Peerless Genius System

Chapter 48 Advantages and disadvantages

Huang Rulang stared at Sholo dead, didn't say a word, her eyes were full of hate, she didn't understand why this guy always had to fight her, do you think she was not suitable for this class leader? Or do you think he's better qualified for the position of squad leader?

The girl who was close to her ran over and persuaded Sholo.

“Lord Lo, just sing it five more times, and it won't take long. ”

“Yeah, it'll be over in 20 minutes at most! ”

“If the class leader is also good for our profession, after all, this big chorus performance is about collective honor. If we can't sing well, we will be laughed at by other professions. ”

Sholo's intense debate with Huang Ruan in the English spoken language class won the recognition of the whole class, and this time he spoke his mind, so the girls' attitude was not as aggressive as before.

“Our country advocates the integration of leadership cadres into the masses and listening more to the voices of the masses. This also applies to our class. Huang Rulang is equivalent to leadership cadres. We are the masses. Now the voice of the masses is to stop practicing and dissolve the rest. Can she insist on practicing and say that she is separated from the masses and no longer represents the interests of the masses?” Sholo took it seriously.

I'm going up to the state, Rogo. Want to hang like this?

Zhu Xiaofei and Dinkai both looked at Sholo as if they were looking at the gods and put Sholo on the ground.

“Pretending to be a pervert, don't be serious nonsense, if we just have to practice a little longer, you can be said to be the leader cadre out of the crowd, can you exaggerate a little more?” Chu Yue scolded her softly. Although her relationship with Huang Ruran was not particularly good, she acknowledged the position of Sgt. Huang Ruran, so she would be on Huang Ruran's side.

“Exaggerated? Leadership cadres need to be integrated into the masses and listen to the voices of the masses. This is a national initiative. Do you think this is exaggerated?” Sholo was surprised.

Chu Yue was so angry, he took out the lollipop in his mouth and stared angrily: “I mean, you pretended that the criminal was too exaggerated. When did you say that the country's advocacy was exaggerated? ”

“Am I wrong? What difference does it make between leading cadres and the masses being large societies, and we being small societies? Wong Rulang did not consider our thoughts and imposed her own will on us. Don't you allow me to make objections? This is a dictatorship, yes...”

“Stop, stop, I'll give you the money! ”

Chu Yue made a stop gesture, I really couldn't stand Sholo's mouth, and then took 200 bucks out of his pocket, “200 bucks to buy you 20 minutes, listen to me sing it again five times, OK? ”

“Deal! ”

Sholo took $200 from Chu Yue and put it in his pocket.

“Did you lose your money? ”

Chu Yue said angrily, pointing the lollipop at him.

“Money doesn't look like money, it just doesn't work. ”

Sholo looked close, with a luscious flavor of lollipop, and said softly, "I wouldn't mind if you were going to give me this lollipop. ”

“You think of beauty, this is a limited import from Germany, I can't afford to eat much, how can it be cheap for you?” Chu Yue quickly put the lollipop in his mouth and feared that Sholo would rob him.

* * * * * *

Hua Wild Cafeteria, head fluttering.

After practicing "Yellow River", the English profession went to the same dining room to eat.

Sholo, Zhu Xiaofei and Dinkai sat together, and Anhuan followed after cooking.

“Los Angeles, drink this strawberry juice for you!” When Anhuan sat down, he put a nice cold strawberry juice in front of Sholo.

“Thank you, I'm not thirsty.” Sholo politely declined.

“When you're done eating, you'll be thirsty," said Anhuan. "This strawberry juice is delicious. ”

“I don't like drinking.” Sholo speaks a little heavier.

“Ha ha... Logo doesn't like to drink, I do, then give it to me. ”

Zhu Xiaofei's eyes quickly grabbed strawberry juice and immediately drank a few sips. This cheap thing he loved to do.

“Dead pig, I bought this for Los Angeles. Drink your ass!” Anhuai's eyes glared at once with joy.

“Oops, don't be so petty, Logo doesn't drink. As his little brother, drinking on his behalf is a matter of scripture. This is called" Brother Xiaofei is not afraid of hot water ".

“On behalf of your sister, Poison, I don't have a problem with you drinking this drink on your behalf. Besides, did Los Angeles admit you were his little brother? Put the LO God label on your face with less shame.” Anhuan cheered his teeth and exhaled.

Ding Kai laughed out: “Joy Beauty is right, Old Zhu is shameless, his face is thicker than the city wall. ”

“Fuck off, I can't even keep your mouth shut for dinner, believe it or not, I'm going to pull all the hairs off your bottom.” Zhu Xiaofei glanced at Dinkai, but didn't forget to suck a bite of strawberry juice vigorously.

Anhuan was too lazy to know this guy as well. He smiled and said to Sholo, "Lo, what do you want to drink? I bought you another one. ”

“White water! ”

Sholo replied with no anger, and he didn't believe that Anjoy would continue to haunt him.

Sure enough, Anhuan frowned: “White boiling water needs to go back to the bedroom to get an electric kettle, not in the dining room.” Fiber brows spread out, eyes lit up, "but I can find a way to get a glass of white water, Lo Gon, you wait here ha. ”

After that, I left my meal and got out of the cafeteria.

“Oh, my God, cheer up, beautiful girl. This is determined to go after Logo. Wow.” Zhu Xiaofei was surprised.

“It's none of our business, let's eat.” Dinkay bowed his head and continued eating.

How could Sholo not have thought that Anjoy would be so paranoid, and that he could just say that he would let her back out, and not buy herself a drink so hard, how could she not understand?

Soon, Anhuan came back with a hot, white water from the security room in her hand. She ran so fast that she gasped and sweated. She placed the white water in front of Sholo and smiled satisfactorily: "Lo, give, you want the white water. ”

Sholo was incredibly embarrassed and incredibly guilty: "Anhuan, what are you doing? ”

“What are you doing? I'll pour Los Angeles a glass of white water. ”

“What I'm asking is, why are you pouring me open water for nothing? ”

'Cause I like you. ”

Anhuan sat across from Sholo and smiled silly and sweet.

Sholo cried and asked, "Do you know what kind of person I am and say you like me? ”

“I know, handsome, ruthless, good mouth, and especially able to hit, hip-hop...” Anhuai took his fingers to list Sholo one by one.

“You're talking about my strengths, my weaknesses you don't see. ”

“Cons? Like what?”

“For example, I have masculinity, disobedience, and sometimes I feel inferior.” Sholoway.

Anhuan shook his head: “It's okay, none of this is a flaw in my eyes. ”

“I'm not very temperamental. ”

“It's all right, a man with the skills is a bit of a normal temper. It's not normal without a temper. ”

“I'm much older than you! ”

“I like men much older than me, mature and steady.” Anhui laughed and hipped.


The amount is how steady Schollo's heart is. At this time, he couldn't help but curse a dirty word.