Peerless Genius System

Chapter 21: Coming to the Door

At the time of the last toilet, you can hang up and kill five people. Who would believe that? Zhu Xiaofei and Dinkai looked at Sholo's eyes at this moment and looked at him like crazy worship.

Sholo didn't think he could get five kills, but he was sure that even if three people came across the street to beat him up, his tortoise wouldn't be scared at all, so he snuck up to the highlands.

“The rehab talent and the rune, combined with the passivity of the Hex technology gun, made such a monster, and Schollo developed a new way to mount the tortoise. ”

Baiyan was amazed for a moment and turned his head to Chu Yue. “Master Chu, this guy is really amazing! ”

“What is it? He's a pig-eating pretender!” Chu Yue hummed softly, really upset that Sholo had taken all her wind.

“What did you just say about joining our team?” Asked Baiyi.

Chu Yue immediately said: “Of course, I hate him as a person, but I recognize his skills. Besides, I have always talked to Chu Yue, and all eight horses are difficult to chase. ”

“It's hard to chase!” Baiyi correction.

“I said eight horses, you give a shit.” Chu Yue said in a forthright manner.

Baihui shook his head and sighed helplessly.


Sholo was able to kill five times a dozen, hang up, wait for another sign of Langton and exhilarating armor, the five people across the street were completely desperate, and in 15 minutes they surrendered collectively, ending such a humiliating race.

At the end of the day, Aso across the street sent a message asking, "Turtle, did you drive the fucking plug? ”


Sholo laughed, ignored, redeemed a game ability, had a deeper understanding of his fingers and heroes and equipment, and whenever the opposite attack came, he avoided it in time, which is why he was able to perform so well.

Looking at the time, it's 12: 00, it's time for dinner.

Although he came to China to protect Chu Yue, it was his habit to eat on time, so he didn't continue playing.

“Rog, let's play another game. I want to see you abuse the fountain.” Zhu Xiaofei Chuchu pleaded pathetically.

“Yeah, I'm excited. Let's play another round!” Dinkay also wants to see Sholo kill the Quartet.

Sholo shook his head: "Eat first, I'm a little hungry. ”

“Well, Logo, pack one for me, thanks ha, hey...” Zhu Xiaofei quickly took his student card out of the drawer and shoved it into Sholo's hands.

Dinkay despised him for a moment: "What a lazy pig!” After Zhu Xiaofei, he also caught the student in Sholo's hand, "said Hippie Smiley,“ Luog, bring me a piece, um, add a sausage, just a little spicy. ”

“ …… ”

Sholo was absolutely right, but it reminded him of his old college life, much like that.

Bringing two more meals without missing arms and legs, the main thing was that he didn't dislike the two guys, so he acquiesced.

“Boom ~”

At this time, the green leather iron door half-covered in the bedroom was kicked open, and a group of able-bodied men broke in with a bad face.

“Who are you? Why did you break into our bedroom?” Zhu Xiaofei stood vigilant.

Standing in front of him, the guy with the acne on his face looked at Zhu Xiaofei and showed the computer screen of the League of Heroes interface. "Old Zhuang Zhu, you guys are so fucking real! ”

“Who the hell are you?” Zhu Xiaofei felt that the situation was not good, shouting out loud.

“Dogs make shit up. I told you I'd kill you if you give me the address!” The young man with the acne was so pale, he kicked Zhu Xiaofei's stool to the ground.

“Turns out it's you...”

Zhu Xiaofei and Dinkai's face changed dramatically, how could they not expect that the group of Jiansheng and Carter who just played really came to the door. There were only three of them and six of them, and they were all very tall and muscular. If they fought, they would definitely not have any chance of winning.

“It's not just us. ”

The guy with the chickenpox took a step forward and slapped Zhu Xiaofei in the face with his bare hands. He laughed arrogantly. “Pull, keep pulling. Didn't you guys pull things in the game before? I'm giving you a chance to kneel down and apologize to me. That's all I've revealed, or I won't even fucking know you today. ”

“Apologize. Apologize! ”

The other five fierce spirits drank their fierce fury, shooting the bedroom desk "bang” directly, even picking up Zhu Xiaofei's books, and throwing them on Zhu Xiaofei, like a group of black society that smashed the field, angry, not for a lifetime.

Under their obscene authority, Dinkai shook her whole body and thought for a moment, eventually lowering her head and whispering an apology: “Sorry! ”

Junjie is the timekeeper, and most importantly, he's afraid to beat up.

Zhu Xiaofei bit his teeth and very much wanted to fight. However, the other party was a lot of people, but he was a little weak. It must have been them who fought and lost. Since Dinkai had apologized, he also lowered his posture and said "I'm sorry”.

“I'm sorry, that's it? What else did I just say you need me to repeat? On your knees!!! ”

The young man with acne intensified, tearing down Zhu Xiaofei's computer keyboard, and then hurled hard to the ground. The plastic keyboard suddenly broke apart, and the keys on it scattered the floor.

“You hear me? On your knees! ”

Others also smashed cups into books and messed up Bedroom 712.


Zhu Xiaofei's fury and miso rushed upwards. Everything in the bedroom belonged to them. He was thrown to the ground by these people indiscriminately. He felt only endless humiliation.

Sholo took a faint step at this time: “Are you also students of Huano? Do you have to do this in the same school? ”

The man with the acne turned to look at Sholo and squinted, coldly: “How can I be angry when I hear this tone? You're the fucking barbarian.” Three or two steps closer to Sholo, staring hard at Sholo, "you hung yourself in the game, but in reality you are also a low pusher! ”

“I don't have anything to say to them. If I don't beat them up, I'm sick of it.” A handsome man walked up to him and looked at Sholo with disgust.

Sholo smiled and said, "Are you that Nell? ”

The boy grinned, "So what? So what? ”

“You lost the game and you're ready to lose the principle of being human?” Sholo laughed.

The man with the acne suddenly lost his voice, as if he heard a very funny joke: "The dog forced things, dare to load them up here, you're in the water. ”

The handsome man whispered to him: "Yuzawa, stop talking to him and beat him up. ”

The young man with the acne nodded his head and a harsh colour appeared in his eyes.

Others saw his face sink and hid it under his clothes. The iron stick inserted in the belt was pulled out, and the atmosphere suddenly swept up.

Zhu Xiaofei was shocked. He didn't expect the group of people to be so bold and carry iron sticks with them.

Ding Kai had a relatively small audacity and shook his legs straight.

“Wait!” Sholo drinks.

“I'm sorry I'm late, I just want to beat you up right now!” Boys with acne. Hey, giggles.

Sholo smiled softly: "You're mistaken. I mean, it's too small. How about we go to the roof? ”

Six people heard the words and were stunned. Then they laughed out loud and laughed at Sholoh for not knowing the thickness of the heavens and the earth.

“Well, they're all in the same school, and don't say I'm ruthless, I'll satisfy your dog's demands.” The man with the acne pointed to Sholoh in a despicable way.