Peerless Genius System

Chapter 42: The Deadly Joy

After transferring Ye Ying Ying's money from their card to their account, Sholo was worried about the Swiss Omega system watch. Although it was worth 50,000 yuan, it was priceless. It didn't seem like there was a "pawnshop” in this era. It was really hard to do anything about it. If you can't change the money, the value is also top of your lungs.

“Wow, Swiss Omega, officially priced 59,999, Logo, where did you get that? ”

Zhu Xiaofei, at the tip of his eyes, recognized the extraordinary watch in Sholo's hand. He rolled over like a meatball, almost knocked Sholo to the ground and looked straight at the watch.

“Needless to say, Logo must have bought it.” Dinkay interjected.

Zhu Xiaofei suddenly held Sholo's hand and worshipped him with a full face: "Trench, let me hold your thigh! ”

Sholo was speechless for a while: "Don't listen to Kay. He won yesterday's bet, not bought it. ”

Bet you won?

Zhu Xiaofei and Dinkai looked at each other and saw shock in each other's eyes.

Sholo briefly explained what happened last night, and of course, he only spoke about playing Snocker, and he didn't go into detail.

“I'll go, Logo, you're a god, you can even win a $50,000 watch back to a prom. If you go to a bigger party, you're going to win a big beauty back.” Zhu Xiaofei was surprised.

Sholo ignored him and turned to Dinkay: "Kay, do you know where I can sell this watch? ”

“It's easy to sell! ”

Dinkay put the book down and sat out of bed, "There are many used goods trading platforms online right now, just sign up for an account and send a post and you can wait for interested buyers to come to the door. ”

Sholo raised his eyebrows and wondered why he didn't think of it. Now that the Internet is so developed, searching for buyers online is undoubtedly the most economical and effective method. Turn on the computer and choose a used goods trading platform to pass on the information on this Swiss Omega watch for 49,000.

“Interpretation's in 15 minutes, Logo. Let's go.” Dinkay looked at the time and rushed out of bed.

Sholo was really uncomfortable with the class: "Not today, Chu, help me order one. ”

He didn't do much of this when he was in college.

Zhu Xiaofei was listening to this sentence, and immediately sucked a sip of cool air and reached out three fingers.

“Brother Luo, my good Brother Luo, it's just the three of us in our class, how can this help you get there? Let's take a look at the past and see if there are three obvious ones, okay? They can skip class, and we boys don't have a choice. ”

Sholo forgot the question, laughed and patted Zhu Xiaofei's shoulder: “I'm kidding you, don't be serious, how could I miss class? ”

But the inner heart is laughing bitterly. Chu Yue is not good at reading what specialty, but he has studied a yin and yang fading English specialty. Didn't you force him to go to every class?


When she came to the classroom, class leader Huang was already there. She glanced at the three Sholo, continued to wipe the podium, and then wiped the blackboard. Though university teachers almost always use multimedia in their classes, they sometimes write paintings on blackboards beside chalk to better explain their knowledge points.

As soon as Sholo sat down, Anhuan, who came into the classroom, ran over and sat beside him without any hesitation.

“Los Angeles, may I sit here? ”

Ang Huanhuan smiled with a lovely and delicate smell.

“I think you can sit a little further and give each other a bigger space.” Sholo smiled.

“Los Angeles, don't do this. I really like guys like you, not for fun. ”

Anhuan was closer, and dared to throw a sexy glance at Sholo. The water could drag people's souls away.

Although he talked to Zhao Mengqi for four years, but in four years, Sholo kept his promise and didn't touch her, so he is still a big yellow flower boy, commonly known as a virgin. At this moment, his nose smells the faint fragrance on Anhuan's body, and the two stick so close together, Sholo couldn't help but swallow the drool, feeling that his penis had grown tall.

What the hell does Ann Joy want?

Sholo quickly distracted himself, saying that the hero was sad about the beauty off, he didn't believe it before, and now he believes that when a delicate beauty approaches you and discharges electricity to you, a normal man reacts physiologically.

“Los Angeles, what's wrong with you? Why are you blushing? You didn't catch a cold, did you? ”

Anhuan cared to ask, and then reached out to touch Sholo's forehead.

Sholo stood up like an electric shock and waved: "Don't touch me, Anhuan, you have the wrong boyfriend. ”

After that, he fled in panic and took a different seat.

Why rush?

Bullshit, the crotch is up, if you don't hurry to change seats, do you still want to glorify the walk, let the other girls notice?

Zhu Xiaofei and Dinkai both couldn't help laughing and running away from the desert.

“Brother Luo, who makes you look so handsome, look, this peach blossom luck can't get rid of it.” Zhu Xiaofei was fortunate and happy.

“What's the matter, Zhu? I think you're just jealous. You look so ugly. No girl likes you, so your mind is unbalanced.” Dinkay digs bitter.

Zhu Xiaofei didn't like it immediately: “I'm not happy about it. It's like you look good. There's a girl who likes it. We're two and a half pounds. Don't make fun of anyone. OK? ”

“Nothing like you. You look like a fat pig. ”

“Sister, lift the bar with me, don't you? You're skinny like a monkey. Did I say that? ”

“Animals like monkeys are smart. I'm a monkey. I'm proud! ”

“What's wrong with pigs? The pigs are full of treasure, pig's waist, pig's ears, pig's whip... what's not delicious? ”


Sholo looked at these two red-hearted guys and said, "These two guys are really hungry. Hang on, can we fight?"

At this time, Anhuan ran over again and sat down in front of him, exhaling like Lan: “Lo, I'm sitting in front of you, now you don't have a problem? ”

Sholo is speechless. I don't know what happened to this Anjoy. Why did he lean on himself?

Less often, Chu Yue and Baiyi also came to the classroom.

Though it was to Gaoyang who saved them, they always felt something was wrong, and the figure they saw when they passed out was really too much like Sholo.

“Baiyi, did you pretend to be a pervert last night or not?” Chu Yue stared at Sholo and his beautiful face was full of suspicion.

Baiyan shook his head: “I don't know, maybe it's our illusion. Last night's light wasn't good, and we got stunned again, so there's a good chance your bodyguard will look like Sholo. ”

“I think so. At that time, pretending to be a forced criminal had just been dumped by my anger. He must have wanted me to be kidnapped. How could he have come out and rescued me?” Chu Yue was sure.