Peerless Genius System

Chapter 20 Hanging Up With Five Kills

The barbarian king across the street died twice, switching paths with Swordhauseau immediately in case Sholo rolled a snowball.

Just as soon as Aso came up, he sent out his head gloriously, and Sholo ridiculed him with an E, accompanied by a W sharp defense, as well as a technique of close-knit chopping, and smoothly took Aso's head off.

Next wave, wait for Yasser to go online and play the Wild Sword Holy Around the Gank.

At this time, Sholoh's tortoise happened to reach level 6, first against level 5 swordsmanship, then against level 4 Aso, 1V2, it was easy to take down a double kill.

“Awesome! ”

Bai Xiao completely agreed with Sholo's technology, she saw clearly, the opposite operation was good, but Sholo's operation was even better, Aso's wind had never blown Sholo, and Sholo was good at using the siege soldiers, and the cutting technique was even better.

Chu Yue had nothing to say this time, and Sholo's skills shocked her immensely.

“This tortoise is unusual! ”

“It's more than unusual. It's a pervert. ”

“This is the platinum section, how does it feel to have bronze consciousness across the street? ”


Chu Yue's live broadcast room is filled with projectiles from all kinds of fans.

Zhu Xiaofei and Dinkai looked at Sholo as if they had found a treasure.

“Brother Luo, my good Brother Luo, you are the great god! ”

“The journey has become a forbidden zone for each other. Play with the tortoise like this, and I will serve you. ”

Both thumbs up against Sholo.

Sholo just smiled and didn't speak.

And it is true that the road has become a forbidden zone for the other party, as Dinkai said, whoever goes on the road will die. The tortoise is already the road master, all kinds of Vietnam towers kill, break the line, draw hatred.

By seventeen minutes, there had been one hundred and ninety swords, thirteen heads of men, reaching the scary twelfth level, equipped with ice boxes, thorn armor, technology guns and armor shoes.

When the tortoise turned into a wheel spinning at high speeds toward the enemy highlands, everyone shrugged and thought, "What is the tortoise doing?

Chu Yue typed directly: "Sholo, what are you doing? ”

Sholo replied easily: "Go to their highlands and sneak out! ”

“You're out of your mind, though this is a smooth ride, which doesn't mean you can get a head start.” Chu Yue's temper suddenly deteriorated.

"Get your tortoise back, your head is worth a fortune. If it is terminated, everyone will get an extra reward. ”

Zhu Xiaofei was also terrified: “Luo, what is wrong with you? ”

“Steady, Logo, you have all the heads on our side. If you don't, who's going to kill the deer?" ”Dinkay was similarly shocked by the cold sweat.

Sholoh ignored everyone's dissuasion and still controlled the tortoise, sprinting with Q power, bypassing enemy defensive towers one after the other, rushing directly into each other's highlands.


The barbarian king across the street immediately sent a message asking.

Sholo ignored, got up and left his seat.

“Brother Luo, why are you going?” Zhu Xiaofei asked urgently.

“Untie me! ”

Sholo replied, then walked straight into the bathroom in the bedroom.

- What? - What?

Zhu Xiaofei and Ding Kai's face changed dramatically, leaving the tortoise in enemy highlands while people went to the toilet, this is... this is an international joke.

“Kai, get Logo's tortoise back! ”

Zhu Xiaofei immediately ordered Dinkai, close to Sholo's computer, to control the tortoise's return from the enemy highlands.

At this time, however, the Barbarian King, Yasser and Sword Saint across the street had been surrounded by tortoises, and then various skills had been lost to tortoises, while tortoises were uncontrolled and only flat A counter-attacks were carried out according to the default instructions.

Next, there was a scene that Zhu Xiaofei and Dinkai would never forget.

Seeing the blood volume of the barbarian kings, Yasser and Jiansheng attacking the tortoise dropped at a fast speed. Although the blood volume of the tortoise also dropped, it was clearly not fast as they dropped. Just when the tortoise had 200 points of blood left, Yasser and Jiansheng screamed and killed each other.

The rest of the barbarian king opened the university, continued to cut tortoises, had five seconds of immunization against death, he still did not believe in cutting blood tortoises.

But I don't believe it is one thing, reality is another thing, 200 points of blood tortoise is as stubborn as cockroach life, how can it not be chopped to death, bear the damage of the barbarian king for five seconds, the blood volume dropped to more than a dozen points, but the barbarian king was passively reversed to death by the thorn armor.

“TripleKill!!! ”

Women's computer synthesis sounds exciting.

“Goddamn it, pick three! ”

“What the hell is this? ”

“I saw what the fuck I saw! ”


Chu Yue's live broadcast room boiled again, countless fans couldn't believe their eyes, the tortoise didn't fight back at all, almost stood there and got beaten, and then took a three kill, can Nima believe this?

Chu Yue and Baiyi were stunned like wooden chickens, deeply shocked by Sholo's tortoise, can't say anything for a moment.

Zhu Xiaofei and Dinkai were like ghosts in the middle of the day. They opened their eyes and opened their mouths. They stood there with their tongues shut. In their hearts, they caused a shock of the river falling over the sea. How could they not believe what their eyes saw? It was too against common sense. It was too unrealistic. They had never seen anyone play with a tortoise like this.

What is even more incredible is that the tortoise, which had only 10 o'clock of blood left, recovered at an incredible rate when it was attacked by two small attackers from the other side.

“Oh my god, what kind of monster is this, or is this the flesh shield tortoise I'm familiar with?” Zhu Xiaofei swallowed his saliva and the whole person was in a shock that could not be described in words.

At that time, the female gun and auxiliary dew from across the street also arrived, and the two men took turns shelling the tortoise.

When there was only a dozen points of blood left, the tortoise could have been killed by a female gun, but now four or five seconds have passed, the tortoise's blood volume has risen to more than a hundred points, the armor has 3001, the female gun has shot three times in a row, the tortoise silk blood has not been shed, but the female gun's own blood volume has fallen straight down the “soso".

The female gun realized that the situation was bad and immediately stopped the attack, but a bullet had been fired before an order to stop the attack had been issued.


The bullet fired a crisp sound on the armor of the tortoise, while the female gun fell and died with an audible scream, which was directly reversed by the thorn armor.

Auxiliary Lulu seemed to share a heart with the female gun, determined to kill the tortoise, exhausted the blue, she left no room for a general attack on the tortoise, and finally walked in the dust of the female gun and blew her life.

“PentaKill!!! ”

An exciting female computer synthesized the audio, connected to the previous three kills, and completed one five-kill.

At this moment, bedroom 712 and the girls' bedroom were silent, Chu Yue, Baiyi, Zhu Xiaofei and Dinkai, everyone held their breath for just a few seconds, the brain was blank, I can't believe Sholo's tortoise took five kills like this.

And Chuyue's live broadcast room boils like never before.

“What kind of monster is this? Is this a tortoise? ”

“Goddamn it, you can kill me with five if you don't move on the highlands. What a blind dog! ”

“Los Angeles, this ID name is Los Angeles. Hurry up and add his friends! ”


At one time, the entire live broadcast room was completely occupied by the barrage. No one was talking about Chu Yue, and all the people were excited to celebrate the five-kill tortoise on the highlands.

At this time, Sholo came out of the bathroom and saw Zhu Xiaofei and Dinkai's unusual eyes, and asked inexplicably: “What is wrong with you...? ”

Zhu Xiaofei was almost shouted out: “Luo, your tortoise took five kills while you peed! ”

“PentaKill, PentaKill!” Dinkai jumped like chicken blood and repeatedly screamed.

(PS: This chapter is based on a single tortoise broadcast by an anchor)