Peerless Genius System

Chapter 33: Heavy Bar Strike

Sholo ignored everyone's sarcasm and waved a club and said to Ye Ying Ying: “Can I get three minutes of skill? It's been a long time since I've played. ”

Ye Ying chuckled: “Don't say three minutes, I can give you 10 minutes or half an hour. ”

“No, it'll only take three minutes, and you can tell me more about Snocker's scoring rules. ”

Schollo looked for the ball feeling with his own bent back, and the system had hinted that he had successfully redeemed a gifted ability to play Snocker.

Watching him hit the ball nine times, Ye Ying Ying couldn't help but laugh, but slowly told Sholo the scoring rules: “One point for every red ball, two points for the yellow ball, three points for the green ball, four points for the coffee ball, five points for the blue ball, six points for the pink ball, seven points for the black ball, when hitting the ball,

The order of 'one red and one colour' must be followed, i.e. one red ball must be scored before a colour ball can be struck, and when all red balls are finished, the colour balls are struck from low to high in order of score.

When playing red balls, if the white ball does not touch any red balls, the penalty is four points, and if the color ball is accidentally touched, the penalty is based on the score of the color ball, but the minimum penalty is four points. ”

“The rules seem a little complicated!” Sholo scratched his head.

“As an international sport, Snocker certainly has a lot of restrictive rules that make it challenging and entertaining.” Ye Shining raised his head with a strong and slight look.

Sholo nodded indisputably: "Yes! ”

“It's three minutes. Did you get your hands back?” Fang Shulan hurried.

Sholoh waved, “Almost there. Let's go. Who's going first? ”

“Whatever! ”

Ye Yingying grabbed a club from the club bag.

“Ladies first.” Sholo laughed and made a gesture, please.

Idiot, wait for the dog to scream!

Ye Ying snorted softly and did not say anything to Sholodo. He walked to the point of serving, bowed down, left hand rack rod, right hand grip rod tail, upper body looking forward and looking in the direction of the club.

The right hand of the grip rod stays in place, with both feet standing upright, the left foot taking a small step to the left, the size is equal to the shoulder, the right toe turns naturally outward to the right, the angle of rotation is about 70 degrees, and stands steadily.

Afterwards, aim down on the middle axis of the club, keeping your eyes horizontally flat forward, and your nose, mouth, and lower leg enter the same vertical plane as the club and your right arm, allowing a unique cold temperament to dissipate.

As soon as this expert strikes, he'll know if there is one!

Without looking at Ye Ying's brilliant hitting effect, from this position, people can be sure that Ye Ying is an old snocker player. Otherwise, there can never be this arrogant cold temperament, which contrasts sharply with Sholo's rigid and frivolous action, which is a difference between heaven and earth.

“Bang ~”

The luminous club hits the ball and the white ball hits it with a gentle impulse, rolling towards a triangular red ball.

This is obviously a light rod, the aim is to defend. This is typically the case in the beginning of a masterful duel. It depends on who shows up first. Ye Ying Ying is also a habit. After all, those who deal with her in the normal time are masters of playing Snocker.

After a short stroke of red balls, the white ball slowly rolled to the short side of the table, parked right behind the coffee ball, impeccably defended, and with offense in the defense, as long as Sholoh didn't hit the red ball or hit the colored ball, he could swap the rights and score, double-sculpting with an arrow.


Fang Shulan and Yip Ying's friends clapped their hands.

Others nodded, and their eyes were full of appreciation. From this ball, Ye Ying Ying knew the movement trajectory of the white ball very well. Such a technology has a little international Master Snocker style. As an amateur hobby, it is really difficult to get so expensive to practice technology.

“Brother Schollo, it's your turn. Don't touch the colored ball!” Fujiawei smiled.

“Don't worry, I'm not that good! ”

Shorona accidentally grinds the skin of the club, adding a touch of friction to the skin.

Chu Moon in the distance can't really watch, he said a mockery: “This pretender can't believe he's playing cool there with his powdered skin. Does he even know he wants a face? ”

Baiyan didn't talk, anyway, she thought Chu Yue was too much for Sholo.


Ye Ying gave way and retreated to one side. Like Fang Shulan, he placed his hands crossed in front of his chest and looked at Sholo with disdain.

“Girls are girls, they don't have the strength to hit, let me break those red balls up!” Sholo bows down, ready to hit the ball.

People around them can't help but laugh when they hear this sentence. This is the difference between a doorman and an insider. They don't know anything. They still think they can't do much strength because they are girls. They really don't know how to play Snocker at all.

“Then blow the red ball apart! ”

“Yeah, yeah, break up the red ball, let's see what you got. ”

“Careful not to slide again, haha...”

Fang Shulan and Ye Yingying's friends smiled with idiots on their faces and laughed.

They laughed, Sholo laughed, and the cue hit hard.

“Bang ~”

The white ball is like a roaring beast. It rushes out, hits a long side, and then, in an unstoppable force, rushes towards the pile of red balls that gather together. Just listening to "wow," fifteen red balls spread apart, no rules, but no hole, instead there are many red balls, staying not far from the hole.

Sholo frowned: “I didn't think I'd be able to get into one. I didn't expect such bad luck! ”

Bad luck?

You're obviously making a fool out of yourself. You really think Snooker can score like Black Eight?

Fang Shulan and Ye Ying's friends snorted at him and thought Sholo was so funny.

“Sholo, you can admit you lost! ”

Ye Ying walked forward, revealing a confident smile at the corner of his mouth.

“Miss Ye is confident, but I broke up all the red balls, but you're not a very good player, are you?” Sholo didn't think otherwise.

Ye Yingying glanced almost at the black ball and there was another string of red balls surrounded by white balls nearby. Guan Er smiled: “Then open your eyes and give me a good look to see if I can play this ball. ”

After that, he snuck in and hit the white ball out without even aiming.

The white ball hits a nearby red ball, and the red ball rolls towards one of the bottom holes, knocking another red ball parked near the bottom hole into the hole, a very nice way to beat the cow off the hill!

“Awesome! ”

When Fang Shulan and Ye Ying's friends clapped their hands well, Sholo also clapped loudly: “Not bad, Miss Ye's strength is okay. ”

Is it okay?

You foolish bastard! You don't know anything about Snooker!

Ye Yingying really wanted to curse out, but since she was a little girl, she didn't curse the exit. Instead, she glanced at Sholo and continued to hit the ball.

“Dang ~”

The blue ball went into the hole and Ye Yingying scored six points in a flash.

Looking at the distribution of red balls on the eyeball table, the smile on her face grew stronger, as she felt she could go all the way down (clearing the stage) and leave Sholo without a single point.