Peerless Genius System

Chapter 40: Hunter Launches

Just as Chu Yue and Baiyi were about to open the door to the car, a somewhat dry voice, like being strangled and talking, suddenly rang behind their back.

“Ladies, please stay! ”

There is no sign of it, and it looks extremely harsh on this empty street.

At first glance, Chu Yue and Baiyi shook their heads indiscriminately, because at this moment behind them, they didn't know when there was an extra person. The person was wearing a wide black trench coat, a black hat, black from head to toe, and the light of the street lamp just inclined from the top of his head, making it impossible to see his face, the whole face was pitch black.

They just looked at the front and back of the street, and there was no one there, and this strange person came behind them and they didn't even hear a single footstep, which made people feel shady and creepy.

“Who are you? Can I help you? ”

Chu Yue looked vigilantly at the person, put his hand in the bag and grabbed the anti-wolf spray inside. If the person in front of her dared to plot something wrong, she would not hesitate to spray it in her eyes.

“Are you Miss Chu Yue?” The man in black asked.

Chu Yue nodded unconsciously and then shook her head immediately. In fact, it was clear to her that she would not be safe for the time being.

“Hey hey... no mistake! ”

A shout of pride, like a demon laughing, came from a black man's face.

Seeing the situation was bad, Chu Yue decided to strike first, but just as she was about to take out the anti-wolf spray, the man in black waved his hand. She and Baiyan only felt a colorless and odorless powder drifted into her nose with a gust of wind, and then immediately, a strong sense of fatigue swam all over her body,

They feel dizzy and their sights blur.

One by one, they fell like two beaches of mud.

“You… what have you done to us?” Baiyi shouted impatiently.

“Rest assured, it's not a poison, it's just an obsession to get you to sleep quickly.” The man in black walked forward like he was admiring two pieces of art. Hey, smile.

Chu Yue's arm toughly supported the ground: “Who the hell are you...? ”

“It doesn't matter who I am. What matters is that you are Chu Yunxiong's daughter. If you accept money and people to fight disaster, you should consider yourself unlucky.” The man in black said.

“Let go... let go of my friend, it has nothing to do with her..."

As Chu Yunxiong's daughter, Chu Yuexiong's temper notwithstanding, she also inherited some of Chu Yunxiong's qualities. She was not panicked like any other girl, but rather calm. She could not interfere with her good friend.

“I'm sorry, I like beautiful women besides money, especially girls like you who haven't been developed very much. ”

The man in black suddenly took a breath of air and was very intoxicated, "It's really wonderful to have a virgin fragrance on his body. ”

Chu Yue's face turns white, Baiyi is just as desperate. For girls, their bodies are definitely precious. If they are humiliated by a guy who doesn't look like a ghost, they might as well die.

“Don't resist, come with me, hey...”

The man in black grinned, and his two big hands, like ghost claws, grabbed Chu Moon and Bai Xiao on the ground.

At this point, however, the rest of his light found himself standing just to the right as a hunter specializing in prey hunting for his employer, and the prolonged test of life and death gave him a sharp sense of smell.

Threats, a threat from the heart!

However, as he turned his head to see the figure clearly, his mind suddenly tightened.

Where is he?

The thought just flashed through my mind, and a whistling force suddenly came from behind.

His pupils shrunk and he couldn't think too much of it. He immediately stepped on his feet to exhale and tried to avoid the past.

But late, a fierce slap hit him in the back, the man in black trembled, a bite of blood erupted backwards, he was like being hit in the back by a racing car and flying out uncontrollably, falling into a dog eating shit position.

Chu Yue and Baiyi were stunned. They didn't know who had broken through the man in black. The blurred gaze had only one long figure, and the next second, a name appeared all over their heads - Sholo, both tall and in shape - too similar.

But under the influence of the ecstasy, they couldn't say a word and eventually closed their eyes and passed out.

The man in black couldn't hide his horrible color from slowly climbing up from the ground. He looked at the young man in a white T-shirt with a palpitation. This man's horrible power, if he hadn't reacted quickly just now, would have had to smash his back.

Who the hell is this guy?

The employer's intelligence did not show such a figure. The two bodyguards who had been closely protecting Chu Yue had been removed by him using the Tiger Leaving the Mountain Gauge. Where did this come from? And protect Chu Yue?

“Who are you?” The man in black asked aloud.

“Like you, I took money to help my employer, except your job was to take Chuyue away, and my job was to protect her from harm.” Sholo snorted.

What happened tonight made him disgust Chu Yuexiong, but since he has promised Chu Yunhong, he will not eat his words. This is his principle of being human, let alone accepting two million rewards.

“It's useless, come on! ”

The voice had just fallen, Sholo's eyes were brazen, his footsteps were swinging, the leopard pounded toward the man in black, his right palm claw was clawed, the wind was whizzing, and he followed the trajectory of a snake-like drill to the throat of the man in black.

What the fuck is this speed?

The man in black is pale.

He turned around and fled before he could think, and he was sure it was someone he couldn't provoke at all.

“Trying to escape? ”

Sholo's eyes squinted and caught up. Since the person who endangered Chu Yue had already appeared, he did not want to let go of such a good opportunity to strike. Just grasp it, once and for all, save him the courage to hang in the future, and pay attention to Chu Yue at all times.

But as soon as he caught up with the man in black, the man in black turned around and waved his hand hard, the powdery ecstasy seemed to be a dust that swept past Sholo's face.

Sholo instinctively took refuge, and when he was shaped, the man in black had escaped 20 meters away, moved agile, jumped onto a big tree, and fell into a residential wall and disappeared.

“A rabbit? Run so fast! ”

Sholoh did not continue to chase, God knows if there are other hunters. If his front foot had just left, someone would have come out to take Chu Moon and Bai Xiao, who had passed out, and things would have gotten bigger.

Turning around, he walked back to Chu Yue and Baiyi, looking at the two unconscious girls on the ground, frowned.

At this point, two hurried footsteps came.

Sholo glanced and said: Surely there are others.

Listening to the audible discerner, when he perceived the other person coming behind him, Sholo didn't even think about it. The opposite hand was a sharp claw, five fingers like a knife, swinging out the whistling sound of tearing space.

“Mr. Shaw, we are the bodyguards Mr. Chu arranged with the lady!” A man's voice sounded.