Peerless Genius System

Chapter 46 Fighting

“Los Angeles, let him go, you're handsome enough! ”

Anhuan also persuaded Sholo that, after all, it was in the classroom and at school, and she did not want Sholo to be punished.

Sholo copied Tang Yuze's collar and pulled it closer. He smiled. “I'm not too ashamed to hit you with so many persuasions. So, apologize to me, I'm done. How about that? ”

Fuck you, man!

Tang Yuzei scolded his mother in the heart, and she must apologize for getting beaten up. Is there such a reason in the world? That's bullying.

“No apologies? Then I'll keep coming! ”

Sholo grinned and pushed Tang Yuzé away, turning him to his head was a severe whip.

“I'm sorry! ”

Tang Yuze shouted in alarm, "I was wrong, I was wrong, I'm sorry! ”

“Hoo ~”

The wind whistled, Sholo's right foot stopped at the neck of Tang Yuze, the leg wind, the greasy hair of Tang Yuze blown to the east, scared the guy almost pissed his pants.

The whole classroom was stunned, and for a moment and a half, no one would say anything, and everyone, deeply felt the fierceness of Sholoh.

“Shaw, if you touch me, I'll kill you! ”

At this point, Song Jian 'an had arrived on the middle walkway of the classroom and jumped at Sholo.

It's like a bull, it's like a thunder!

Rotate the palm film to reveal an unparalleled scent, blatantly colliding with Sholo.

The tsunami-like power swept through his arms and his body felt a slight paralysis and tingling on both sides of Sholo, accompanied by an imbalance. This power of Song Jian 'an exceeded his expectations, forcing him to retreat four or five steps back.

And Song Jian 'an also took a few steps backwards. The anger on his face was replaced by shock. He didn't think that Sholo, who looked not strong at all, was so powerful that his body burst was no less powerful than him. You know, he had been practicing martial arts since childhood to achieve this. Apart from his hard work, his body was refined to the extreme, his fat content was about four percent, and his body was almost all muscle.

“Practice? ”

Song Jian 'an picked up his disdainful gaze and was able to talk to him hard enough to make him pay attention.

“Aren't you practicing? It's about you?” Sholo asked coldly.

“When I ask for nothing, die!!! ”

Song Jian 'an burst into shouting, the momentum skyrocketed, and the animal's blood boiled towards Sholo again.

“What a big breath. ”

Sholo snorted, proactively facing up, his tight right fist, with the threat of breaking through the void, such as a roaring cheetah, a tooth dancing claw, and a hissing sky.

“Boom ~”

The fists of the two collided in the air, and the dull sound blew up.

The strength of power versus power, makes people see the numbness of the scalp. I've only seen this kind of fight on TV before, but now I see it with my own eyes. At such close range, all of that power versus the bursting air field generated by the bombing shook everyone's soul.

The interpreter came back to God at this time, picked up the book, shook it hard on the stage, and the "bang” sounded huge. The whole classroom seemed to blow up a thunder, causing people to tremble slightly.

“What do you want, what do you want, to make a martial arts film? Everyone wants to be a warrior? Do you believe I told you all to drop out of school and go home?” The interpreter's angry, blushing and yelling, fighting in his classroom, these students really didn't see him in the eyes, it was outrageous.

Song Jian 'an dropped out of school, took the lead in retracting his hands, grinning: “The teacher misunderstood, we just itched. We can't help but negotiate. Those who practise martial arts have such a flaw. We also ask the teacher to forgive us more. ”

“Don't smile at me, you three aren't even here for class. Get out of here, or I'll call the school security department.” The interpreter took out the phone threat.

“No, no, since the teacher doesn't like us, let's just go. ”

Song Jian An smiled with a false and commissioned snake on his face and bowed slightly to the interpreter's guide, then waved to Tang Yuze and Chen Jie and said, “Let's go! ”

Go ahead, turn around and go.

Before walking away, don't forget to stare hard at Sholo, and then beat the “I Love You” sign on the seat.

“Get out of here! ”

The interpreter spit at the door of the classroom, turning his head and looking at Sholo, "Sholo, what about you? Are you going to get out of here or stay for the rest of your class? ”

“I chose to stay and continue my lesson.” Sholo smiled.

Contrary to the temperament of Song Jian 'an when he fought, the former was shady, angry, confident, and the latter smiled soothingly.

Everyone in the classroom could not help but create the illusion that just now Sholo and now Sholo would be two!

“Then why are you still standing there? Why don't you go back to your seats and sit down?” The interpreter board faces up.

Sholo didn't say anything, so he retrieved a seat and sat down.

“If so, remember to ask him to report the destroyed desk, which is the destruction of public property.” The interpreter said.

“Yes, sir. ”

Huang Ruang stood up and echoed, then turned his head and glanced at Sholo and sat down.

“Okay, let's get back to class!” The interpreting instructor cleared his voice, and the canal was straight.

And the girls in the class have been unable to calm down for a long time. How many moves can they have had with Song Jian 'an, the president of the scattered club? Sholo can fight like this?

“What did Lord Lo do before? ”

“Yeah, the size difference is so huge, but it's just a little downwind to Song Jian An, what exactly did he eat and grow up to be? ”

“I think he must be a boy with a story. ”

Everyone started talking in a low voice.

“He was a soldier for two years and trained in the army. What's so strange about that?” Chu Yue's words unraveled everyone's doubts.

Yeah, Lord Lo came back to college after two years in the army, and he must have practiced on the army.

Anhuanhuan handed Sholo a note directly: Lo, you were awesome and cool, after class, let's go to the back of the school mountain, I want to draw you a portrait!

Sholo looked at it and wanted to laugh, then with his signature pen, he replied: "Paint me, paint Blue Sky and White Cloud!"

He is now depressed to compensate for the loss of the desk after school.

Zhu Xiaofei and Dinkai became Xiaoluo's dead loyalty and brain powder. They couldn't help but adhering to Xiaoluo like two boneless insects. How could they have guessed that Xiaoluo was strong enough to fight Song Jian An? This is too unimaginable.

You know, Song Jian 'an weighs two hundred and forty kilograms, his whole body is sturdy muscles, like Howard, the NBA's warcraft, which looks terrible from afar, and Sholo weighs more than one hundred and thirty kilograms, like Song Jian 'an Bi, like a distinction between thin arms and thick thighs, there is no comparison at all.

Meanwhile, the three Song Jian 'an, who had left the teaching building, spoke.

“Brother Ang, let's just forget about it?” Chen Jie asked.

“Of course not. Shaw and I can't stand each other!!! ”

Song Jian 'an looked at his slightly trembling right hand and said viciously. When that punch was fired, his hand was as unconscious as it had been scrapped. If he hadn't forcibly endured it, he would have screamed in public in pain in the classroom.