected.

Dinkai also frowned: “Logo, you...”

“The tortoise restrains the AD, this dish is the safest choice!” Sholo explained.

Hearing this, Zhu Xiaofei and Dingkai could not laugh, how could they not know that tortoise restraint AD, just never seen someone singling with tortoise, tortoise is usually wild, developed in the wild area in the previous period, power spurt Q plus derision E, can easily cooperate with online teammates to take the opposite head.

Chu Yue's live broadcast room boils again...

“I'll go and play with the tortoise. Are you kidding me? ”

“Even if this tortoise grows, it's just a shield of flesh, can it be expected to save the world? ”

“Serious suspicion is that the Great Goddess slipped and accidentally picked the wrong hero. ”

At one time, the voices of doubt rose.

Chu Yue whispered in anger: “How confident is this guy? How dare you choose a tortoise? ”

Bai Xiao returned to God from consternation and smiled softly: "Master Chu, let's not rush to a final conclusion. Maybe Sholo will perform well. ”

“The ghost believes he'll do a great job! ”

Chu Yue angrily said that she is the strongest king. Except that the low-end station has seen other people foolishly play tortoise on the order, the high-end station will not appear at all. The tortoise on the other hand is undoubtedly strange in the strange, hands short, the explosive power is especially low. When not using the W-tip defense, the tortoise has far less properties than the average tank hero.

And against the king of the barbarians, the lava beast Murphy is the first choice.

However, there is a voice of support in the English professional community.

“Come on, Los Angeles, blow the other side. ”

“Los Angeles is the handsomest, looking forward to your performance. ”

“Let's have a slaughter scene, just like on the plate. ”

Especially Anhuan, shouting love directly: "Brother Luo Shen, I'm going to give birth to you! ”

“Pfft ~”

Seeing this euphoric speech, Sholo almost didn't spray the water into his mouth. I can't imagine a college girl saying this. Is this really a different time, girls are so avant-garde and bold?

“Welcome to the League of Heroes! ”

Solemn Mu's synthetic audio on the woman's computer marks the beginning of a game.

“Shit, tortoise on the order, first time in my life!” A single sword from across the street, Hauser Aso, immediately sent a message exclaiming.

“The Great God begs for cruelty, haha...” The King of the Barbarian Nation across the street also sent a message with a mocking rhyme.

The woman across the street said something to remind her: "Be careful, people are looking at us all as AD, deliberately choose a tortoise. ”

“Huh, the tortoise is nothing. In front of my infinite sword sacred E injury, it's not enough for me to chop it off!” Holy and arrogant response to the sword across the street.

Zhu Xiaofei was in a bad mood as soon as he saw the sword saint talking because the sword saint talking on the plate was too dirty. He typed and drank: “Shut up and play the game. Less BB! ”

The word "haha” appeared across the street, expressing disdain for Zhu Xiaofei.

“His sister, how could she meet such a person?" ”Zhu Xiaofei blurted.

“Old Zhu, calm down. After all this time, you should have gotten used to it.” Dinkay spoke comfortingly.

Zhu Xiaofei suddenly breathed like a long exhalation of exasperated skin ball, also, this is the big environment of the game, he can no longer change how cynical he is.

“Attack the whole army! ”

Along with the sound of the synthetic sound of the game's female computer, the small soldiers of both sides attacked the city from their home battalion, lined up in a long line and headed towards the other base.

Everyone is cautiously developing a supplementary knife, consuming blood across the street.

Forty-five seconds after the game began, the woman's computer synthesized the audio: "FirstBlood! ”

It was on its way, the tortoise harvested the head of the king of the barbarians and took blood.

“Shit, I made a mistake! ”

The King of the Barbarian Nation across the street immediately explained a wave. He was about to retreat from an E, but his hand shook and ended up in the direction E of the tortoise, bleeding gloriously.

Zhu Xiaofei and Ding Kai took a surprise look at Sholo, which dissipated their last suspicion.

“Look, Sholo is really capable.” Baiyi said to Chu Yue.

“What can you do if you take the blood? The tortoise can't stop the Barbarian King from developing.” Chu Yue didn't think otherwise.

Just as her voice fell, the game reminded the enemy to be killed. At first glance, the second level of tortoise blood killed the king of the barbarians who had just come online and took the second head.

“Is the barbarian king in the bronze section, carrying a military line, first-degree and second-degree tortoise?” Chu Yue hates the path of iron and steel.

"Master Chu, you can see clearly that the tortoise was killed by the Vietnam Tower, and the silk blood escaped from the tower. The barbarian king was just ridiculed. He attacked the tortoise and attracted enough hatred from the soldiers, which was the only time he died again. ”