Peerless Genius System

Chapter 37: Cooperate with Your Search

Red balls and black balls burst into holes, sounding like a clock striking everyone's soul.

As a referee, the wealthy housekeeper reset the position of the colorball ball, making an incredible statement: "It's already ten links! ”

And with the exception of ten links, after every red ball, he punched the black ball into the hole, and now Sholoh's score is a horrible forty.

“Dang... Dang...”

Sholo ignores the look on anyone's face, focuses on hitting the ball, and moves faster and faster, seemingly without aiming at it at all, but is able to punch the ball into the hole every time.

Ye Shining's eyes were as big as copper bells, making it difficult to remain calm.

Fang Shulan and Fujiawei are also eye-catching. It's hard to believe that Sholo will be such a superior player in the game. The action is flying, the club is resolute, and the rhythm is super strong. Is this still the guy who can slide in the first place?

Chu Yue and Baiyi in the distance were totally stunned. I had no idea that Sholo would have such a powerful hand.

Twenty links…

Thirty links…

The number of billiards on the table is decreasing rapidly, and Sholo hits the last remaining black ball on the table with a club.

“Dang ~”

The black ball bursts into a hole and completes the 32nd link.

Drop the club and the dust settles.

Clear the stage!

No trace of moisture, no slight suspension, a complete clearance.

At this moment, there is a dead silence on the large lawn, only Xu Xu wind, everyone's eyes open, mouth wide, horrified looking at only one white ball table left, seriously doubting whether there is a problem with their eyes, all they see is hallucinations.

Fu Jia Wei rubbed his eyes, then the other party Shulan shouted: “All... all in? ”

Fang Shulan nodded mechanically, his pretty face was a little stiff: “Well, it's all in! ”

Confirmed, Fujiahui's forehead was sweating cold, his breath gasped heavily at Sholo, after the street dance Fang Shulan, Snook crushed Ye Ying Ying, he couldn't believe this guy from an ordinary farmer's family would be so tough.

“Impossible, impossible, impossible...”

Ye Ying is pale and still cannot accept the fact that he has failed.

She only scored two points in one game, and Sholo was a horrible 141 points, ending in a clean slate, which she was always proud of. Even if she had talked to Snoque, she'd never lost so much. Sholo, a farmer's son, how could he beat her in such an upscale sport as Snoque?

The brain is blank and forgets to think for a moment.

And the boy who had just said that Sholo was able to clear the stage, he had chopped up the hanging, his face was burning like a monkey, and he wanted to find a sewer to drill in.

Sholo grabbed two bank cards in his hand and waved at Ye Ying Ying: “Thank you, Miss Ye! ”

Just say so and turn around and leave the villa.

Fujiahui's heart was dripping blood. One of the two cards belonged to him. When he saw Sholo leaving, he immediately asked: "Brother Sholo, where are you going? It's not over yet! ”

“Go to a nearby ATM machine and transfer the money to my account, and I will only be able to get it right.” Sholoway.

I ~! @ # ¥%...

Fu Ka Wei listened to her wanting to scold her. The feeling of losing money was so fucking annoying, especially when the winning man had a harmless smile on his face, he had a bloody urge.

Fang Shulan was not so good at it. He couldn't stand the look of Sholoh. He laughed coldly: “Are you still afraid that we will regret it and freeze the account? Rest assured, we don't want to do this at all. That's not enough money to get into our eyes. Consider it a good idea to send out a meal! ”

She was really pissed off and suddenly lost her mind and tore her face off with Sholo.

When people heard this, they couldn't help but frown. They felt that Fang Shulan had really embarrassed the faces of their rich brothers. He lost the game and lost people. He appeared to be humiliating each other. In fact, he was lowering his character and throwing dirty water on himself.

Sholo smiled slightly: “Miss Fang, you were born into a rich family, you have not been saddened by snacks, you have spent a lot of money, famous brand clothes and luxury jewellery, I'm afraid it's enough to open a store, this is your innate condition, I can only say that you are lucky, I hope you enjoy it slowly,

But that doesn't mean you can be superior to people who look down on the average family condition. There's a phrase you don't know if you've ever heard of, 30 years in Hedong, 30 years in Hexi, don't bully teenagers into poverty. Maybe, I mean, maybe next time you see him, it could be you, looking up at me. ”

Looking at the flowers in the fog, Sholo's words penetrated deeply into the hearts of all the guests in the place, the faces of the people were different, some full of contempt, as a joke, some frowned and caught in contempt.

“I look up to you? ”

Fang Shulan laughed out loud, then drank loudly, "On your own? In terms of resources, in terms of connections, in terms of presence, which one is better than you, do you think I'll be worse off after graduation? ”

“I don't know. It's artificial, right?” Sholoh said, not inferior.

After that, ignore Fang Shulan and go outside the villa.

Angry Fang Shulan bites his teeth and stamps them straight in place.

“Excuse me, sir! ”

At this point, several security guards reached out and stopped Sholo from going.

Sholo frowned and asked softly, "What's up? ”

“Here's the thing, just a short while ago, the rich lost a few precious things.” A security guard said.


Sholo looks at Fujiawei, "Brother Jiayou lost something? ”

“Yeah, it's pretty expensive.” Fujiawei nodded.

The security guard went on to say, "If it's not easy to say it, let's talk about it for him. Except for you, all the people present are identified, so your suspicion is the biggest, of course, which is most likely a misunderstanding, and if you can, just stand still and we'll search you so you can get back clean. What do you think? ”

In other words, those despised eyes looked straight at Sholo.

The distant white body trembled and turned around and asked: "Master Chu, is this your third plan? ”

Chu Yue nodded: “Hmm! ”

“You really went too far, not to make Sholo look ugly, but to humiliate him so hard in front of so many people.” Baiyidao.

“Don't worry, I have a point. If he's really angry, I'll have to apologize to him alone some other time. ”

Chu Yue turned his back and thought it was too much fun, but she couldn't run up to terminate the plan right now. Once things were exposed, it would be her who would be ashamed.

“The wounds are all broken. What's the point of apologizing? ”

Bai Xiao glanced at her with no anger, "This is it, get on your thief boat, Sholo will treat me as a bad person who humiliates him too. ”

“Hey, what do you care so much about his impression of you? ”

Chu Yue rolled his white eyes, and then something occurred to him. He took a deep breath and pointed at Baiyi in horror. “Baiyi, you... you don't like pretending to be a criminal, do you? ”

“What are you talking about? I've known him for less than two days. How is it possible...”

“How is that even possible? You see, you're blushing, and you just said you like me. ”

“Say no or no, forget it, I won't tell you. ”

Turn your back in a whisper.