Peerless Genius System

Chapter 50 Anxiety

Sholoh stood motionless on the ground, all over his body and under an unparalleled threat.

Quiet as a mountain running water, like a caged tiger!

All the students in the cafeteria were stunned at this moment, with their eyes wide open, looking at him and Zhao Xing and the people lying on the ground in a blink, some holding the position of holding a spoon filled with soup, some carrying chopsticks in their mouths, others holding a large bowl of sip of soup... all held still as if it were time fixed.

0.03 seconds later, the entire dining room is in shock and noise!

“My God, how could this guy be so fierce when he kicks a man four or five meters away! ”

“Practiced, definitely practiced. ”

“I didn't realize we still had this fierce guy at school. What kind of major is he? ”

The students talked about it. The shutter of the "click” and "click” cell phone photos kept ringing. They sent out circles of friends and tweeted blogs. They were too busy to even remember to eat for a while.

“Lord Lo is really fierce! ”

English-speaking girls face to face, and if they hadn't witnessed it, they would never have believed that Sholo would have kicked a boy weighing one hundred and sixty or seventy pounds out, and at the same time they thought Sholo's foot was very drifty, handsome and clean, and to sum it up, that's —— cool.

Huang was stunned for a moment and then lowered his head to continue eating, as if nothing had happened.

“I was really anxious for Song Jian 'an's intelligence, knowing that the pretender was so capable of fighting, I even sent this little shrimp rice to send me experience.” Chu Yue mumbled.

But Baiyan didn't answer her, only staring at Sholo.

Until she shook her hand in front of Baiyi's eyes and asked, "What are you doing? ”

Bai Xiao only returned to God. She turned her head and smiled. Her eyes turned into moon teeth. “Master Chu, did you see this? Sholo is so handsome now! ”


Chu Yue opened her mouth in surprise. Anhuan felt handsome pretending to be a pervert. She could understand how even her good friend was obsessed with pretending to be a pervert like a demon.


Zhao Xinghe only felt groundless, so many mobile phones around him were taking pictures and cameras, and the information they were beaten up would spread all over Huano in half a day. By then, he would become Huano's laughingstock and become everyone's investment after tea dinner.

When he thought of it, he hated itching, but he didn't dare to do anything. Sholo just gave him that foot, letting him know what fear was. At that moment, he thought he was dying.

“Don't try to lie on the ground and pretend to be blackmailers, dirty on the ground, just get up!” Sholoh shrugged his shoulders, a faint path.

Hearing this, Zhao Xing and the anger persisted, covering the hidden painful abdomen climbed from the ground, and others slowly climbed.

“Sholo, this foot I Zhao Xinghe remembered, sooner or later I'll double back to you.” Zhao Xing and bite the dental tract.

“I'll wait. ”

Sholo couldn't help but laugh, he wondered, what's wrong with college students now, can't read and fall in love, all like to fight and fight?

Zhao Xinghe was furious with "miso”, but there was nothing he could do. When he heard the "clicking” sound of the camera shutter, it was like finding a flood of vents, pointing to the students around him and yelling fiercely: “Stop fucking filming anything, and then beat you to death! ”

The students were deterred from seeing him face to face, and subconsciously put down their phones.

Zhao Xinghe waved his hand and shouted "Go”. The walker left the dining room in a hurry.

Come on, let's go, let's go!

Anhuan is increasingly admiring and loving Sholo: “Lo, you are my god, and I'm going to put your handsome picture on the wall of the bedroom as a poster. ”

“What are you doing on the wall, wiping out evil?” Sholo replied with no anger.

Ang Huanhuan muttered and blushed: “No, put it on the wall so I can see you all the time. ”

“No, you do this, I'll sue you for violating my portrait rights. I mean it.” Sholo threatened.

I came to the school to protect a person. God knows that he will get into so much trouble. Compared to Song Jian 'an, this Anhuan is a bigger trouble. Everyone says that he doesn't reach out and smile at people. This girl who always says he likes her, he can't reward her with one foot and kick her away.

“Oh Lord, you... how can you do this!” Anhuanhuanxious and delicate.

“Hey hey... Logo says his photo can't work, then just take me and Kay, just a little PS, definitely a handsome drag, like a little meat star.” Zhu Xiaofei intervened at this time.

“Who wants you, a fat pig and a skinny monkey, has no beauty whatsoever, no comparison to Los Angeles.” Anhuanhuan hands into the lumbar canal.

Zhu Xiaofei covered his chest and wanted to cry without tears: “It's too hard! ”

Dinkay hit him gently with his elbow: "If you say your picture, say your picture. What are you doing with me? ”

“Am I a brother now? Are you going to die after being humiliated by joy?” Zhu Xiaofei raised his face.

Dinkai took a serious look at him for a while and then scolded him: "Stupid bastard! ”

“Your sister! ”

Zhu Xiaofei thought Dinkai could say philosophical words. Why didn't he expect it to be these three words? His face was green at the time.

* * * * * *

Chu Yue was upset these days because no matter where she went, she ran into Sholo every time.

Back in his bedroom, he shouted and threw his bag into bed: "I'm so pissed off! ”

“Master Chu, what's wrong?” The whitewash playing with the computer turned his head and asked curiously.

“What else can I do? I ran into the pretender again.” Chu Yue bites his teeth.

“Hey, you guys have so much luck.” Baiyi laughed in surprise.

“Stinky, believe it or not, I'll strip you naked.” Chu Yue blushed her red lips and her eyes lit up like a little devil.

“Come on, Master Chu, it's daylight. It's embarrassing to strip naked in the bedroom. ”

“Then you dare make fun of me. ”

Bai Yan chuckled: “I'm telling you the truth, you've complained to me six times already, and this time it's seven times. It seems like if you go down and get the package courier or something, you'll meet Sholo. Isn't that fate? ”

“Who's going to have something to do with pretending to be a criminal! ”

Chu Yue whispered, very indifferent way, and then thought of some possibility, a slight fright appeared on her face, “Baiyi, do you think he was trying to avenge the last prom? ”

“You think too much, Sholo is not that kind of person.” Baiyi admires his girlfriend's brain hole.

“Why isn't he that kind of person? I think he is. He even looks at me in a gloomy way.” The more Chu Yue wanted to be scared, the more she couldn't help but fight a chill.

Baiyan shook his head helplessly: "Don't scare yourself, it's not normal to meet him in the same school? ”

“How could it be a coincidence that Huano said it was big, said it was small and small, and that I could meet a pretender seven times? He must be following me.” Chu Yue still thinks there's something wrong.

“If you don't believe me, go verify that this afternoon. Let's go back to the mountain together to see if we can meet Sholo again. If we can meet him again, it means he's following you intentionally. If not, you're thinking too much.” Baiyidao.

“Well, that's a good idea! ”

Chu YueZheng nodded her head. Without understanding this, she would always be anxious.