Peerless Genius System

Chapter 45 Perverted Requirements

Seeing An Huanhuan, he looked at other men with love. Song Jian 'an's eyes couldn't help but stare. He asked: "Huanhuan, what is your relationship with him? ”

“He's my future boyfriend!” Anhuan replied.

Since Sholo was not afraid of Song Jian 'an, she naturally had nothing to worry about. Besides, she was telling the truth. If she wanted Sholo as her boyfriend before, there were some joking ingredients, then now she is very serious, nothing else, because Sholo just dared to call Song Jian 'an for her sake.

Sholo frowned, and when Anhuan said that, he knew he was in big trouble.

Sure enough, Song Jian 'an glared at the blood on his eyes. He was like an angry bull, holding his fist tight, staring dead at Sholo.

At this moment, the air seems to be clotting!

Zhu Xiaofei and Ding Kai trembled next to him, and had fantasized about the bloody image of Song Jian An beating him to a beach of meat and mud.

“Cough... pay attention to class discipline, don't talk under it, you are adults, but you are still students in essence, everything needs to be mainly academic, if you want to go to class, otherwise leave the classroom, my most annoying thing is that students disrupt my class discipline!” The interpreter suddenly coughed a few times and looked at Song Jian 'an and said sternly.

This is obviously against the people of Song Jian 'an!

Song Jian 'an, who was going to bite Xiaoluo's teeth, took a deep breath and put up with it. Even if he was arrogant, he would still be very worried about the school's teachers. The school's dispositions would be written directly into the file, and he would never wash them away for the rest of his life. That is vital for the future development.

He blushed and gave Sholobby a thumb: "You dare rob my girlfriend, you dare! ”

“Let me just say that I didn't rob anyone's girlfriend, and I hate people who rob other people's girlfriends the most! ”

Sholo coldly said, “I have to tell you the truth, I do have balls, because I'm a man and I don't have balls for a eunuch. ”

“Oh… in Huano, it's the first time someone has dared to talk to me like that, wait, there will be times when you cry.” Song Jian 'an is now on fire.

“If the dog pushes you, you wait for Angel to pack it!” Tang Yuzé turned his head, Joseph said.

The mud man still has three flames, not to mention Sholoh, who has flesh and blood.

This dude with his mouth full of shit made a dog push something on the left and a dog push something on the right, and this time it really pissed him off.

Staring straight at Tang Yuzé: “Try me again? ”

In response to Sholo's gaze, Don Yuze suddenly remembered the fear of being dominated by this guy on the roof of the dormitory the other day, and couldn't help but beat a spiritual spirit. But think about it, Ang is around, he's afraid of his own ball.

He looked at Sholo badly: "What can I do if I scold you? Hit me if I can, in front of your teachers. How dare you? ”

Sholoh's beast smiled harmlessly, and the next second, his face changed rapidly, like a fierce beast stood up.

“Bang ~”

The table in front of him was powered by his standing, and the moment collapsed.

Tang Yuze didn't even have time to react, the collar was grabbed by Sholo's big hand, and then a fierce force came from Sholo's hand, making it difficult for him to resist. His body was first lifted and then tossed completely out of control into the middle of the classroom.

Listening only to the "bang”, he fell a four-leaning fork, his back happened to be on the 90-degree right angle of the stone staircase, Tang Yuzee was in pain and screamed like a pig.

Sholoh leaves his seat like a tiger and jumps at him, bends over, one hand pulls him off the ground with the irresistible power of Tang Yuzé, dragging him out of the classroom like a dead dog.

This happened so suddenly, don't say the whole class English professional girl was scared, even Song Jian 'an stood still, who could have thought of the previous moment with a smile on his face, a complete pair of animals harmless Sholo next second flipped his face, directly in the classroom to fight.

“Sholo, what are you doing? ”

Huang Ruran first reacted, stood up and drank and asked.

The interpreting instructor also blinked at this moment and turned back to God: "Schollo, you... you...”

He was amazed. In more than 10 years of teaching, he had never met such a fierce student. He actually hit people in front of his teacher. It's really ridiculous.

“Teacher, it's none of my business. He asked me to beat him up. Although this request seems absurd and perverted, he really made this request. If you don't believe me, you can ask Zhu Xiaofei and Dinkai from our class.” Sholo said seriously.

Zhu Xiaofei and Dinkai were completely blank.

But when Sholo asked them to testify, they quickly stood up and nodded: “Teacher, Logo... oh no, Sholo was telling the truth.” Pointing to Don Yuzé, "he just kept yelling at Sholo for being a dog and forcing him, threatening Sholo to beat him if he could, I could hear him clearly. ”

“Well, I also heard very clearly that he did make that request.” Dinkay's fearless attachment.

Tang Yuzé wanted to cry without tears and quickly argued: “I didn't. They were panicking! ”

“You didn't ask for that? ”

Sholo grabbed him, lifted him up, slapped him, stared at him indifferently, "Give you a chance to say again, did you just tell me to hit you? ”

Tang Yuzé was frightened, his face was in a hot pain. He looked at Song Jian 'an, fixed his mind, became angry with shame, and cut off his nails to deny: “No! ”

“Really?” Sholo smiled coldly.


With one leg swing, Tang Yuze's knees pounded on the ground without protection, causing him to scream again.

“Say, did you tell me to hit you?” Sholo asked again, looking a little iron blue.

Tough guy!

Smile on your face, but you're so hot!

Tang Yuze was scared to death. His face was quite scary. Like a sheep who saw a wolf, he turned his eyes to Song Jian 'an for help. He cried back: "Yes..."

Sholo looked up satisfied and looked at the interpreter, smiling: “Teacher, you heard me, I told you he asked me to hit him. ”

The interpreting teacher stared.

The English majors in the class are also stubborn, looking at Sholo like an alien, how does that look like a trick? Besides, if he asks, can you beat him up?

“Sholo, stop fooling around! ”

Huang Ruran shouted out, “Let him go, don't make things impossible. ”

Chu Yue's ghost also stood up in disgrace at this time and persuaded him, “Can you hold back a little bit, pretending to be a forced criminal? Our class hasn't stopped for a day since you arrived. ”

“Yeah, Sholo, fighting and beating in school is a serious violation of the law. If it's too bad, you should warn and punish it. If the situation is really bad, you might be forced to drop out of school. Don't do anything stupid.” Dai-mei frowned.